Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Prolegomena to any Further Taxonomy of Leftwing Progressivism

Is anyone else fed up with the rope-a-dope the lefties give us when we press them in comment threads to explain themselves?  I have yet to hear one of them provide a cogent explanation of just what liberalism is.  Is there no manifesto akin to Russell Kirk's most excellent 10 Conservative Principles?

When confronted with the irrefutable logical outcome of their horrible dogma, lefties perform one or a combination of several evasive maneuvers. This led me to identify and name some of the more common tactics employed by leftwing weasels and slippery socialists when a right thinking person confronts them in a blog thread and call BS on their BS. 

Here is my humble list of neologisms describing liberal debating tactics.  What do you think?
1) Liberal Lafftosh: Go all goofy and laugh it off

2) Wriggling the Game: Feign ignorance or purposely misunderstand the question

3) Self-Flatulation: Explode in righteous anger and malodorous indignation

4) Il Canardo: Ignore you or steer the conversation into the ditch by introducing irrelevancies (Ducky's favorite)

5) The Jersey Special: Slide off the Jersey Turnpike of truth and spin your intellectual wheels trying to justify the unjustifiable, explain the inexplicable, defend the indefensible... all accompanied by smelly, billowing clouds of dust and smoke as the marxist malefactor burns rubber, screeches, and mires the car deeper into the intellectual ruts he creates.

Can you think up some more?  Post them in the comments section for the amusement of all.

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