Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Press-Performed Palinoscopy

Drudge had this headline up:

Press Hunts Mama Grizzly

It's a funny headline.  Can you imagine anyone in our gun-hating press actually engaging in the redneck pursuit of hunting?  All those pampered effete metrosexuals in the press know how to hunt is bargains at Sachs Fifth Avenue.  Also, they need to be careful.  As anyone who's hunted bears in Alaska can tell you, the bears can end up hunting you.

Newspapers all over the world have posted the trove of Governor Palin e-mails on-line, inviting Palin haters to comb them for damning information.  Now that they've become bored with Democrats playing with their Wieners, it's on to the next sideshow, this one a creation of the media.

It's all pretty ho-hum so far, but give it time.  We'll hear about how Sara was so concerned about her image, as if there is a politician in America who is not.  They will knock her because she relied on her husband (who hunts, fishes and works in Alaska's wild outdoors) for advice on wildlife management, forgetting how they loved it when an unqualified Hillary was right there with President Bill, crafting policy.

Our economy is groaning under a crushing load of debt, regulation and crony crapitalism, but our media focuses on Governor Palin's e-mails.  The press is making us stupider.

For a hilarious take on it all, visit The People's Cube


Jersey McJones said...

I don't find hunting to be a particularly manly or brave thing to do. You're just murdering wild animals with guns and bows. Wrestle a ten-point buck and then maybe you can talk about manliness.

I don't personally have any grudge against hunters, but please don't think you're such pillars of masculinity. You're not. Walk down some of the streets I've walked - and unarmed. That takes guts. (God, what was I thinking when I was young!)


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Do you have some kind of complex? I did not call hunting manly, brave or masculine. You did. Sounds like you've got some psychological issues to work through.

I've walked those streets too, Jersey, in foreign countries as well.

As for the "murdering animals" comment, unless you are a vegan who uses no animal products whatsoever, your statement is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I generally think that hunting for sport is only "manly" or "brave" if you're hunting something that can also hunt you, like a bear or a lion.

If you're hunting anything else, then it should only be for food. Not food out of necessity mind you. But if you enjoy the taste of deer, rabbit, or whatever game then how else would you get it?

It's actually an interesting turn of evolution Jersey. The idea of "manliness," at least as Machiavelli saw it, is man's ability to bend fortune to his will. Man has conquered nature's food chain dispite his physical frailty.

Anonymous said...

Jersey McJones, with all due respect you don't look or sound like no stinkin' metrosexual, so why would you want to identify yourself that benighted crowd, and assume Silver's post was aimed at you?

From what I read I don't think anyone's masculinity was either impugned or extolled, except that of metrosexuals -- that prissy lot of diffident, tongue-clucking, hand wringing males who most often talk with a lisp in an epicene voice and sound more like a bunch of old maid Sunday school teachers quibbling about dress codes and how to stop children from picking their noses and eating snot, than any group of regular guys capable of enjoying a hike through the woods, a football game or a boxing match -- or even a civilized game of golf -- then hoisting a few at the pub for a loud-but-friendly post mortem.

The issue here is the obsessive, decidedly unfair attention the media pays to Sarah Palin and her family in a desperate search for damning or derogatory evidence, while they ignore, gloss over or quickly dismiss the much greater offenses committed almost daily by the leftist "in crowd" they have appointed themselves to protect and defend to the last man standing, if necessary.

It's the markedly UNEQAL TREATMENT -- the pronounced DOUBLE STANDARD -- practiced by the mainstream media with apparent impunity that burns the butts of conservative-libertarians.

Hunting per se has nothing to do with it. The media's interest in hunting is disingenuous. They only care about if they can use it to make the Palins or Dick Cheney or any other conservatives look foolish, or brutal, or insensitive, or cloddish, or unsophisticated, or ignorant, or inept -- take your pick.

If the Palins were discovered reading the bible and praying together, the media would find some way to mock them for it or to claim it was all done "for show." etc.

In the liberal media establishment no leftist can ever be seen as clearly wrong, while no conservative can ever be seen as worthy.

It's the way it is, and it stinks to high heaven.

As my father used to say of FDR back in the nineteen-forties: "The truth is just not in the bastard." And so it is with today's mainstream media.

Then as always Father Knew Best.

~ FreeThinke

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

All, JMJ as succeeded (as evidenced by your comments) in changing the subject and point of Silvers post.

This is a very old and common tact of the left when faced with reality and I am surprised you fell into this?

Jersey McJones said...

I wasn't trying to change the subject or anything like that. I just thought this comment was stupid:

"Can you imagine anyone in our gun-hating press actually engaging in the redneck pursuit of hunting? All those pampered effete metrosexuals in the press know how to hunt is bargains at Sachs Fifth Avenue."

As for milling animals, it's pointless. We have an entire food supply chain to do that for us - and butcher, and package, and store, and test for safety, etc.

