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Muslims Immigration: Even Open-Minded People Think it's a Bad Idea

This is a reprint from 2009.  I thought I'd run it since my last post on Islam in America got such a response.  As AOW concluded, immigration policy is something we can and must get control of.  Stop importing people who hate us and who have a history of spawning children who will grow up here and end up hating us... --Silverfiddle

** Unhinged DeviledEgg Rant Alert! ** 

If the thought of an "honor killing" on American soil doesn't disgust you and make you boil with patriotic rage, you're brain dead! 

I live in Europe, I've lived in North America, and I've lived in that armpit they call the Middle East. No contest which I think is better!

Close The Damned Gates!

Why the hell do Western nations continue to allow these troublemaking Muslims to immigrate? Look at a map.  Wherever there's trouble, angry turbaned men with beards are involved.

Our cultures are incompatible.  We enjoy pork bbq and beer, use toilet paper and refrain from female genital mutilation, for example.

Many Muslim immigrants refuse to assimilate, and the only way to have peace here in the West is to give in to their fleck spittled agitations at the expense of our cultural norms.  Not while I have breath in my body!  Better to close the gates!


Unlike the DeviledEgg, foreign editor of The Australian Greg Sheridan is no xenophobe, but he declares, "Uncontrolled Muslim Influx a Threat to the West."
It is extremely difficult to talk honestly about Muslim immigration. All generalisations about it are subject to countless exceptions. Muslims are very different from each other.
Most are reasonably successful. But a much bigger minority end up with social, political, extremist or other problems resulting from a lack of integration than is the case with any other cohort of immigrants in Western societies. A lack of honest discussion about this results in bad policy.
He goes on to recommend a book by Christopher Caldwell, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West.

Jacob Laksin at City Journal recommends the book as well.
Polls show that some 70 percent of Britons believe that there are too many immigrants in their country. Majorities throughout Western Europe agree, and Muslim immigrants in particular are viewed with suspicion.
Europe is a Benignly Racist Continent
Despite the finger-wagging at America, many Europeans are fundamentally and unconsciously racist and insular. Here in Germany, people from the next village over are considered outsiders, fellow German speakers from Austria are treated as the enemy, and those who hail from farther afield have no hope of ever fitting in in the land of beer and bratwurst. 

Europeans are in a jam, trying to steer a course between the Charybdis of bigotry and the Scylla of cultural destruction. Worse, the entire continent is in denial. Muslims are to blame as well, especially when they display open contempt for their new home:
Yet the immigrants themselves are far from faultless. One of the immigration debate’s inconvenient truths is that Muslim immigrants have been so difficult to assimilate into European societies because they’re unwilling: many Muslims simply choose religious ties over national loyalties.
... 31 percent of British Muslims felt they had more in common with the people of Muslim nations than with their fellow Europeans.
I hope the US can learn the right lessons from Europe's immigration debacle. Reading Caldwell's book would be a good start, but cutting off all Muslim immigration is imperative.

I've got to stop now, that guy shouting from the tower is giving me a headache!

The DeviledEgg is prone to unhinged rants, childish outbursts, and fits of anger, but he's really a good egg once you get to know him. He is half German and half American and splits his time between the two countries. Western Hero is proud to add him to the team.

City Journal - Jacob Laksin
RCP - Greg Sheridan


Ducky's here said...

f the thought of an "honor killing" on American soil doesn't disgust you and make you boil with patriotic rage, you're brain dead!


Get control of yourself.

This is a very rare event and happens less often than Texas bible thumpers killing their kids because God told them to do it.

Admit you dislike Muslims and go from their rather ginning up these bogus issues.

jez said...

This is a lot less interesting than the recent comment thread. (apologies to deviledegg).

FYI, female genital mutilation is not entirely an Islamic thing. (it is practiced by some non-muslims, and absent from some muslim countries).

My problem with banning islamic migration is just that "muslim" is too broad a label. Over 1.5bn people in the world a muslim, surely they can't all be wrong-uns.

