Wednesday, May 25, 2016

More...not Politics

Photo: Alison Cassidy

Well, mostly not politics.  The Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturer's Act of 2015 is going into effect and could allow the return to American shores of some formerly fashionable cars (Morgan Aero 8 illustrated above).  The Aero 8 weighs about 2500 pounds and comes with a 362 hp BMW V8 engine (270 kw for Morgan afficianados). Or perhaps you'd prefer the roadster:

Photo: Semnoz
 The act allows low production volume vehicles an exemption to some of the American safety standards currently keeping them off American roads leaving the decision to the owner/operator where it rightly should be.  It's certainly as safe if not safer than any motorcycle, yet I can drive a motorcycle but not this?

I've always want the one that has remained available in the US, categorized as a motorcycle... the Morgan 3-wheeler.

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