Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama Bites into a Hot Chili Pepper

Being President is Harder than it Looks
“You never really know how people are going to perform until you see them out there,” David Axelrod, Obama’s senior strategist, said in an interview last week. “This is a guy who has never done this before. It’s harder than it looks.” (Bloomberg)
That’s right, Axelrod. You can tell Obama has never run anything before. He’s screwed up everything he’s touched. Being president is harder than it looks.

Of course, Axelrod wasn’t talking about Obama’s horrible failure as president, he was talking about the horrified left’s view of Rick Perry’s kinetic campaign launch.

The Left is Scared, Folks

As Papa Silverfiddle used to tell me, “They only try to tackle the guy with the ball.” Ken Blackwell’s dad had a similar saying, “A dog don’t chase a parked car.”  The tea party scares the crap out of the statist left, and so does Rick Perry. He’s a hot jalapeño dropped into the plate of bland political pablum, and the left is already screaming at the offensive spiciness.

The Demagogic democrats have already framed the issue as a Texas Cowboy “threatening” the Fed Chief, and the lapdogs in the press have obediently adopted the trope. He did no such thing.

This is a threat...

...Delivered with one hand hovering over a holstered pistol, eyes narrowed down to slits:

“I’ll kick your ass and drag you behind my horse, Ben Cartwright style, if you print more of that neon toilet paper you call money.”

Perry didn’t say that, he said this:
"If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all will do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas," Perry said to laughter from supporters in Iowa.
"Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous, treasonous in my opinion," he said. (Reuters)
Karl Rover, handmaiden of the establishment and the left’s newest go-to Republican, chimed in as well, calling criticism of the fed irresponsible. Balderdash! The more scrutiny on The Fed and DC’s failed monetarism, the better.

It’s not the “Swaggering tone,” that threatens the socialists of all parties who infest the establishment. That’s just the propagandistic meme they use to scare the masses away from this dangerous man. What they are scared of is talk like this: 

“I’ll promise you this,” Perry said. “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

And this…
The governor was appearing at an April 15 anti-tax rally in Austin, the Texas capital, where people in the crowd were yelling, “secede.” Perry responded, “We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.” (Bloomberg)
Notice that contrary to the lying liberal liars, he did not threaten to secede. What he was doing was standing up for the 9th and 10th Amendments to the US Constitution, and that’s what’s really got progressives shaking and piddling down their legs like an overbred lapdog.
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.  -- 9th Amendment, US Constitution
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  -- 10th Amendment, US Constitution
Even liberal Froma Harrop, who detests everything Rick Perry stands for, thinks more states’ rights would be a good thing. It would take many contentious issues off the national scene, allowing states to adopt or reject laws as they see fit. Liberal Massachusetts would have gay marriage and infanticide on demand paid for by the public, conservative Alabama would not. Perry also gets grudging respect from Ezra Klein, who while disagreeing with Perry, graciously concedes that the governor makes a powerful and cogent case for states rights.

The progressive model is collapsing in a bankrupt heap. We need a national debate on how we replace it. Progressive statist Obama vs. States rights Perry is the perfect forum.

UPDATE!  Informational vandals spreading liberal lies and lefty propaganda in the comments section of this post has forced this update.  

Political Math has the definitive post on the topic of Texas jobs.  It links to authoritative government sources for its data and puts all liberal efforts to shame, included the smears by Enron weasel Paul Krudman.  Please go here for brilliant analysis of this topic:  Political Math - Rick Perry and Texas Job Numbers


Unknown said...

The left is also up in arms about Perry wanting to do away with the 16 amendment. You know the 16th, the one the left have abused consistently since it's adoption.
The comments by Perry you point out here, show the razor thin charges by the left that Perry is making a threat, is just laughable from their end.

Always On Watch said...

Yeah, the Left is running scared right now, and the demonization of Perry proves that. Only a low class moron couldn't see that Obama's re-election and agenda are now in serious jeopardy.