I'd rather close the gates to extremists generally. That would be both safer (since there exist dangerous non-muslim extremists too), and exclude fewer people.

Ducky's here said...

Good of you to point that out that female mutilation is a CULTURAL phenomenon and not a RELIGIOUS custom.

Many peoples practice it, even Ethiopian Jews in Israel.

Unfortunately, the fringe right crowd will believe anything they read on World Net Daily.

Silverfiddle said...

Jez: I would not express it quite like DeviledEgg, but he has a point.

You do also when you point out that not all immigrants cause trouble. The problem here in the US is that we do not know how to sort the good from the bad.

As Ducky eagerly points out, we already have plenty of home grown nuts, no need to import even more.

Anonymous said...

For some unknown reason God made termites, roaches, lice, fleas, ticks, moths, ants, gnats, mosquitoes, earwigs, silverfish, bookworms, scorpions, poisonous spiders, rats, mice, bats, skunks -- and mildew. I suppose those things have a right to live, because God made them, but who in his right mind would allow or encourage those things to live inside his house?

Civilized people do everything possible to keep VERMIN at bay.

Insane people mistake VERMIN for potential FRIENDS and ALLIES.

The same could -- and should -- be said of wild animals.

Two things vital to the health and strength of Civilization died in the 1960's: Good Taste and Common Sense.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Keep the vermin contained in VERMINISTAN.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Not every muslim is a terrorist, but....every terrorist is a muslim.

Just sayin'.

If the moderates would speak out against these fanatical extremists, maybe we would have a different outlook on muslims in America. Since they do not, I can only conclude they approve of the terrorism.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, like those freaks in the Georgia militia who were arrested yesterday.

The short bus Libertarian bubbas were named Muhammad, right?

Anonymous said...

The USA is a multi-racial society and ever more shall be so, but until recently it was never a multi-cultural society. Once that unfortunate concept took hold -- as a consequence of the advance of Cultural Marxism, which brought us militant Atheism, Institutionalized Insolence, unprecedented Rebelliousness, and the glorification (almost the deification) of Vulgarity and Immorality -- we started to lose our identity as a people, and have really hit the skids.

Whether you want to identify the Jews as a Religion or an Ethnicity (they are certainly both), no tenable argument could be made against their militant determination to maintain their own peculiar identity -- at any and all costs. Their unwillingness to assimilate -- i.e. to be IN but never OF the many societies they have contributed to -- and their intense yearning, kept alive for several thousand years in Diaspora, to return to "Zion" gives them a unique strength, despite being possibly the world's tiniest minority.

Whatever you may think of the Japanese -- I still have mixed feelings having been alive since before Pearl Harbor -- they have maintained their unique identity as a people, despite the after-effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You may visit Japan, and as a business person you amy establish residence there, but under no circumstances could you -- as a foreigner -- ever become "Japanese." I haven't looked it up, but it's been my understanding that Japan accepts no permanent immigrants. Corrections are welcome on his point.

SO, why should the French cease being French, the Germans German, the italians Italian, the English English, the Spaniards Spanish, etc.?

I suppose it's inevitable that someday the peoples of the world will blend into an amorphous Beige Puddle and all identifying cultural, religious and biological characteristics that divided people -- and made humanity incredibly interesting -- will be bred out of us. Maybe that's part of God's Plan, who knows? It's not up to me to say, but for the time being I prefer to celebrate my uniqueness and will resist to the death any notions, theories -- and especially dictates -- that suggest I do not have a right to enjoy my particular ethnic and religious heritage -- nor you yours.

~ FreeThinke

jez said...

Freethinker: please keep in mind that people born in a different country or a different country are not a separate species. No mosquito will ever morph into a non-mosquito, peoples are different. I'm sure you realise this, but you do appear to forget it when typing.

Andrew33 said...

