Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Law is Truly an Ass

The Artful Dodger - George Cruikshank

Salt Lake City, Utah (CBS LAS VEGAS) – A Utah woman has been granted the ability to sue herself for negligence in the case of a deadly accident that killed her husband in 2011.

The Utah Court of Appeals has ruled that Barbara Bagley will be allowed to proceed with a wrongful-death lawsuit against herself for alleged negligence in the Dec. 27, 2011 accident east of Battle Mountain, Nev., that killed her husband, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports. Court documents show that Bagley will be suing the driver of the vehicle, Bagley, for an unspecified amount of money stemming from losses in medical, funeral costs and mental anguish.

Attorneys for Bagley say the widow is pursuing legal action for the benefit of the estate, and not just herself. Creditors will be paid prior to Bagley receiving the money she’d receive as her husband’s sole heir.  

Why not, the only people who have anything to lose are her insurers... who by the way, are defending her.

Just... WOW

* For those wondering about the engraving above, it is from Oliver Twist, the most commonly referenced work in which the statement "The law is an ass" appears.  An earlier work in which the statement appears is in Revenge for Honor, a play by Henry Glapthorne published posthumously in 1654.  So it is established that the Law has been an Ass for a very long time.

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