Thus far, Perry is the only possible GOP candidate whom I can support.

Finntann said...

I remain unconviced that Rick Perry is the panacea for all our progressive, statist, corporate cronyism, big government problems.

tha malcontent said...

Rick Perry/ Michele Bachmann is the Ticket!

Ducky's here said...

Once again you are only partially correct, Silverfiddle.

The Black Messiah is a complete failure and doesn't even have a coherent program.

However, the same can be said of any of the passengers on the right wing clown car.

Bachmann? Really are you freaking kidding me.

Romney has done little except break up companies and ship jobs overseas. Hell, Obummer knows how to move jobs offshore.

Then there's the Big Hair from Texas. Now the fringe right really likes Faux News sound bytes but if you look into the job creation issue the Texas work fore has expanded considerably and job creation as a percentage of the work force has been near the bottom compared to the rest of the nation.

Add the creation of a huge state deficit and you've got yourself one of the great southern hell holes.

Lot more than meets the eye. Remember, the left is here to give you some depth and help you live the life of the mind.

Perry is a disaster as is the entire Republican field.

Silverfiddle said...

Finn: I am not convinced either. I just think this is a vivid and very helpful contrast.

Ducky: Thanks for the laugh. I love the statistical gyrations and gymnastics libs like you go through to throw mud on things that scare you, like free-market success.

So now, please, for an encore, explain to us why Illinois, New York and California are so successful and why the rest of the nation should follow their stellar examples?

Ducky's here said...

Let's break it down into something you can understand, Silverfiddle.

Riddle me this. He claims to have created some enormous percentage of the jobs in America in the last few years yet the Texas unemployment rate is in the middle of the pack.

Higher than Massachusetts I might add.

What gives? Doesn't that give you an inkling that you should look a little below the surface?

Fact is that he has not done particularly wee and if there had not been a spike in oil demand the situation would have been dismal.

Texas also leads the nation in minimum wage jobs as a percentage of the work force. Man, that's some free market (LMFAO) success.

Anonymous said...

AOW, I left a special message for you at the bottom of the previous thread. You might want to take a look.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


I think whenever anyone quotes statistics or makes vigorous assertions that purport to be factual, he or she ought to be required to name their sources.

Both RIght and Left seem to live in a Parallel Universe where each is guided by its own peculiar set of facts.

It's impossible to get at the truth when everyone remains behind the barricades and does nothing but lob verbal grenades all day long.

How many times could we witness opposing factions shout "You're an asshole" at each other before we withdraw from the field in disgust?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry has about him the aura of an Elmer Gantry.

I've learned to trust first impressions.

The day I first laid eyes on Bill Clinton -- seems like a hundred years ago -- I said to myself, "I'd never buy a used car from THAT son-of-a-bitch."

The first time I heard George W. Bush "speak," I thought, "Uh Oh!"

When I was just a little boy I heard FDR speak in a movie newsreel, I leaned over and whispered to my father, "Daddy, who is that horse's ass?"

Alas! Having been blest with the gift of prophecy hasn't helped me -- or the nation -- one iota.

~ FreeThinke

Divine Theatre said...

It's a true shame that the media is, once again, ignoring Dr. Paul.

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: Go tell it to all those people in Texas who have jobs.

People are voting with their feet. Texas is growing. Blue states are not.

Jersey McJones said...

Perry has some serious problems.

Of the net 75,000 jobs Texas has seen created since '09, a negative 6,000 were created by the private sector. ALL of Perry's "job growth" has been state and federal government jobs and contracts.

Add to that, Texas's GDP "growth" fell entirely on backs of motorists, as the price of oil has risen.

On top of that, Texas has the second lowest wages in the nation, terrible schools, police, and other services, massive numbers of undocumented workers.

So, yeah. Bring that bunny-eyed, lying, sleazy, stupid, hick, slobbola to the nomination.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Wrong as usual.

You've swallowed whole, as usual, the leftist propaganda. It's kinda true, in a twisted way.