At Duck: I am assuming you are either a Muslim or have a PHD in Muslim studies. I would love to know exactly how you can keep count of Muslim honor killings within a society that does not count women as people? If I go outside and kick over a fireant mound, and see a few winged ones, a few big red ones, and lots of little black ones, counting the ants with wings will not give me an accurate count of the entire hive. When Muslims migrate, they colonize in a very similar way as ants. They generally keep their social system closed to the outside world, unless you convert. The European LEFT allowed unfettered Muslim immigration into Europe. Did they achieve a "melting pot" as predicted? No. The Muslims simply took over areas driving natives out while implementing a creeping Sharia based legal system wherever they gathered. You support this system because it teaches total collectivism and total lack of independent thought, just like the form of statism you are preaching.

I am one of those evil Christians you speak of in such a deragatory way. Those are the same Christians who gladly gave up our lives to free black slaves in the civil war. Those are the same Christians that fought for women's rights for equality and for a society tolerant to all minorities, yet you who claims to be so "liberal" and "tolerant" would gladly trade the tolerant society we Christians built, in favor of a society where women are sold into marriage at age 9, a society where guilt or innocence is decided once you have 3 witnesses, and a society where religious leaders exclusively get to call the shots...and who gets shot! If I made up a list of common Muslim practices and called them Christian, you would call a "Christian" group engaging in such practices a cult, or maybe the rebirth of the inquisition. By the way, if you get your way and get to live under Sharia law, the fetish of shoving telephone poles into rectal cavities as named yesterday will be punishable by death. Now, that's tolerance!

Anonymous said...

"If the moderates would speak out against these fanatical extremists, maybe we would have a different outlook on muslims in America. Since they do not, I can only conclude they approve of the terrorism."

"Aye, there's the rub."

We used to consider our country a great Melting Pot. When we did, we were a viable, growing, prospering, forward-thinking, optimistic society. Since we've deserted the concept of AMALGAMATION in favor DISINTEGRATION, we are quite literally disintegrating.

I am not a great fan of Theodore Roosevelt, because despite having accomplished a lot of good and maintaining his popularity, he functioned more as a dictator than any president is constitutionally permitted to do, but he said these two things, which I agree with wholeheartedly:

"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. . . . the one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be nation at all, would permit it to be a tangle of squabbling nationalities."

"We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding house."

~ Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

In my never humble opinion we should not even consider allowing those who do not have a good working knowledge of English, and a sincere interest in becoming fully interwoven in the fabric of the society our forbears built, even to apply for citizenship.

If non-English-speaking people want to remain here as "guest workers" they should be permitted to do so, but only as long as they continue to work -- with the understanding that the rights and privileges of US Citizenship will be denied them. That means no welfare, no unemployment, no social security, no free medical care, and no participation in government, and no right to stage public demonstrations. If they agree to stay here under those conditions willingly, that's fine. If not, it's instant deportation back to the old country.

Also, if it were up to me, I would instantly stop the insane practice of granting automatic citizenship to any foreign baby who manages to get born on our soil.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately for you, you have forgotten what-it-used-to-mean to be an Englishman.

Try breeding a Chihuahua with a Border Collie or a Great Dane with a Dachshund and see what are you apt to get?

A MONSTROSITY! That's what you'll get.

Please try to get out of Suicide Mode asap. You and your once-splendid Civilization are heading rapidly for The Ash Heap of History.

From all I've ever heard, Oblivion is not a great place in which to spend Eternity.

Do not go gently into that Good Night.
Rage against the dying of the light ...

I'm an avowed Anglophile, but the Scots, the Irish, the Welsh and the Cornish still cherish their unique Celtic identities, despite what the Viking-Anglo-Saxon-Norman agglomeration did to them, don't they?

There's a lesson to be learned in that.

Also in what I said about the Jews and the Japanese.

I forget very little, and make it a practice to try to consider the ramifications of all I can know.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Andrew, Bravo. Very well said.

