Monday, February 2, 2015

Republicans Against Racism and Exclusion

Reading doctrinaire leftists like Matt Bai, who sit marinating in their progressive jacuzzi with fellow coreligionists and wrinkle their noses at the slightest whiff of conservatism, or even conservatism-lite, reminds me that Democrat hero and philanderer John Edwards was right.  There really are two Americas.

Jeb Bush (who has been deemed "reasonable" by the liberal poobahs) made a statement, and Bai and his fellow travelers are debating whether it constitutes a Sister Soulja Moment.  I don't criticize the vacuous debate; that's what pundits do, and the more meaningless the debate, the better.  It's the comparison they draw that puts them on the dark side of the moon.

But first, the Jeb Bush quote, pulled from a speech where he defied conservative opinion and argued for liberal immigration policies:
“Our national identity is not based on race or some kind of exclusionary belief.”
This made the progressives go all giddy, rear up on their hind legs, wag their little tales, and compare this to Bill Clinton's Sister Soulja moment, where candidate Clinton repudiated an obscure, hate-filled female rapper for making this statement:
“If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?”
Sure, it was an easy target, and Clinton had already won the primary, but back to Matt Bai and his latte leftist lunacy.  Bai believes this wasn't really such a moment for Bush.  It was too tepid; Jeb didn't take a flamethrower to those on his right.
For Bush to make some grand gesture of disapproval toward the extremists in his own party, before the campaign in Iowa has even begun, wouldn’t simply be perilous; it would be suicide.
He also fails to tell us just who the hell on the right believe our national identity is based on race and exclusion.  Silly leftists!  Tricks are for... *er* ...silly leftists, I guess...  As well as carefully-calibrated candidates trying to thread the narrow way.

Borders, Language and Culture Define a Nation, except to the demented left, who equate that belief with racism... 

Yes, to Bai and his metrosexual chums, anyone who wants a sane and rational immigration policy is an extremist, no better than a klansman burning a cross, or a black woman who calls for killing white people.  In the fevered leftwing mind, we're just a hair-trigger away from armed, white, conservative, Christian domestic terrorists blowing up taco trucks, firebombing burrito stands, and forcibly marching foreigner women and children to the Mexican border after executing their menfolk.  It's crazy.

...and it's just beginning.  2016 cannot come and go fast enough.

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