You probably also believe unquestioningly that liberals are winning in Wisconsin.

In Obama's America, where everything is sliding down the toilet, Texas has slid the least.

Here are some links to counter your stinking pile of leftist propaganda:,0,5285545.story

Compared to Obama's job-destroying, wealth-destroying
policies, I'll take Perry any day.

Z said...

This'll help Ducky and some of the others here:


Also, Ducky, to say "Let's break it down into something you can understand, Silverfiddle" ...Really, Ducky? SOmething HE doesn't understand but you DO? :-)

I don't know yet enough about Perry to be sure I'd vote for him (I'd vote for Paul Ryan over him, and Ryan seems to be getting enough backers that he's reconsidering his stance to not run), but I will say that he's SMART: Perry's taken Romney out of the equation by attacking Obama directly and that's genius. It's like the nomination already happened....and what he said about Obama and Bernanke is correct, matter how CNN, KOS, or Rove wants to spin it.

Silverfiddle said...

Z: A big, hearty Western Hero thanks for the assist!

I just got done updating when I saw your comment.

Brilliant minds think alike!

Unknown said...

Perry job record since 2006 in Texas.

Z said...

Oh, my GOSH, SF...that's amazing. Someone had sent me that link last week and I bookmarked it, knowing I'd have perfect use for it someday......this was it! Very good information, isn't it..I like your spelling "KRUDman", by the way. Good one.

Ducky's here said...

You probably also believe unquestioningly that liberals are winning in Wisconsin.


Well they captured Republican seats in the recall.

The Democratic regions held.

Given a couple of rogue republicans in the Wisconsin Senate there is no longer a firm majority. Do you call that a loss Silverfiddle?

Anonymous said...

Perry certainly has the right message. Only time will tell if he is the right messenger. Attacking Obama and the Fed is brilliant, in my mind. Our candidates need to spend more time telling us how their plans are so much better than Obama's plans and spend less time attacking each other.

Obama is forced to run on his record. He has no place to stand. Finger pointing by Obama is not playing well on Main Street, IMO.

The race is finally getting interesting. This will probably be the dirtiest campaign ever. The Dems and the campaign managers, the MSM, will pullout all stops.

Ducky's here said...

Counting from the beginning of the recession (December 2007) the Texas public sector has grown 3.8%, or a little under 70,000 employees. This is faster than normal employment, but it's not off the charts.


I took that from z's little polemic. They sure are trying to spin it but what you have is evidence that Jersey's contention is correct.

All evidence points to smoke and mirrors in Texas.

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: Go read the link. It is obvious from your comments that you did not. Your ignorance is showing.

Liberals lost in Wisconsin. First they scampered away in fear, beat drums and shouted themselves hoarse hoping to stop the governor's agenda. Lost

Then they blew millions trying to unseat that judge. Lost

Finally, they blew millions more trying to take back the state senate. Lost.

There's a name for people on a losing streak: Losers!

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: Your selective pull quoting is worthy of msnbc joronlist standards.

Here's the rest of your quote:

Given that the Texas economy has grown so much and private sector jobs have grown so much, that doesn't strike me as an unsustainable growth in the public sector.

But, just in case you're really worried about it, you can lay your fears to rest because in the last year the Texas public sector has shrunk by 26,000 jobs. In the last 12 months, Texas lost 31,300 federal employees, trimmed 3,800 state jobs, and increased local government jobs by 8,400 jobs.

(To be fair, this was partially driven by the role Texas employees played in the census, which inflated federal job numbers this time last year. Since the census numbers stabilized, federal employment has been at about break-even.)

As you can see, we're nowhere near the "100,000 unsustainable jobs" number.

Careful Ducky, you could gain a reputation for being intellectually dishonest.

Anonymous said...

"It's a true shame that the media is, once again, ignoring Dr. Paul."

