Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap (Naked Women Riding Scooters)

On the lighter side...

Two tales from Right Blogistan.  One involving our friend Liberaldude, and the other features fellow Right Blogistani Proof Positive and naked women...

Oh! The Irony!

Liberal Dude, who I suspect is Bd reincarnated, provided some comic relief...
liberaldude said...I listen to Fox News and within 5 minutes I've heard more lies than I can count. [...]
So, they feel they have to go after Keith to keep others from learning the truth and when you ask them to point out a single lie, they can't Hmm.
If this were a boxing match, that would be the equivalent of leading with your chin. Jutted out. With your gloves down...

My response:
[...] Speaking of that, please list for us all those lies you heard in 5 minutes on FOX.
Crickets. Liberaldude couldn't point out a single lie. Hmmm.

Note to readers: If you are offended by mild descriptions of pornography, please go no further. I do not find pornography funny, or even entertaining. Like any red blooded man, pictures of naked women are a temptation, but I abominate pornography as a poison to humankind and a corrosive of the soul. Having said that, I found these broken-English descriptions of a porn site's offerings pretty darn funny...

Rule 5 Gone Wild

Warning! When perusing Rule 5 type material, stay on the beaten path, or you will end up in the land of "naked fat black women," young naked redneck women photo of women privates" and "amazon naked women naked women riding scooters"

Proof Positive posted an article headlined, "Israeli Women Nude," and I bit. Not because I wanted to see nudity, but because I appreciate Proof's tongue-in-cheek humor. Well, I followed the links, did some googling they suggested, and ended up at a porn site that featured some rather vivid descriptions of its supposed content...
naked women photos of girl scout swaps pictures of naked beautiful women(including naked women fishing);naked farting women girls in belly shirt photo latest friendster private photo hack.Most popular recommended for you: lawley model girl photos hotr naked women facebook view private photos, private girlfriend photos young illusion girl photos mature naked older women|||naked sexey women|||naked overweight women|||snow naked women|||hot sluty naked women|||movies naked women|||
Now, I'm a career military man, been around the world a time or two, and I spent most of it single, and I must admit that I was blissfully ignorant of such genres.  I still don't know what "snow naked women" is, and I have no interest whatsoever in "naked farting women," and for all the fishing I've done, alas, I have never spotted "naked women fishing."
We represent your attention to the catalog photos by topic: (including "photo private of wife", "naked israeli women" and "naked tanning women pics" Women golfing sharing naked self pic sexy...
Other interestingly described niches included...
Naked Sports Women, Celtic Women, Photos Of Shaven Female Private Parts, mountain naked women buff girl photos Most popular recommended for you: track and field girls photos photos of naked hot sexy girls peeing naked plus sized women, sexy long hair girl free photo naked women playing golf (including pictuers of naked irish women)
Naked pictures of cartoon women humiliating naked men!
Sampling top photos from the gallery - anatomy girls photos  naked older women and grannies(including naked mexican women pictures);muscle girl photos escort girl photos mature nake women.Most popular recommended for you: |||naked pictures of cartoon women|||sketches of naked women|||women humiliating naked men|||naked women scuba diving coral reef|||womens over 40 naked in pictures|||free hairy girl photos|||pictures of tribal african women naked|||naked lesbian women in stockings|||mature naked older women|||old men and women naked|||naked sexy older women|||
I wonder if it was the muscle girls who were humiliating those poor naked men?  And no, I'm not linking to the site. It's bad enough that I went there...

The lesson here is to trust Proof's journalistic skills.  When he features something, it is complete.  Do not try to did deeper.  It could get ugly.


Always On Watch said...

Liberal Dude believes that anyone with views opposing his watches Fox News. In fact, he's forever scolding me for watching Fox News.

What an idiot Liberal Dude is! If I watch Fox News at all, it's once a month for maybe 10 minutes.

Ducky's here said...

Hmmm, I thought they might be protesting the arrest of Israeli women for singing in Orthodox neighborhoods.

I'll have to tune in Glenn Beck for soe accurate reporting or O'Reilly.

dmarks said...

I've seen people link to stories form CBS and other liberal news sources in their blog posts, and you get the inevitable comment from BD claiming that the source of the post is "lies" from Fox News.

jez said...