I have lived in Germany, by the way, and so I always get a little sensitive when I read things like treating Austrians as the enemy and nobody else can fit in. I sure fit in and I'm not German. It was more difficult in France, by the way, and I lived their four years....far more difficult. There, it's not only that you're not French but even if you're French, you might not have gone to the 'right' school...ruh roh!
Germans and Austrians tease each other but 'the enemy' is a bit much :-)

I wonder how much anti Muslim feeling there would still be (wise as it might be, I agree with most of this piece) if Muslims here would march in VERY large numbers and write many articles against jihadists, against mosques in America being locked to the Feds "because they're not Muslims and can't go in" (is that still happening as it was?)...
there are Muslims who've turned in Jihadists and if we saw more of that, could that help?

As it is, it hasn't helped that only after 9/11 did Muslims start making demands about not cutting pork in butcher shops, eating only halal in public places and demanding it's served, not driving fares with dogs or booze with them, demanding foot washing basins in universities, wonders how muslims here could think without clean feet before 9/11. That whole thing's always given me pause.And
CAIR does more to sour Americans to Muslims than it does to help anyone....but jihadists.

jez said...

Freethinke, I left my comment before registering the one immediately before it. So my point is that people can change, and I think you do get that.

However, your misread my remark (perhaps because you thought it was in reply to your immediately preceding one) and talk about mixing. Racial mixing? Cultural mixing? you aren't that clear about it.

Anyway, you claim I'm not sufficiently pure as an Englishman, but then acknowledge the agglomeration that makes up the English people. (the same can be said of the Celts). I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

Ducky's here said...

Andrew, the number of honor killed cases in America is quite small and I will state it's smaller than the cases of the religiously insane killing their children.

I live in a neighborhood with a significant number of Muslims. Great neighbors and I love the Eid dinners, what a feed.

As far as Muslim culture and sharia, you don't know your ass from your elbow and it is certainly not difficult to discern that you are a "christian". You are not one of the people who freed slaves or fought for women's rights (the right to choice?). Rather you are part of a bigoted, self righteous class of whitened sepulchers who are causing a great division in the country.

Anonymous said...


You said:
"Andrew, the number of honor killed cases in America is quite small and I will state it's smaller than the cases of the religiously insane killing their children."

Prove it. For it is way too easy for me to show the abortion stats,, as pursued by the religious left who worship Molech, than for you to show "proof" of the "religiously insane" killing their children as a way to bring disparagement those of us who are believers.

So I would welcome any copy/paste articles from FFRF you may find and the like. Also, I would love to see stats on the last time a Christian strapped a bomb to themselves or someone else and killed infidels. Or Israelis. For that matter, I'd love to see stats on the last time an Israeli strapped a bomb onto themselves and blew up Palestinians.

But I digress. Islam is, after all, a religion of peace. The last time Christianity wasn't peaceful on a global scale was The Crusades. When was that, again?

Ducky's here said...

These cases are jumped on by the likes of Pamela Geller. They've had a couple reported (one in Toronto, one in America).
Then we have Rifqa Bary, the freak Geller's version of Tawana Brawley except you right wingers aren't going to jump on Geller like you did Sharpton.

Legitimate demonstrated honor killings in the U.S? Andrea Yates drowning her kids after hearing the voices goes a long way toward equaling the number. There were other Christian killers in Texas. So physician, heal thyself.

Next read up on the history of terrorism in the world, especially its critical role in the founding of Israel.
Of course contemporary Israelis just fly a few jet sorties against civilians and you piss your hypocritical pants with glee.

Teresa said...

The Deviled Egg is awesome!

Muslims refuse to assimilate and are intolerant to other faiths and cultures. They are impossible to peacefully coexist with.

A start would be to close the dang borders. Refusing to allow Muslims to immigrate here anymore is a great idea.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Close the damned gates!

I couldn't agree more. Muslims don't want to adapt, they don't want to change and they most certainly believe that they have a right to be given special treatment just because they are Muslim.

No, I don't think so. If they cannot adapt to Western culture then maybe they should stay in their own country. And leave ours alone.

Z said...

