Wednesday, October 26, 2016


ACA premiums to jump up to 25% as private insurers pull out of the federal marketplace leaving less competition and fewer options.

In Pennsylvania the number of insurers has dropped from 15 to 8, in Philadelphia there are only 2 insurers left and premiums are expected to rise 53%.

Some Coloradans could see increases of up to 40%, while those in Denver can expect a 15-25% rise.  92,000 people will need new plans in 2017.

Covered California announced that rates will increase across the state by an average of 13.2% but that number can be misleading. In one case the cost of a silver-level PPO from Blue Shield the premium will rise from $162 to $254 after tax credits are applied, an increase of 57%.
LA Daily News

The government likes to point out that after tax credits many individuals will not see their rates rise at all, but make no mistake, the costs are going up and someone is paying for it... and that someone is us. 

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