Hmm, those genres look like random combinations from "sexy" word lists. But on the other hand, rule 34 of the internet clearly states, if you can think of it, sexual material related to it is available on the internet.

Silverfiddle said...

Jez: That's what I was thinking. Some kind of random porn-phrase generator.

I like how they kept it clean and refrained from the standard raunchy words and instead used clean phrases like "private parts." How quaint, especially coming from pornographers.

Finntann said...

More than likely it is an example of the Chinglish-Engrish phenomena which stems from mistranslating phrases by simply and mechanically translating the words with little thought to translating the syntax and grammer.

It results in such oddities as the translation of the Gettysburg Address into Japanese and back into English by Google Translator resulting in the below:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

87 years ago our fathers and four points are all human beings are free to be devised that are created equally, dedicated to the proposition, set forth a new nation led to the continent.

It perfectly illustrates the necessity of translators in international commerce and politics.

Although the Japanese example is anything but subtle, sometimes the errors are more along the lines of innuendo than gross error, such as the translation into Yiddish and back below, which requires somewhat of an understanding of Jewish history in the West:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, Conceived in liberty, and Dedicated to the proposition that all men are purchasing directly.

Which illustrates perfectly how far we are from a universal digital translator.

Up your Bottoms!

Mike aka Proof said...

Good points! Google has what they call "safe search" which I recommend for the faint of heart. I have mine turned off, because sometimes what I am looking for borders on realm of good taste. And sometimes, I can move an x-rated picture to R or PG-13 with a little Photoshop.

But, along the way I have suffered through some extremely disgusting imagery, the likes of which I will not describe.

To my credit, though, my post on "naked Israeli women" only contained pictures of Israeli women in bikinis.

I try to keep the blog PG-13, (which, compared to the '50s is practically Playboy).

Check your search engine. If it's Google, there should be a button in the upper right hand corner. I doubt that you'll lose any sleep if the "Safe Search" is on. I can't guarantee the other.

Silverfiddle said...

Yes, Proof, you do keep it tasteful. I would never suggest otherwise.

I was not offended, and I know about safe search. I just found the descriptions hilarious.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Of course liberaldude couldn't bring up one example, he has always hated Fox News and detests the truth.

As for the porn, I will just take your word for it. I detest it all.

Z said...

My earlier comment disappeared..probably a good thing.

Let me just say this then: How does one photograph anybody FARTING? No, never mind, don't answer that :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, dear friends and enemies alike, as I mentioned before, I am currently reading the Bible from beginning to end, and was astonished -- and more than a bit taken aback -- to run smack dab into the following the other day:

2 Kings 18:27

27 But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?"

~ King James Version

Before that shockeroo, I had already found countless references to "those that pisseth against the wall," albeit disapprovingly.

And if you like Sadism and lurid descriptions of murder, genocide, adultery, rape, incest, wholesale slaughter and vicious inhumane behavior of the most brutal variety imaginable, your Holy Bible is the place to go -- a virtual One Stop Shop to find grotesque examples of human filth, degradation, degeneracy, cupidity, morbidity and supreme cruelty.

REALLY! You should actually READ IT sometime.

Treat it like a novel.

It's a great eye-opener.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

By the way, SilverFiddle, I've about decided that the oh-so-popular practice of taking offense is a great offense -- perhaps the greatest offense -- in and of itself.

Political Correctness was improperly named. It would have been better -- and more to the point -- to have called it OFFENDISM and been done with it.

The claim that one is offended has become a form of tyranny -- a highly effective means of avoiding confrontation with unpleasant realities about oneself or one's kind.

Such claims are used to derail legitimate debate, stop certain unflattering or disturbing questions from being asked, certain pertinent information from being considered, certain concepts from being questioned. It makes for an atmosphere of artificial constraint and forces everyone to act the hypocrite.

Now, I don't make it a practice to use four letter words most of the time -- not because they "offend" me, but because they bore me stiff. Also, they betray intellectual laziness, a want of imagination, and a lack of education, cultivation, good taste and good breeding when used habitually.

But I am not the least "offended" by these words, nor do they frighten me. I just think they show a pathetically limited power of expression.