Yes, Ms. Theatre, it is a shame, and it's not just "the Liberal Media Establishment" who's ignoring Dt. Paul (I presume you mean Ron and not Rand, right? They're both doctors). Rush Limbaugh is actively thumbing his nose at Ron Paul, so is FOX News, and so is Michael Medved. So far I've seen no active public support for Ron Paul from right wing commentators, and yet he came in a CLOSE second in the recent Iowa fanfarinade.

Kinda make you kinda tend to kinda think that maybe orders are being given from Somewhere On High that The Voice of the People is to be ruthlessly stifled, doesn't it?

Ron Paul is pointedly eccentric and has many unfortunate mannerisms, but he happens to be the ONLY one out there who is telling the TRUTH. So, of course, he must be denigrated, discredited and dismissed, mustn't he?

I see no hope in Rick Perry. He might as well have "I'm a Fourflusher" tattooed across his forehead.

I don't think we need another fake Country Boy with a thick hick accent in the White House. Weren't H. Ross Perot, B.J. Clinton and G.W. Bush enough to cure us of that?

Rick Perry looks like the prototype for The Rhinestone Cowboy.

Sorry. Job statistics or not this is one bandwagon I can't bring myself to jump onto.

I'm with Ann Coulter who has big case of the political hots for Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Now THAT guy is a MENSCH.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

GOPers would turn on Christie so fast it's make your head spin. Fiscally he's great, but that's about it. I'd be fine with him, but too many would plaster him with the RINO label and that would be the end of it.

Dr Paul has been successfully demonized by right and left. Palin and other only get it from one side, Paul got the pincers treatment, getting painted as the crazy uncle rambling on about something called the Federal Reserve.

Well, four years later, he's not looking so crazy anymore, at least to those of us paying attention. Unfortunately, he will forever be the crazy uncle in the minds of the mushy middle who only pay attention to headlines and soundbites.

I'm not saying Perry's the guy either. I just think he's saying what needs to be said right now. Yeah, liberal democrat The Donald said some stuff too, but Perry actually has a record we can examine.

Liberals, brainless as usual, are attacking verifiable job statistics instead of going after Gardasil, hypocrisy on states rights when it comes to gay marriage, and charges of crony capitalism.

There, Ducky. I just gave you a helping hand. Why? Because I don't play hero worship team sport politics. I really do want to examine and weigh information presented, not play semantic games and twist statistics into pretzels.

(Damn, that should have been tomorrow's blog post...)

Anonymous said...

"Dr Paul has been successfully demonized by right and left."

Yes, and that really ought to us something about the hopelessly corrupt nature of The Establishment. I know how you hate "conspiracy theories" but this rat really stinks to high heaven.

If Christie's a RINO I guess I'm one too. Hate to be so crude about it, but MONEY really is more important than any other consideration. I'm afraid we're about to find out what it's like to be stone broke.

Nothing can turn people into savages faster than literally being forced to live in the street dying of hunger and begging for alms. I see signs of it already. Young able-bodied men are standing on street corners here wearing signs that say I NEED WORK. ANYTHING WILL DO. PLEASE HELP. CALL XXX-XXXX.

My doorbell is ringing too with poor souls soliciting work from me. Some are panhandlers, some are obviously desperate.

It's pathetic, heart-wrenching -- and FRIGHTENING. And it's about to get much worse.

Frankly, I don't give a hoot in hell about gay marriage, abortion and other highly personal moral issues which ought to be worked out between God and Conscience on an individual basis, and remain outside the province of law.

The Christian Right, which I regard as neither, is too easily caricatured and has done a great deal of harm to the Conservative-Libertarian Movement by making us look like a bunch of Yahoos.

Nothing could sink the Ship of State faster than a bunch of self-righteous busybodies on a "Crusade." You'd think our experience with Eleanor Roosevelt would have proved that once and for all.

The harm done in the name of "Doing Good" is incalculable. Tens of millions have lost their lives because of it.

I certainly agree that in order to work Capitalism must be administered by people of high principles and true moral worth and not the vicious egomaniacs, outrageous opportunists and con artists we have today. Unfortunately, good people are in short supply -- at least in high places where they're needed.

