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I Like to share good stuff I've found.  I also change stuff up alot, so check back often.

Politifact: Obama's Economic Claims Mostly False

The Myth of Liberal Tolerance
Atlantic - Gun Violence in America
Richard Dawkins is a Coward
Think By Numbers

Freeman On-Line
Learn Liberty
National Debt Growth - CATO
Science Could Have it All Wrong
Advice to Students Entering College
Big Questions On-Line

Red State, Blue State:  A Tale of Two Maps

Independence Institute - Freedom's Front Line
Jon Caldara - The Cauldron
Peoples's Press Collective
The Constitutionalist Today

Info Wars
Prison Planet
Narcosphere - What's really going down on the border?
Institute for War and Peace Reporting - Central Asia Updates
The Progress Report - "Beyond Left and Right"
Thomas Paine Network - Small Government, Anti-Monopoly Capitalism
Liberty Defense League - Pro-Secession Site (* - NOTE:  I am Anti-Secession)

Other Useful Stuff
Reason Mag:  Gun Facts
WEF - Global Competitiveness

Global Corruption Perceptions Index
I Believe and I am Thankful
Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago

Fred On Everything - A curmudgeon's ascerbic take on everything
The People's Cube - You'll love it, comrade!
Curmudgeonly Skeptical -  Funny! and Twisted
AfterMath - Awesome comedic artistry
Amy Oops!
Photo Bomb

Other Good Stuff
Streaming Radio Guide - My Favorite Internet Radio Site
Hot Air - Conservative Bloggers
The Daily Beast - A Little Bit of Everything
The Dissident Frogman - America Loving Frenchman with a great sense of humor
Upchucky - Retro Jukebox

Ars Technica
New Scientist 
C++ Programming

C++ Reference
C Plus Plus
Hiox - Calculators and Converters
Spread Spectrum Mag
Radio Electronics
On-Line Conversion
Calculator City
Dinky Town - Financial Calculators
Dave Site - HTML Reference & Tutorial

Bible Gateway - Searchable on-line Bible!
Judaism 101
Catechism of the Catholic Church
The Problem of Evil

Western Hero Archives
* March 2008 - February 2010
* March 2010 - February 2011

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