There are some Americans who hunt for food because it is economically or just logistically more efficient to do so, but they are a tiny minority. As most hunters would tell you, it costs far more to engage in the sport than it would to just buy the friggin' side of beef - American beef being a million times the quality of wild alternatives anyway!

As for "effette metrosexuals," there certainly aren't that many of them in the press, as the work would be considered beneath them. That crowd is running around the fashion and design sectors, not the press. I knew plenty of them in New York. The press just doesn't pay enough for their tastes.

Now, the television media is a little different, but the "press" - the Fourth Estate - is populated mostly by working and middle class folks, who eat hamburgers, go hunting and fishing, and put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us. The visceral hatred of the Fourth Estate from the Right has always been there, but what it really is is a hatred of inconvenient facts coming to light.

Most critics of Palin, like myself, find her intentionally anti-intellectual, politically as sleazy as it gets, and we figure she's probably just an @$$#@!#. The latest tell-all on her certainly paints that picture. Most of us don't need a tell-all or a pile of emails to tell us that. It's obvious.


WomanHonorThyself said...

lol this backfired big time! happy Monday my friend!:)

Always On Watch said...

The media have no sense of perspective. Instead, they are obsessed with getting Obama re-elected.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Palin will come out on top again. She is becoming a phenomena.

Lisa said...

Jersey how else would anyone expect to see Palin except through e lens of the media just as Obama is/was seen by the lens of the media,which he was portrayed as some superior intellect when in actuality he is nothing more a cunning self interest politician who doesn't,unlike Palin care about us ordinary folk.
Of course no sleaze in his record right?

Jersey McJones said...

Sleaze in Obama's record?

I don't know. Most of what people complained about from his past - the church he attended, his relationship with Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko - didn't matter much to me. But if that really bothers you, then, well... okay.

When I talk about sleaze in the context of Palin, it's in her rhetoric. She paints a very devisive and unpleasant character.

Obama is obvisouly a pretty hefty intellect. We don't need the press to tell us that. Palin is not, and we don't need the press to tell us that either. If anything, Palin avoids most of the press and really only now indulges friendly interviews, so really we don't even have the press all that much when it comes to her. Obama's always been pretty open with the press, and they certainly havenm't been as friendly as you guys seem to believe. But Obama, unlike Palin, easily handles those "gotcha questions" (like "What do you read?" OMG!!! WHAT A TRICKY QUESTION!!!) she can't deal with.

I'm sorry guys. You can blame the press all you like, but Palin is a joke, and that FACT has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the press.


Anonymous said...

>Sleaze in Obama's record

That "in" should be "is."

Jersey McJones said...

Like what?

You guys never name it.

The only people who should be accusing Obama of "sleaze" are the "liberal" groupies who were naive enough to believe Obama was going to dramatically change the course economic and foreign policy. Only fools - on the Left and Right - believed that stuff.

All things balanced, he hasn't. He promised he would, and did to a limited extent here and there, but not nearly as much as he lead the "Obamaniacs" to believe he would - or could. Often he's steered the course even harder.

As for his character and intelligence, his motives and integrity, Obama's a pretty benign politician and probably will be remembered as a benign president.

I can't say the same for Palin's person (I couldn't even imagine a President Palin!), and I think most people would agree with me on all this.

She's like the crazy, tight-dressed chick at the bar who goads the three, angry, drunk paramours to fight.

She always speaks targetting our fearful and paranoid, our jingos and reactionaries, angry and self-disaffected.

Unlike Obama, she comes off as a bigot, who simply hates certain kinds of people.

It's literally American vs American, Americans vs Government, Americans vs Nature, Americans vs The World. Never a single thought about Americans getting along with each other, our government, nature, and the rest of the friggin' world.

I can't stand her. She's a third-rate demagogue at best. The ONLY reason she's even known is her - eh - looks.

She's the poster-child for the degeneration of the GOP brought on by the Southern Strategy.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Please provide evidence of Obama's "hefty intellect."

Anonymous said...

>Please provide evidence of Obama's "hefty intellect."

Hey, that's kind of mean to ask him to do that! It's impossible to prove the existence of something that doesn't exist. Bumbles Obama is the epitome of intellectual lightweight.

Whoever paid Obama's tuition for him wasted a lot of money.

It's especially mean when you consider that Jersey has never provided real evidence (whether concrete or theoretical) for any of his assertions, past or present.

If you take a comprehensive look at his posts here and on Les' blog, you'll find that what you inevitably get is one or more of the following, and usually in this order.

1. Meaningless emotion-based blabber (This is also the typical content of his initial comments.)
2. Changing the subject
3. Disappearance

>Obama's a pretty benign politician and probably will be remembered as a benign president.

"Benign" should be "benighted."

The Grey Geezer said...

Silver . . . Jersey really goes out of his way to blast Sarah Palin. Come to think about it, so does every other liberal loon. They must be very
worried that common sense might return to our government.

