Tuesday, June 14, 2016


In the wake of the Orlando attacks I was perusing some poll results:

Out of 24000+ respondents 60% support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

Out of 4000 70% think Obama should label it for what it is... Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Out of 2500 64% think Trump would be more effective at stopping terrorism than Hillary (21%)

In the wake of the attack Hillary calls for banning assault weapons and Trump calls for banning Muslim immigration.  Which do you think will play better in the election.

So what does Hillary actually want to ban? Below is the weapon allegedly used in the Orlando attack, the Sig Sauer MCX .223

Guns and Ammo: Sig Sauer MCX
 It's black and scary for sure but honestly, it can't really fire any faster than this:

Which is a Ruger Mini-14 categorized as a "ranch rifle", I believe.

Folks, a semi-automatic is a semi-automatic is a semi-automatic. They fire as fast as you pull the trigger and they fire as many bullets as are in the clip. You want to do something effective? Ban collapsible stocks and set a minimum length so they are not easily concealable, but frankly there is little mechanical difference between them. The term "Assault Rifle" is little more than a dog whistle.  We did after all fight WWII with this one:

What's the difference?  The SIG Sauer is made out of cheap plastic.

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