I blame the debased popular culture for most of what ails us, and for that many want to label me a "snob." If that's true, I am proud to be one. Cultural relativism and the glorification of perversion on every conceivable level have landed us in the stew pot. Those who don't see it are doomed to suffer agony till they just boil away.

~ FreeThinke

Bd said...

"Yeah, the Left is running scared right now" Lol! Yeah, were reeeal afraid of the absolute crazy fuckers the GOP has fielded so far! LOLOLOLLL!

Ducky's here said...

The Left is Scared, Folks


I see this a lot.

Palin - the left is scared

Trump - the left is scared

Bachmann - the left is scared

Perry - the left is scared

What's next, the left is scared of the pizza man and L'il Ricky Retardo?

Why be scared. It's going to be a choice between a slow or quick death. Doesn't matter who is last out of the clown car.

I suppose you can say it is frightening that we live in a country that would vote for a religious freak like Bachmann or Perry but there aren't enough Calvinists to get the job done so they are really more a floor show than a candidacy.

What are we afraid of?
Why do you think Obummer is a liberal (forget being a leftist, that just marks you as idiotic).

Anonymous said...

I really could care less what Perry says. W used to talk a good game, when it came to small government, look how that turned out.

Only two things matter:

1. Who is financing this guy?
2. What does his track record before the campaign say?

When you look at those things, it becomes clear he is just Keynesian with a pistol.

Unknown said...

You know what makes the left scared, because they see their European utopia dreams coming to an abrupt end and still think, to this day thats what Americans were expecting from Obama and company.
Thats OK, you can go to China, Russia, N Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, France, Greece,....
Obama won the 2008 election on two accounts. Campaigning as centrist and the Anti-Bush vote.
Obamas history shows he never was a centrist and the Blame Bush has worn out it's welcome.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Left is scared at all. I think they're too STUPID to understand the mess we're in, and honestly believe that if only those rotten Republicans would just dry up and go way, UNCLE SCAM would rush in to change their diapers, wipe the snot from their noses, spoon feed them soothing syrup whenever they get fretful, then rock them gently to sleep while reading Fairy Tales by Marx and Engels.

Frankly anyone who is NOT scared right now must have the IQ of a pebble.

THe thing is not to yourself get paralyzed by fear. Faith is a great help in bolstering courage. Without it, we're doomed.

Does anyone think this is worse than the Civil War?

Well think again. If we survived that, we can survive anything. Only cynicism could defeat us.

~ FreeThinke

Kid said...

Great Analogies re: who they attack, and some great quotes from Rick Perry.

Honestly, the left knows no bounds. I think of them like the N Koreans taunting and propagandizing the Americans on Hamburger Hill, or Tokyo Rose constantly misinforming and demoralizing. Exactly like that.
They are the enemy. They Regard US as The Enemy.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if anyone's tempted to feel angry at Ducky, please don't.

Can you imagine how it feels to BE him?

Don't you think carrying the weight of such an attitude on his shoulders is punishment enough?

I'm sure the overdose of sarcasm and incessant derogation is a defense mechanism. I suspect he's projecting how he feels about himself onto every handy target in the blogosphere.

Much more to be pitied than despised.

IF we could walk a mile in another man's moccasins most of us wouldn't. It helps to think of it that way.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Ducky, are you STILL blowing smoke about Wisconsin? WHat's it take to get you to realize that Ed Schultz was there for TWO WEEKS in a parking lot broadcasting and trying to sway libs to vote UNION and raising TONS of dough...and the Dems did NOT DO WELL?
YOu don't think the Republicans won, fine, but if you don't think this bodes badly for leftwingers, you are NUTS. (Meanwhile, the lefties are always blaming Tea Partiers for ginning the base.......and Schultz is skulking around WIsconsin...what hypocrisy)

Jersey McJones said...

Again, and I wonder if any of you can argue with this...

Perry has some serious problems.

