Thursday, February 24, 2011


Our public servants have become the master. Federal, state and municipal governments across this great land have gone mad with power.

Instead of facing the facts and engaging in an adult conversation with the taxpayers, we get crap like this...
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two children were killed in a fire in the city’s Olney section Tuesday, and now an official from the firefighters’ union is questioning if Philadelphia’s cost-cutting “brownouts” of fire companies played a role.
If government officials cannot manage cuts and downsizing without risking the lives and safety of citizens they’ve sworn to serve, they need to be thrown out, impeached, recalled, or criminally prosecuted.

Every day, private citizens in this country make decisions on how best to care for their children, aging parents, and sometimes friends and neighbors who are struggling day to day. We’re balancing bills and making trade-offs. We do this in the face of lay-offs, pay cuts, inflation, austerity and shrinking family budgets.

Thank God these decisions and actions are still in the hands of families, where they belong. Were the federal, state and municipal governments handling this balancing act, granny would be dead, we’d be out on the street, and our kids would indeed be starving.

We The People are Getting By – Governments Bureaucrats are Getting Over

We need look no further than the education system that government has thoroughly botched. In Wisconsin, current battleground of union incompetency, education costs have doubled over the past 10 years, but test scores have fallen.

From Jimmy Carter to George Bush, the Federal Government pushed its way into the formerly private housing market. It crashed.

Total debt stacked up by all governments in the US stand somewhere north of $60 trillion dollars. There is not enough money in the world to pay this off.

When Does Incompetence Reach the Level of Criminal?

How long can governments continue to kite checks, knowing the account has insufficient funds?

How long can they continue to borrow money from people who hate us and stick us and our progeny with the bill?

How much longer will we allow taxpayer-funded schools to continue dumbing down our kids and our country? Are we not yet sufficiently stupid?

Will we continue to stand by as the District of Criminals stuffs billions in the pockets of Wall Street Banksters, while flinging pennies at the rest of us, and they’re our damned pennies!

Will we continue to allow unctuous politicians to bribe us with our own money?

Will we cheer on porn scans, anal probes and “package checks” at airports because they make us "feel safer," while foreigners waltz across our borders unmolested?

Hundreds of billions spent on intelligence but thousands die on 9/11. Nobody fired...

A jihadi Army major shoots up Fort Hood, killing 12 people and wounding 31, and nobody is fired...

George Bush loved telling us how islam is a religion of peace and now Director of National Intelligence ClaponClapOff tells us to ignore the NAZI past of the Muslim Brotherhood and to shut up and swallow their propaganda...

We're the only country in the world that allows aliens to enter illegally and create their own little US citizens...

We’re going in debt by the trillions, but the only solution the geniuses in government can come up with is to spend more...

The off-the-chain Roman emperor Caligula supposedly attempted to elevate his favorite horse to the position of government consul, causing outrage among the governing class and the people.

Our government is full of horse’s asses, and I don’t think we are yet sufficiently outraged.


Jersey McJones said...

Maybe it's time we really act like mature adults and raise taxes enough to pay these bills. When families need more money, they try to raise more money. In the meantime, we can and most certainly should always be looking at ways to make government more efficient and less intrusive. These are not mutually exclusive ideas.


Silverfiddle said...

Indeed they are not mutually exclusive ideas. We are at the point where a 100% tax on everyone would not pay for it.

Yeah, families try to raise more money, but in the meantime they cut back.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Federal, state and municipal governments across this great land have gone mad with accurage Silver and its getting worse!

Jersey McJones said...

Actually, Silver, had we just raised taxes on the rich to pay for the wars, like responsible governments have done throughout history, we wouldn't nearly be in the jam we're in now.

Like any family, our government will always have debt and obligations. And no family or government has ever failed because they invested in the people, but plenty of families and governments have failed by fighting wars they could not afford.


Silverfiddle said...

Yes, we will always have debt and obligations. The key is to keep them manageable.

"Tax the rich" is a trite phrase, but I agree with your larger point that finances must be considered before going to war.

Unlike some of my fellow Right Blogistanis, I believe military interventions are fundamentally unconservative.

Trekkie4Ever said...

"We're the only country in the world that allows aliens to enter illegally and create their own little US citizens..."

How pathetic has this nation gotten? We need to keep our government accountable for every action they make.

Obama believes himself to be a supreme being and has done whatever he wants while in office. He and his administration have put this nation so deep into debt, I am not sure if there really is a way out?

The government has been getting more and more control over the people for years and we just stand idly by and do nothing.

Well, look where that mentality has gotten us.