If only Muslim cooking was the criterion for knowing which are falling for the terror inducements on the websites we hear so much about....Sadly, it's not.

I'm hoping that even liberals open their eyes to the truth of the few muslims who mean harm but they're still too naive and politically correct and dislike America too much to be even remotely protective of us.

But they sure do COOK GOOD, DUcky. What FUN! :-)

Andrea Yates, by the way was diagnosed with deep postpartum depression and psychoses...The woman is still institutionalized for INSANITY, Ducky, not Christianity.
Did you realize Catholicism is Christianity? My gosh, that must bother you, huh? You must feel somewhat like Obama talks about in his books, so eager to rid himself of that pesky white blood.

Silverfiddle said...

For the Record, Western Hero did not jump on the Rifqa Bary hullabaloo...

Still and all, it does have links to three instances of honor killings in the US.

I don't even know how the Yates woman fits into this...

Even if you said she did in the name of God or whatever, you cannot find a Christian pastor anywhere who would condone her murders.

You can easily find Muslim Imams who condone honor killings. That is the difference.

Ducky's here said...

You can easily find Muslim Imams who condone honor killings. That is the difference.


How would you know? You looking for one?

Really, what is your basis of information.

Ducky's here said...

Good article up at Loonwatch today

Anonymous said...

Boston: THEN and NOW


Here's to doughty redoubtable Boston
In the land of the bean and the cod
Where the Cabots talked only to Lodges
And the Lodges talked only to God.

~ Anonymous


Here’s to the snobs of seditious new Boston
Where Cultural Marxists hold sway,
And the snobs stuff their gobs with falafel
While muezzins from minarets bray.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

No way Freethinker, no call to prayer from the Roxbury mosque.

Anonymous said...

Americans should have no problems with people who wish to practice the religion of Islam. But, the message should be clear that when the practice of ideology conflicts with our laws, they will have a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Any view fiercely anti-American
Gives delight to the quacking contrarian.
If it’s foreign and dark,
His heart sings like a lark,
But laments when it’s anything Aryan

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I suppose LOONWATCH must be one of those mirror books, eh, Ducky?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Lol, love how you admit you're not 'open minded.'

Anonymous said...

Hey, LibDood,

When dropping your LibDooDoo at the site, please try to be more specific as to whom you're targeting.

There's certainly no dearth of partisan bigotry on either side of the Great Divide.

Most of us like to know for sure that it's we who are being insulted.

Thank you.

~ FreeThinke

Finntann said...

"Not every muslim is a terrorist, but....every terrorist is a muslim."


Ku Klux Klan
Army of God
Lambs of Christ
The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord
Defensive Action
The Freemen
The Order
Phineas Priesthood

Just sayin'.

Teresa said...

Those are small potato terrorists (not all on your list would be considered terrorists, though) compared to Muslims.

Finntann said...

Wasn't my list, I believe it belongs to the Department of Justice.

"Those are small potato terrorists"... until when? They successfully achieve a mass casualty event?

Just sayin... terrorism and violence is not the sole province of Muslims.

Nationalistic Ayran rhetoric as evinced in some of the posts here are a step further down the road of terrorism and violence, not a step away.


Silverfiddle said...

terrorism and violence is not the sole province of Muslims.

I don't think anyone here said that is was.

This is more about our government being smart about who we let in.

As I said earlier (and have said many times before), we already have plenty of home grown nuts, we don't need to import more.

My personal opinion is that restricting Muslim immigration helps those already here. I've worked and served with many, and they hate the fact that a small but noisy minority defines them.

Anonymous said...

Contrarian antagonists care rarely for what’s true.
They’re far more eager to denounce, so here is what they do.
Their purpose is to denigrate, belittle and defame.
Their wish is to humiliate in hopes of fixing blame.
The truth too easily is lost in battles of this kind.
Hectoring and badgering abuse the human mind.
Instead of curiosity we often find expression
Of little but indulgence of a passion for aggression.
When avidness appears to open Vitriol’s loose spigot,
The one who twists and turns the tap is apt to be a bigot.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

From the chronic ineptitude, highly politicized and selective nature of its performance the Department of Justice should hardly be considered a credible source for anything.

