Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mr Obama, You’re No Ronald Reagan

Liberals spewed hatred on Ronald Reagan for thirty years, now they are attempting to co-opt him 

I know, the Reagan Centennial was last Sunday, but I’m left with that feeling you get after attending a really good concert. Still basking in the sights and sounds, you’re left wanting more, so you pop in a CD or DVD to make the feeling last.

What spurred me to this latest outburst was all the stupid blather comparing Obama to Reagan. It’s another foolish indulgence of the Washington press corps, for really, there is no comparison.

Ronald Reagan’s communications were symphonic masterpieces...

...crafted and delivered from a deep and thoughtful well of study and experience. His rock solid words now resonate through the ages. “Tear down this wall!” …and the wall came tumbling down.

He backed up his words with action. He told the air traffic controllers to go back to work. They didn’t. He fired them. This put the world on notice that the American president meant what he said. Communists really were trying to make inroads into Central America, and Reagan defeated them by keeping our military profile low and helping freedom-loving Central Americans help themselves. The region in now freer and more prosperous as a result.

Obama’s speeches are cotton candy…

…top 40 bubblegum pop songs that catch the listeners’ ears with a cheap lyrical hook or a catchy tune, but are forgotten the next week. His award of an anticipatory Nobel Prize was a farce, and it was the apotheosis of Obama. All flowery words and billowy hope, but no substance, no action.

Reagan made history by collapsing communism and freeing tens of millions of people.  Obama made history by being the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to host and toast a tyrannical regime that imprisoned a  fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Reagan Encouraged Us, Obama Scolds Us...

Reagan believed in the American people and uplifted us; President Obama is perpetually disappointed in us. He, his wife and his cabinet scold us on eating habits, going green, police who act stupidly, people too cowardly to talk about race, and even how to sneeze properly.

President Reagan shrugged off criticism with a smile and a joke, President Obama encourages his fervid worshipers to punish their enemies.

Reagan believed in American exceptionalism. Obama compared us to Greece, and leads us there with his disastrous policies.

Progressive fanboys and fangirls love talking about how intelligent Obama is, but when pressed they can produce no evidence besides “he ran a successful presidential campaign,” or that he was titular head of some college newspaper.

“Amiable dunce” Ronald Reagan has left a rich legacy of writings in his own hand that prove beyond a doubt what an intelligent and studied man he was.

Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan...

Comparisons to the loser that Reagan defeated in 1980 are more appropriate. In fact, Jimmy probably rests a little easier knowing he’s now moved up to the second worst president.

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Always On Watch said...

Points well taken, Silverfiddle.

Liberals spewed hatred on Ronald Reagan for thirty years, now they are attempting to co-opt him.

It's all a part of the Left's propaganda war to further the Left's agenda and to make sure that Obama gets re-elected in 2012.

Are Americans so stupid as to fall for this tactic?

Divine Theatre said...

I adored Reagan, even shook his hand when he came to my high school...he was still a statist, though.
As an aside, after I watch Obama, I am left with the same feeling I used to get when I worked in a photography studio and the statge moms would bring their poor children in for photo shoots. The girls were so ill at ease and earnestly trying to please mom. It was hard to be around.
I think it is quite evident that Obama is a puppet, like every president before him this century. They pulled him out of Chicago because it was his turn. He is the child of a stage mom and the pageant dress doesn't fit right.

Fredd said...

Good analogy: if both of these politicians were musicians, Reagan would be Mozart or Beethoven, and Obama would be Bobby McFerrin singing 'Don't Worry, Be Happy.'

Yes, these guys were all musicians, but going any farther than that is nuts.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The MSM can and will change it's narrative to fit their cause but the people they wish to target with that message to buy it is another thing altogether.

Obviously the Right will never buy this garbage.

The Left in my experience will not but it either due to the MSM actually.

The old 'enough to remember' Left were taught by the MSM to hate Reagan by blaming all of Carters mess on him and ignoring how Reagan fixed them, all of them except for one which brings me to my next point, the young.

The young in the Left were indoctrinated to hate Reagan by not only their parents but in the public school system as well brought to you by the Department of Education created by Carter and for some ungodly reason stands to this day.

Now all of the sudden they the Left are being told that their savior is just like the man they hate the most even more than G.W.Bush and they are to swallow it? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Most of America loved Ronald Reagan; whenever he messed up, the American people wanted to reach out to him, and forgive him, because they knew that when he erred, he did so for the right reasons. But the communist left despised Reagan —and still do. They cannot abide the thought of America loving anyone who loved America quite as much as did Reagan.

No, you are right. There is no true comparison between Reagan and Øbama —only stark contrasts. Reagan was the right man at the right time (following that calamity named Carter); Øbama is the wrong man at the wrong time. America elected Reagan because he electrified the American people; Øbama because of the color of his skin. When I think of Dr. King’s admonition, to judge men according to the content of their character, I cannot imagine how Øbama ever got to the White House.

Joe said...

Ronald Reagan's "Yes" was yes and his "No" was no.

For President BO to call himself Reganesque is worse than a bad joke.

Jersey McJones said...

If Americans are dumb enough to believe that because Reagan said "Tear down this wall!," "the wall came tumbling down," then they're dumb enough to believe anything.


Divine Theatre said...

Jersey, the wall was on its way down. Everyone knows that. What I find odd is that the "useful idiots" that surround us do not realize the failed premise of communism. The wall fell because the foundation it was built on was dangerously unstable. It was inevitable.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Once again, I am left to ask the question: "Do those on the left ever have an original thought?" They have likened Obama to just about everyone, including God Himself.

Not only does Obama throw like a girl, but those jeans he wore in that picture look like ladies jeans.

Michelle, his belle has bigger upper arms and a larger man-butt then Obama.

Trekkie4Ever said...

There is absolutely no viable comparison between the President and Obummer.

The Left will never get it right.

Wow! He really does throw like a girl, oh wait! I can throw better than that!! So, that's an insult to my sex.

Karen Howes said...

Liek comparing Julia Child to Ronald McDonald.

Anonymous said...

Two words for all of those that idolize reagan:


This American will never forget the 241 dead US servicemen in lebanon or the fact that ronnie and his cronies cut secret deals with those same terrorists!

Silverfiddle said...

When you can't defend the brain-dead policies of Obama, might as well try (and fail) to tear down a truly great man.

Reagan Freed the people of Central America and had the Iranian mullas foot the bill, keeping us from intervening directly ourselves.

Idiotic comments like yours explain why you remain anonymous.