Of the net 75,000 jobs Texas has seen created since '09, a negative 6,000 were created by the private sector. ALL of Perry's "job growth" has been state and federal government jobs and contracts.

Add to that, Texas's GDP "growth" fell entirely on backs of motorists, as the price of oil has risen.

On top of that, Texas has the second lowest wages in the nation, terrible schools, police, and other services, massive numbers of undocumented workers.

So, yeah. Bring that bunny-eyed, lying, sleazy, stupid, hick, slobbola to the nomination.

Anyone??? ANYONE???


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Put up or shut up. You can't just spraypaint leftist msnbc graffiti here. Put up links to verifiable data or shut up.

You are wrong.

You've obviously heard Krudman or somebody pick this particular time period for some reason, probably due to census hiring, and it distorts the picture.

Last 5 years, last 10 years, last year, Texas has added more jobs than any other state. And I'll add, as you always do. PERIOD!

Silverfiddle said...

Also, energy is on around 17% of the economy, and if you hate high gas prices to talk to your messiah Obama.

You're embarrassing yourself Jersey.

This is not the Daily Kook, so you can't get by mindlessly parroting the lefty talking points of the day.

Rob said...

I'm certainly no Perry apologist, but he seems better than most at this point. And there is an awful lot of misinformation and/or mistaken perceptions about what the guy has said and done. Check this out for a good attempt and digging beneath the surface on some of the bigger Perry issues:

Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry

Jersey, why don't you ask some of us actual Texans about some of this stuff? Our schools are far from horrible.

And bear in mind that few other governors have to deal with uncontrollable, gaping sieves as their dominant border. What's the annual influx of illegal immigrants like in Massachusetts? Gimme a break!

(With that in mind, ANY candidate who promises to park the military on the US' southern border and shoot anything that crosses illegally has my vote. We don't need to erect walls, we need to use the military resources that we already have to protect our border.)

98ZJUSMC said...

The Black Messiah is a complete failure and doesn't even have a coherent program.

However, the same can be said of any of the passengers on the right wing clown car.

Funny, I actually thought that you had to attempt a solution before it was a failure. I guess I missed when Perry, Bachmann, et al were elected President and implemented economic policy.

Oh, the crystal ball's working?


98ZJUSMC said...

Last 5 years, last 10 years, last year, Texas has added more jobs than any other state. And I'll add, as you always do. PERIOD!



Ducky's here said...

What's the annual influx of illegal immigrants like in Massachusetts?


Ever been to Lawrence, Worcester, Fall River, Springfield, Chelsea or several other Mass. cities, Texas?

50 - 90% undocumented.

"Big Hair" Perry as in New Hampshire today touting your crap schools. Rick likes 'em because they teach creation science. That's what the Texas moron picked as the highlight. I'll take Massachusetts schools but we pay for quality, Texas thinks it can get a bargain.

Ducky's here said...

Also, energy is on around 17% of the economy, and if you hate high gas prices to talk to your messiah Obama.


Never hit $4.50 like they did under The Dauphin.

Now how is Obummer responsible for high gas prices. This should be good, we're about to get a lesson on drill baby drill.

Question do we have a shortage? If so is it a shortage of crude or refined products.

Ducky's here said...

Ducky, are you STILL blowing smoke about Wisconsin?


I don't believe I mentioned Wisconsin in detail but since the queen of the ladies who lunch brings it up the Dems held their seats.

Along with a maverick Republican in the senate they can block moron boys dumber efforts such as privatizing the school system.

Hardly a loss.

Rob said...

Ducky, the numbers I just pulled suggest that less than 10% of the population of Massachusetts is Hispanic. And while densely-populated, Mass. has 25% of the population of Texas.

I'm a stone's throw from some parts of the border, not hundreds of miles away in Dallas or Houston. You're gonna have a really difficult time convincing a West Texan that your New England state has a greater problem with illegal immigrants than we do.

Always On Watch said...

FYI....Duck hates Hispanics (Latinos). He's complained about their loud music for one thing.