~ FreeThinke

98ZJUSMC said...

Dicky said -Get control of yourself.

This is a very rare event and happens less often than Texas bible thumpers killing their kids because God told them to do it.

No doubt you can prove that.

Admit you dislike Muslims and go from their rather ginning up these bogus issues.

their = there

FIFY, SooperGenyuz.

98ZJUSMC said...

Silverfiddle said -My personal opinion is that restricting Muslim immigration helps those already here. I've worked and served with many, and they hate the fact that a small but noisy minority defines them.

I wish they were a little more vocal in their displeasure, SF.

Z said...

" My personal opinion is that restricting Muslim immigration helps those already here. I've worked and served with many, and they hate the fact that a small but noisy minority defines them."

Well said, I said above, I'm also with 98Z.....
and those Muslims you've worked with should know that and act on it.
We want them HERE if they're law abiding (the constitution, not Sharia) and want to BE AMERICANS. I know that's vile to the hate-Americans here, but lots of think that would be a very fine thing.
I remember the talk I heard from Dr Jasser; brilliant Muslim who's as American-loving as they come. . and who IS talking against Islamists/Jihadists.

98ZJUSMC said...

"Not every muslim is a terrorist, but....every terrorist is a muslim."

Now, I am getting that headache again.


98ZJUSMC said...

Z said - We want them HERE if they're law abiding (the constitution, not Sharia) and want to BE AMERICANS. I know that's vile to the hate-Americans here, but lots of think that would be a very fine thing.

Agreed. I have absolutely no problem with LEGAL immigration. None. I have a real big problem with having to acquiese to their language and customs, in conflict with our own. Come here legally all you want, but you will learn the language, leave Sharia about 30 miles off the coast, become a citizen through the established process and if we publish a cartoon of your lightbringer, well......

.....that's called satire. Get over it.

And if you want a prayer room at a Catholic University? Go to a different university. Problem solved.

Ducky's here said...

Fact is that Muslim Americans integrate pretty well and are more successful than most ethnic groups in America.

However, we have this cry to stop all immigration, stop the building of mosques etc. etc. Doesn't matter that Muslims in America have not committed terrorist acts, you're just bigoted.

This bull about honor killings and requests to remove crucifixes is just a red herring. You don't like Muslims, they aren't "christians".
No Muslim student made any request to have a crucifix removed. it was a litigious atheist lawyer but that is a very refined point for a marine to understand.

Why not just come to the point and admit you hate Muslims? You hate liberals, homosexuals,Mexicans and so many more it isn't anything new.

Ducky's here said...

terrorism and violence is not the sole province of Muslims.

I don't think anyone here said that is was.


Check ecc102 and his fans.

Finntann said...

SF: "I don't think anyone here said that is was."

Sure they did, see post 8 ecc102 said "Not every muslim is a terrorist, but....every terrorist is a muslim.

Just sayin'."

My point was that not every terrorist is a muslim.

That said, I agree with you we have an immigration problem in regards to screening who we allow in and who we don't, as well as immigration quotas being used as diplomatic/political favors.

Moderate Islam also has a problem in the perception that they are not as vocal as perhaps they should be in decrying Salafism.

On the issue of assimilation and ethnic enclaves, they are not a new development in American history. Chinatown, Little Italy, Barrios... have always been common.

The reverse is true also of Americans living overseas. Many of you who have lived overseas will be familiar with the concept of "A-Town".

My fourth generation American father was still living in a predominately Irish Catholic neighborhood (Cobbs Creek) in West Philadelphia prior to moving to the suburbs. My grandparents lived there along with many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Nothing being said about Muslim neighborhoods in the US hadn't already been said about
German neighborhoods,
Italian neighborhoods,
Irish neighborhoods,
Jewish neighborhoods,
and so on and so forth.