It's one thing to say, "SHIT," when you're frustrated annoyed, disgusted or merely feeling ornery. It's rather silly and certainly crass, but it does nothing and no one any real damage, does it?

It would be quite another thing, however, if someone were to barge into your drawing room and express his contempt for the ambience there by suddenly dropping his drawers and depositing a steaming pile of foul-smelling excrement in the middle of your best Persian carpet, wouldn't it?

Saying it out loud may be vulgar, childish and silly, but actually doing it would be quite another matter, as I'm sure you'd agree.

Aside from the obvious longstanding proscriptions against, murder, mayhem, rape, theft, vandalism, extortion and determined campaigns of harassment, there should NO TABOOS WHATSOEVER.

The institutionalized hypocrisy we've lived with for countless centuries has done great harm to honest, free flowing communication in political debate, between the sexes, among friends, a certainly between the different strata of society. It keeps people divided, and makes them much easier to control.

One can be rude, sarcastic, cutting, and infinitely cruel without using a single four-letter word, racial slur, oath or epithet -- just as one may be kind, helpful, good-humored, honest and affectionate while sprinkling vulgarities everywhere.

The cliche once again runs true. It isn't what you say that matters, but rather the manner and intent with which you say it.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Dear, Z,

FYI: Aubrey Beardsley, the famous non-Victorian artist from the Victorian period in his illustrations for Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, depicted women passing gas by drawing elegant plumes of presumably noxious vapor emanating from their nether regions.

It was "outrageous" of course, but also elegant, artistic, and comical at the same time -- to the sophisticated observer.

The line between Fine Art and Pornography may seem awfully thin at times. So thin in fact that legislators and judges have never been able to come up with a legal definition of pornography.

We may wonder why it's perfectly all right to display statues from classical antiquity of bare-breasted women and muscular men with their genitals exposed, but it's "obscene" for a real live human being to appear naked in public. There is no "right" answer. Custom dictates. Eternal Truth and Logic have nothing to do with it.

Countless bare buttocks, breasts, rippling muscular torsos and male genitalia appear on Michelangelo’s famous ceiling at the Cappella Sistini -- right in the heart of the Vatican. Anyone who would consider it “obscene,” however, would be woefully lacking in taste, education and sound judgment.

And so it goes ...

This is an amusing departure from the grim realities of economics and the politics of war. Thanks for the diversion, SF.

~ FreeThinke

KP said...

<< The cliche once again runs true. It isn't what you say that matters, but rather the manner and intent with which you say it. >>

Valid opinion. As well, in my view, one should consider the medium used. Humor and intent can be lost in writing.

Given that, not everything we think about needs to be written or spoken. Nothing wrong with filtering ourselves.

Likewise, probably not a good idea to pepper spray fellow shoppers at your favorite store after turkey dinner :-)

KP said...


Silverfiddle said...

FT: I never said I was offended by the pornographic descriptions.

I thought you were pulling my leg about the bible passage, so I went to Bible Gateway to verify...

Tis true. I have a St Joseph's edition, and it says "urine."

Piss isn't really a bad word in most European tongues, it comes from the French. Some archaic signs on men's restrooms still say "pissoire."

Silverfiddle said...

Z: I have no idea how pornographic photographer would depict such at thing either.

FT provided us some art history, but I assume these descriptions were of real pictures (I did not dive in and investigate all the pics. I just caught sight of a few as I cut and pasted the verbiage, and from what I saw, it was all run of the mill, not nearly as exciting as the descriptions. I think Jez is right. These were foreigners using some kind of a word generator or translator.

Alligator said...

The Bible doesn't mince descriptions of the human condition and behaviors. Many parts of it are not intended for young children.

"Some kind of random porn-phrase generator."

Yeah, I think those descriptions read like the Chinese instructions translated to English - did some here say Chinglish? I could picture some Slavic or Asian kid entering those descriptions into the computer.

On Liberaldude - - - "So, they feel they have to go after Keith..." So Libdude is on a first name basis with the Olbermeister? That explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kurt, what made you think I was chiding you for being offended? Not at all! After all it was you who brought u ppornography in a spirit of amusement, wasn't it?

