Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Obama's Human Shields

People are pissed off about illegal immigration, and backlash is growing over the H-1B program, which legalizes the importation of cheap labor that displaces American technology workers.

There is no shortage of labor in this country, skilled, unskilled or high tech. It's a lie perpetrated by greedy businesses like Harley Davidson and all of Silicon Valley who don't want to pay the market wage for labor.

Congress and successive US presidents perpetuate this global version of union busting by importing scabs from other countries to break the backs of those uppity Americans who demand too much money for their labor.

Why do politicians continually vote for more H-1B visas?
Because uber-rich Plutocrats Without Borders like Mark Suckerturd and the Aspen Institute globalists pay bribes--er... campaign contributions--to keep this job-stealing program alive, even as tens of millions of American citizens cannot find work.

Why do politicians do nothing about illegal immigration? 
Because both the red and the blue team profit from the crisis that keeps the base stirred up and sending in the campaign cash.

The Democraps totally outclass the Repukes at this game, because they know how to pluck our heartstrings. Pathos wins over ethos and logos every time, as leftists long ago figured out.

Human Shields

So Obama puts poor children and women out in front of this cynical and sinister government-sponsored human rights calamity. Government and business collude in their dark lairs, at conferences in Aspen and Davos, conspiring against the American people, and they use poor immigrants as their human shields.

Who can bother to present facts and argue the merits of immigration programs? Look at that poor mother with five kids who is crying because we're sending her back to a two-room shack in El Salvador!  Click the link a tell me how anyone could gaze upon that poor woman's tear-stained face and not feel compassion?  The agenda-driven progressives are as brilliant as they are sinister.

Obama, the Democraps and the US Chamber Pot of Communists are using poor people from the third world as human shields, protecting their nefarious activities from the slings and arrows of people who would dare question their motives.

It's sick. It's cynical. It's pitting us against one another. It is poisoning the waters with our neighbors to the south, and it's killing us.  This once-sovereign nation of the people, by the people and for the people, has been hijacked by a criminal corporatocracy that doesn't give a damn about the people, the law, or reason.

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