Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Sessions: CW McCall


With dashcam footage of US 160 through Wolf Creek Pass.  You should know, that since this song was first written back in 1975, they've straightened and widened the road a bit, and added a new tunnel, with the "improvements" completed in 2006.

One thing to look for, those dirt roads that seem to go off the highway and straight up hill are actually run-away truck ramps.  There are two versions of the song in this video and the first truck ramp makes an appearance just after the start of the second version at about 4:18, another pops up at about 5:20. It is the second version of the song that plays through the downhill side of the pass.

Now a K5 Blazer wouldn't necessarily be my first choice to unwind this road... I'm thinking more along the lines of a Porsche or Ferrari!


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