Javelina Bomb said...

If we raise taxes, the government spends more. Period. Taxes will not control either debt or deficit. It's the zero accountability that is the problem.

Randy said...

JMJ, honest families do not try to raise more money by robbing their neighbors, or enslaving them.

Why do you only want to stop at raising taxes? Why not campaign to confiscate all of our wages so the government could divvy it up how they saw fit? If more is better, isn't all the best?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a leftist. No reason to review or prioritize spending, let’s just raise taxes. And let’s do it as a knee-jerk reaction to every possible scenario. Silverfiddle underscores an important truth in this post: we can get rid of the dirty rotten scoundrel politicians, but the bureaucrats are with us forever. And no politician with an ounce of brains is going to upset that apple cart: there’s too much at stake.

Finntann said...

There is an easy solution to this problem folks.

First, we send a bill for $127877 to every taxpayer. This won't accomplish much, but I want to see the look on the woman's face who was previously dancing around singing "I'm gonna get some Obama money".

It will also piss everybody off enough to take a serious interest in politics and accountability.

Second, we create an organization similar to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This organization would provide mortgage like 30 year loans to each and every taxpayer to finance their $127,887 debt.

I propose we name this:

Bureau Of Hock, Interest, & Citizen Accountibility.

Hereafter to be known by the acronym: BOHICA

Either that or we just sell and everybody gets a check for $1324 and goes and finds some other country to live in.


Jersey McJones said...

Look, guys, sometimes you do actually have to raise taxes. That's kinda inferred in the whole "tax" thing in the forst place. Now, if you'd like to live in a taxless society, may I suggest you join a primitive tribe, and then work communally with them for all your needs. Oops! Sorry about that! Communalism is no good either. May I suggest becoming a hermit???

Silver, the wealthy in this country are paying very little taxes as a percent of their income. Sure, you can cite the "rates," and I can drool and say "duuuuuuh," but the effective rate is historically low. Now does not seem like a responsible time for historicaly low top effective rates. No? Do you disagree?

Politically, only the GOP could get away with raising taxes on the rich, while cutting spending. I wish they'd grow up, start acting like intelligent adults, and try to accomplish that. Newt and Clinton et al accomplished that to a point. Remember? Wasn't the country better off then???


Most Rev. Gregori said...

When our elected officials, who had the power to act to remove Obama and his entire corrupt and treasonous administration, refused to act, for what ever reason, after there was more then enough evidence to do so, then that puts it into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. We have the RIGHT and the DUTY to do so, and we don't need to wait until 2012 and hope that he doesn't pull dirty tricks, to get him out of Office. He has committed numerous crimes against the Constitution and the People of the United States.

If we wait until 2012, there may not even be a United States by then.

Finntann said...

So Jersey, if you give your kid an allowance and he blows through it in one day and asks for more, what is the responsible thing to do? Give him more money?

Until government gets control of spending, they don't deserve any more money.

As they say, act like a child, get treated like a child.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amzae me that people like Jersey not only don't know basic economics, but are incapable of simple arithmetic.

Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Your argument hinges on what is "fair." Who decides?

We've already got 50% of the nation paying no income tax and the top 10% of earners paying something over 50%.

If anything, we should get that bottom 50% paying their fair share.

We could tax the rich at 100% and it would not be enough to pay down the debt.

And cut the crap about us wanting a taxless societyy. Nobody here said that, You, Obama and the straw man...

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is fair to Caligula to compare him to our government.

JMJ- Tell you what if you can get over 50% of the people to agree to raising taxes before we cut costs then we will all shut up. I'll agree to a tax raise only after we get our spending under control.

Always On Watch said...

I don’t think we are yet sufficiently outraged.

You are correct. We are not sufficiently outraged.

Oh, some of us are -- but the number is way too low.

People simply don't realize how bad the situation is! They don't see the train barreling down the tracks. They don't see that all of us are caught in a vortex. Until they get a tax bill approaching 90% of their gross income, they won't believe what is happening. Americans have a bad tendency to be too optimistic.

Anonymous said...

>I'll agree to a tax raise only after we get our spending under control.

I won't. I won't every agree to a tax increase unless the income tax rate is less than 1%, and every other tax (including the taxes pretending to be something else) is eliminated. And then, my limit is on taxes is 1%.

If the federal government can't do it on that budget, I refuse to have anything to do with them. Everything that the federal government has a legitimate role in could be financed fully by a flat 1% tax rate, no exceptions. In other words, most of what the federal government is involved in consists of things it has no legitimate role in doing.