The neighborhood I grew up in was predominately Irish and Italian when I was little, transitioned into a Greek neighborhood, and is today an Asian neighborhood.

Assimilation is a multi-generational process. A more valuable question to ask may be why are we having more 2nd generation problems than 1st generation problems?

conservativesonfire probably said it best with "the message should be clear that when the practice of ideology conflicts with our laws, they will have a serious problem."

Comments like Verminstan say far more about the utterer than about the 'vermin'.

Sometimes in works,
there's a certain kind,
who always have poetry on the mind.
In every situation—great or small—they can't resist the urge to rhyme at all.
Though plain words will often suit much better,
these folks speak in Gratuitous Iambic Pentameter.


MathewK said...

There's little point trying to stop muslim immigration in Europe, it's too late for them. They have no children and few have any balls left.

Muslims in Europe have both.

As for stopping muslim immigration in the rest of the west, good luck with that. The majority won't even accept that islam is a violent, bloody and depraved cult. Westerners won't even demand laws where muslim terrorists can be deported if convicted of crimes here in the west.

Does anyone in the west even give a flying f*** about the Copts in Egypt and how they are suffering now thanks to the much-celebrated arab spring.

Enough western scum actively push the lies that Christianity is just as bad or is worse than islam.

It would be wonderful if we did start rejecting muslims requests to come to the west, but from what i can see, there's a better chance of muslims shunning the west by themselves.

Mind you, the way much of the west is shooting itself in the ass in many areas, there won't be anything left for muslims to come to. They might as well stay in their own toilet.

Ducky's here said...

Well MK, wat can you do. It's a matter of choice. I have a Muslim living next to me and I'd rather that then a right wing Protestant bigot.

Anonymous said...

A penchant to be disputatious
Foments an atmosphere ungracious.
Defaulting e’er to ridicule
Reveals an urge to fight a duel.

Recognizing others’ worth,
Showing just a trace of mirth,
Acknowledgement of others’ virtue
Helps bridge gaps, and could not hurt you.

Verse with wit’s unique, distinct,
Clear, concise, brief and succinct.

~ RT - 11/4/11

Anonymous said...

Hot sex next door, huh, Ducky?

Though they denounce it with vehement thuggery in fear,
Muslims males are proficient at buggery, I hear.

~ FT

Z said...

Ducky, your inability to read and digest it is showing when you say anything like we HATE muslims, mexicans,etc... (most liberals, I'd personally have to say I don't hate anybody but I sure do resent and dislike them and how they're hurting this country, that's very true)

by the way......

you said "I'd rather that then a right wing Protestant bigot."

Good thing you don't hate anybody, huh?

jez said...

Perhaps one can comment too often and long
With monotonous rhymes, neither clever nor quick,
To rebuke an opponent for some gentle ad. hom.
And behind that thin veil, get to call him a dick.

jez said...

98zjusmc: "I wish they [moderate muslims] were a little more vocal in their displeasure [at extremist muslims], SF."

I share this wish with you, but two points to make about it.
1) They are almost certainly more vocal than you think but they are inevitably muted by a mass media that craves sensationalist sound-bites. Columnists have wide-eyed foaming-at-the-mouth clerics on speed-dial, and will actually approach them for a quote on whatever issue it is they're writing up. The boring moderates, not so much.

2) It would be easier to be more vocal still if the baying majority wasn't so keen to through the baby (moderates) out with the bath-water (extremists). Tone down your rhetoric, and maybe they'll feel safer about dialing up theirs.

Always On Watch said...

I'm late getting here.

That said, thank you for the hat tip.

Always On Watch said...

Despite the finger-wagging at America, many Europeans are fundamentally and unconsciously racist and insular.

Europe is very much a tribal society.

I have European friends. They're so big on blood lines!

Ducky's here said...

Well we all have our bigotry, z. I'm not too fond of the Irish either.

Andrew33 said...
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Andrew33 said... we have duck, an example of left wing tolerance calling someone else a right wing Protestant bigot.