Your blog is a good one. Bump

Finntann said...

Third-rate demogogue? Why Jersey... I didn't know you had a compliment for Sarah in you, considering we have a first-rate demogogue in office now.

And folks go easy on him, I got relatives back east just like him... they only eat meat caught in its natural environment, a white styrofoam tray covered in plastic wrap.

I will however dispute "American beef being a million times the quality of wild alternatives anyway."

Yeah, there is nothing healthier than eating an animal doped with growth hormone and antibiotics, confined in a pen and force fed corn silage so it gets that nice marbled look.

All in all, we'd all be a lot healthier if we had to walk three miles to the store for a side of beef, and then had to carry it home.

While I'm not generally one to anthropomorphize, which is more humane? Living out your life in its natural setting to be suddenly dropped by a rifle bullet? Or to spend your entire life essentially in prison, before finally being loaded onto a truck, herded into a strange place, and shot in the head with a pneumatic hammer?

As for economics, my Savage .300 cost me about $350, the orange vest was like $6.99, and 25 years of military service provided me with an abundance of camouflage clothing. Over all, I'd say I broke even with my first elk.

Generally, it's the 'effete metrosexuals' with $5000 in Cabella's gear and a $1500 rifle who find hunting not cost effective. Not to mention they're usually the ones shooting at a 900 lb animal from 500 yards away with a 7mm wondering why it isn't dead when they've shot it seven times in the ass (True story, honest).

Odd how a post on Sarah Palin and the Media turns into a conversation about hunting, ain't it?


Jersey McJones said...

Silver, while all these characters try to goof on me, you always ask a good question.

To be honest, the man bores me to death. I tried to read "Dreams" and wound up not dreaming at all, for hours on end, sleeping. I'm not and have never been a big Obama fan. But I do think the man is quite formidable. And in general, I think he's a pretty good man. We could have worse.

Back to tonights GOP debate...


Anonymous said...

1 and 2. How long until Step 3?

>goof on me

That's an interesting way to say "point out my actual behavior."

>I think he's a pretty good man.

Contrary to his actual behavior, of course, which is and always has been thuggish, to say the least.

Lisa said...

"She paints a very divisive and unpleasant character."
The media could have made you love her and hate Obama if they wanted, but they made the choice for people.

Of course Obama is "never" divisive "Republicans can sit n the back of the bus"
"Reward your friends and Punish your enemies"
Not to mention how he alienated our allies around the world.
Yeah real Uniter.
Now go along and stop clinging to your guns and your religion.

Anyway What makes you think Palin isn't a good person? Because she's ambitious and a woman?Because she is not the "Establishment".

Actually that is her appeal to many people that she is more like them and doesn't act like some superior intellect who knows better than the peasants. C
Certain types of intellect does not always qualify a person to make things happen. Certain types of intellect belong at the head of a classroom,not the head of a country.

Anonymous said...

>What makes you think Palin isn't a good person?

She won't submit to the collectivist overlords.

Lisa said...

She won't submit to the collectivist overlords

yep pretty much B

Anonymous said...

"The media could have made you love [Sarah Palin] and hate Obama if they wanted, but they made the choice for people."

Egg-ZACK-kee! Lisa summed up everything that needed to be said pertaining to the issue SilverFiddle raised.

The issue has never been about hunting or Sarah's intellect, or background, or personality, or manner of presenting herself, or her ability to govern. Instead, the concern of the Major Media is merely this: Palin's a high-energy, self-identified Christian conservative with charismatic appeal to a broad spectrum of Middle America rightly dissatisfied with the status quo. As such she might catch on as a possible candidate for high office. Gotta nip THAT in the bud. GO AFTER HER, BOYS, and SHOOT to KILL."

What Jersey doesn't understand -- or more likely doesn't want to acknowledge -- is this:

If Sarah Palin had been presented by the DNC as a liberal-Democrat, and had the same shrill fire siren voice, the same bad taste in clothing, the same inappropriate hairstyle, the same spotty academic background, and the same shrewdly audacious proclivities that mark her as little more than a tacky publicity hound with her eye on the main chance, she'd been greeted by The Fourth Estate as the combined reincarnation of Elizabeth I of England, Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, Mother Jones, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Golda Meir, and Pussy Galore.

No matter how many times -- or how forcefully -- one asserts a lie, a misconception, a distortion, or a libelous rumor, it can never be transformed into the truth no matter how many members of the Great Gray Brotherhood (i.e. the mindless, ever-malleable masses aka The Sheeple) have been seduced, hypnotized, brainwashed or otherwise indoctrinated into accepting and believing it. No matter how cleverly designed or persuasively promoted, a counterfeit is a counterfeit is a counterfeit.

And while the aura of unmistakable sincerity carries a lot of weight in this cynical, hard-bitten world, we must remember that it's entirely possible for many to be sincerely devoted -- in all innocence -- to iniquitous ideologies.