I try to write for whatever "audience" there may be out there, and not make things personal anyway. You just provided an opportunity to expand on notions of propriety, that's all. can't help being a natural born essayist. Toss out a verbal ball, and I'm bound to run with it -- but you never can tell in what direction.

One of the running themes inside this old head is the great disparity between actually being virtuous, and vainly imagining oneself to be virtuous simply because one expresses stern disapproval of this, that, and whatever. Books, plays, movies and TV dramas are loaded with examples.

I find the discrepancy between fake virtue and the real thing very funny -- or would if the falsely pious and ostentatiously proper didn't cause so much misery with their counterfeit goodness, saccharine sweetness, shallow understanding of reality, and vain show of imaginary decency and uprightness.


As for the quotation from The Book of Kings, most Protestant sects use the King James Version of the Bible. I grew up with it, though I have consulted more modern translations on occasion.

I should be ashamed to admit it, but even after serving more than forty years as a parish organist, choirmaster and composer of liturgical music, I am just this year getting around to reading the Bible from end to end. I'm about 40% of the way through right now. It's been an astounding experience thus far, though not what I had hoped or expected. The OT is in fact very alienating, and raises far more questions than it answers.

Hope all is going well with you and yours this Thanksgiving weekend.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I spotted Libdodo as Bd as soon as it arrived. There's an army of these libzombies out there. They say the same things in the same tone -- over and over an over again. It's as though the rhetoric were computer-generated.

To me it has as much significance as a wallpaper pattern I don't particularly admire in someone else's house.

After a while you just don't notice it.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

"Z: I have no idea how pornographic photographer would depict such at thing either."

Probably through the use of candid photos of those unfortunate enough to be downwind of the event in question at close range, wouldn't you think?

~ FT

Anonymous said...

As for piss not being a bad word, there are no "bad" words in my never humble opinion -- only bad interpretations we place on certain ones in order to gain leverage over others.

Taboos are always much more about gaining Social Control than showing reverence or respect.

Taboos are a scam perpetrated by the powerful in order to help them retain power.


You bet!

~ FT

KP said...

<< Taboos are a scam perpetrated by the powerful in order to help them retain power. >>

Phew! Two thumbs and a wink!

98ZJUSMC said...

I found these broken-English descriptions

Those descriptions get them more Google hits and listed higher up in the hit list order.

It's a sick world, SF.

98ZJUSMC said...

Always On Watch said...
Liberal Dude believes that anyone with views opposing his watches Fox News.

The default debating stance of the left. I haven't watched FOXNews in well over a year. If I wanted comedy and to induce vomiting, I would watch MSLSD, but my tolerance for ridiculous is very low. Speaking of inducing the gag reflex, the Lightbringer is on enough so that I can get my annual quota in about 2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go....

And by the way, just from last week:

"Poll: Fox News Leaves Viewers Less Informed Than Those Who Don’t Watch Any News "

Keep believing, sheep.

Silverfiddle said...

Libdude is a little slow. He obviously hasn't done any investigative work. He just dutifully spreads the leftist propaganda like the manure it is.

The study is flawed, dude.

Keep smokin' that hopium!

Silverfiddle said...

Liberaldude: BTW, we're still waiting for those fox news lies!

Can't point out a single one, huh?


dmarks said...

Silver said: "Liberaldude: BTW, we're still waiting for those fox news lies"

Liberal's done this countless times on Leticia's "My Daily Trek" blog.

I remember one time where, as usual, he was advocating only allowing the government to make personal decisions for people. I argued that the matters being discussed were best decided by the people, not government. I listed 8 or so points, several with links.

Liberaldude blasted back that it was all LIES.

I asked him to refute a single think I said.


One recent time, he stated several false things. I easily corrected him on all of them.

He later came back, in his next comment, and said that I had been "pwned". He even referred to a comment in which I got corrected myself. The thing is, that comment never existed.

I pointed this out to Liberaldude.

Again, crickets.

If someone wants to prove that Liberaldude is some sort of conservative troll sent to these blogs to make liberalism look illogical, immature, and unsupported, I will be open minded to this. This is exactly what Liberaldude is doing.

Anonymous said...

Libdoodoo is an obvious plant.

I wouldn't pay any attention to him. He's just here to be annoying. There's no thought and no sincerity there.

Just a troll.

~ FT