So, duck, just who was it that spilled their own blood to free black slaves in the American civil war? The opposition to black slavery and the racism that went with it began in the very Protestant churches you loathe. Fast forward to the civil rights movement. Who marched hand in hand with southern blacks who opposed the jim crow laws put in place by fascist Dixiecrats? the answer is again white white Protestants both northern and southern.
The fact is, the society Protestants built in here in America is the most open and tolerant on earth. Mr. Duck, can you name one example of a society that is more tolerant and gives more opportunity to those who live there?

I am proudly Christian and don't mind Muslims coming to America legally. What I do mind is the European method of integration which is none. EU nations are allowing Arab Muslims in, then segregating them from the rest of society. They are doing nothing to stop the spread of "political sharia" which has nothing to do with religion and everything to do establishing a theocracy because they are not included in the existing society. Since such people have no government, they govern themselves in the only way they know. Political Sharia is very much like the theocracy atheists falsely claim people like me want. Yet it this de-facto theocracy spreading like wildfire in a place that is the left's example of an inclusive model society.

I too have a Muslim family next door, and Japanese who follow Shinto down the street as well as Jewish, Catholics, Protestants and Agnostics and Atheists all in my small neighborhood. We have all lived here for years and get along great. The reason my neighborhood is not a breeding ground for terrorists is because people aren't forced to live in the modern equivalent of concentration camps like in the open society people call Europe. Everyone has a stake in the neighborhood, the community and in a place where nature is known to peel your roof off every few years, knowing you can depend on your neighbor is not only good, it is necessity. You can brag about your Muslim neighbor all you want. Having a neighbor diffferent than you proves nothing. Can you name one thing you have done to bring that neigbor in to your community? You must realize that tolerance isn't selective. Selective tolerance requires selective bigotry to exist.

Mr Duck, I will give you credit for one thing. You preach your religion well.

Andrew33 said...

The answer to Western Hero's question on immigration is about the difference between smart controlled immigration and mass migration. With smart, controlled immigration, there is much work involved in the integration process after those coming arrive. There are necessary restrictions on numbers that must be maintained so those coming in don't overwhelm the society already in place. Also, emphasis must be placed on proper education especially of the youth so that they can become successful Americans citizens, not de-facto 2nd class citizens like with Arabs in Europe and Mexicans in America living in a legal limbo, not able to become a citizen and not able to leave. This means having solid borders and a strong defined immigration system so that the indigenous population understands that those coming in worked to earn their way in and want to become part of our society, not make our society into the one immigrants are fleeing.
Our goal should be to attract the best and brightest from all over the world. By doing so, those coming in will build wealth, pay taxes, and keep the constant renewal of our society through immigration just as so many others have in our history. Our current system is set up to do the opposite. Without the constant flow of legal immigration, American society would collapse on itself. In case most of you cant tell, since we have cut off legal immigration, our society is collapsing on itself.

We have to first fix our border, 2nd totally overhaul our education system to prepare for immigrants, and after those issues are taken care of, then we must streamline our immigration system in a way that allows good hardworking people in, keeping those who want to destroy us out. This means taking actions that some won't like such as blocking immigration of those coming from state sponsors terror for instance.

If we don't take those actions in that order, the results will be a disastrous wave of migration that our society can't handle...oh, we already have that, don't we.

Now, I laid out a groundwork for specific detailed solutions here. I'd love to hear alternatives from those on all sides of the political spectrum. I'm sure some of you will want to serve my head on a platter for some of the ideas laid out here. Still, solutions start somewhere so if you are going to go off on these ideas, please do so with ideas of your own, not personal attacks that will just comeback on you. We have the choice of being part of problem or part of the solution. I will leave attacking solutionless attacks to those in the government, media and joining mindless protests.

Anonymous said...


Making rhymes is what I do,
So you must grin and bear it.
If I talk of someone's shoe
Why care, if you can't wear it?

~ FreeThinke

jez said...
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