Monday, May 23, 2011

Prison America

Rotten turd infesting Britain--We don't need that here
The United States government is letting in people we don't trust.  The result is we are all now being treated like criminals, guilty until proven innocent.

The United States of America is becoming one big prison camp

The federal government's legitimate efforts to keep the nation safe has morphed into a liberty-crushing steamroller.

Tidbits such as this leads the TSA to plot grope and fondle operations at train depots, bus stations, and malls across this formerly-free country:
He was well aware of U.S. counterterrorist defenses and schooled his followers how to work around them, the messages to his followers show. Don't limit attacks to New York City, he said in his writings. Consider other areas such as Los Angeles or smaller cities. Spread out the targets. (My Way – Osama Eyed Smaller Cities)
This has led to such stupidities as Senator Schmucky Schumer’s suggestion that Amtrack use a “No Ride” list similar to the No Fly list.

First of all, anyone who makes this No Ride list should not even be in the country, and that goes to the heart of the problem.  If someone is deemed a danger to America's people and our infrastructure, he doesn't belong here and we must expel him immediately.  Do not pass immigration court, do not collect 200 dollars. 

Instead we get government propagandizing us via cell phone messages and fleets of X-ray trucks prowling neighborhoods to see inside our homes.  Where will it all end?

We are no longer a free people

The right answer is to cut off immigration from lands known to produce America-hating terrorists.  This would block a lot of good people, but it would also stop “lone wolf” plots, like the one just busted up in New York.  We open our doors to people from third world toilets, and they thank us by bringing violent 7th century religious chauvinism to the country that welcomed them.

Here’s the lowdown on the two Jew haters we made American citizens…
Ferhani, a 26-year-old unemployed resident of Queens, is a native of Algeria who traveled to the United States in 1995, claiming asylum.

Mamdouh, 20, also a Queens resident, worked for a local delivery service and came to the United States in 1999 with his family from Casablanca, Morocco.

Both, however, were "committed to violent jihad," telling police that they wanted to kill Jewish people and also hoped to attack New York's Empire State Building, Vance said. (CNN)
In addition to being more circumspect about who we let in, we also need a much longer period of residency before granting citizenship.  Any misbehavior gets the whole family deported.  We don’t want troublemakers plunking down and going “Ahhh…  Made it!  Now let's stir up some trouble.”  We want them on their best behavior and working feverishly to obey our laws and become good Americans lest we bounce them for being a danger to our society.  Once we grant someone citizenship, it's all over.


Anonymous said...

Our emigration policy is wrong in almost every conceivable way. It's just the right blend of PC and bureaucracy to create a mess unlike any other. I think that is what they want.

The Born Again American said...

You and Testin nailed it...

Bunkerville said...

Spot on. We can only hope we wake up in time.

Joe said...

The whole world is considered "American" by this Bozo of a president.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one. We shouldn't be compelled to let harmful people in the country, and those who come here and break the law should be deported.

It would have to be a major infraction, perhaps give them one or two misdemeanors, a felony an automatic deportation. Not sure if I'd deport the whole family though. I mean think about that for a second. They could have a teenage kid that's a moron, would it be fair to deport the whole family, who is likely law-abiding, because one of their kids is a bad egg?

And the "well they should have been better parents" argument doesn't work because we all know that you can be parent of the year and your kid still turn out jacked up.

I'm definitely with you on the whole breech of privacy and freedom thing.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I'll go one step further in suggesting that we completely halt all immigration for a minimum period of at least 10 years. Mandate that those foreigners that are currently here and wish to stay have 30 days to apply for citizenship or else be deported.

To any detractors, yes I know how this Nation grew so do not give me the line about "we are a Nation of immigrants" as in fact my father was one. We simply need to get our house in order especially in these economic times and in the face of obvious threats from abroad.

Anonymous said...

G'Day Silver . . . Have we ever got a mess! Your blog is terrific but mentions only one small part. First thing we must get rid of the Obama Administration. All of them. Eric Holder, Timothy Geitner, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and etc.

Next we must close or merge at least 1,000 federal departments and agencies. (ie: The Homeland Security farce belongs with the F.B.I. We don't even need a Dept. of Education. etc.)

Next we must secure and control our borders. Illegal immigrants must obtain 90 day work-visas with no extensions, and return to their country of origin for at least 180 days before reapplying for another 90 day work-visa. If they have no work visa illegal immigrants must apply to become citizens within 90 days and become citizens within 180 days or leave America or be jailed. Period.

We should make jail space available by reducing legal penalties for marijuana type drug possession or use.

Then, all public employee unions must be banned. This should, for example, include all police and firemen, all teachers and school administrators, all federal and state highway employees, and so forth.

And while all this is going on, America needs to improve it's military defenses - as we carefully withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We must admit that it is useless to attempt to bring any sort of democracy, freedom, or worthwhile financial aid to corrupt, backward and dangerous people.

Tally-Ho. Time for coffee.


Jersey McJones said...

We will continue to import aliens dangerous countries because we are in bed with them. Like your SUV? Well, enjoy the Saudi students. They're a hoot.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Your statement is incoherent and makes no sense.

Jersey McJones said...


Did you know the Bush administration fast-tracked passports for Saudi students for years after 9/11?

We take in students and professionals from states that produce dangerous terrorists all the time. We do because we have strategic interests involved.

These interests are not natural. They are the result of policies geared toward the profits of Big Oil, the military sector, foreign national and corporate influence, and a host of other sectors and groups.

This is special interests trumping national security, only different than the illegal alien trade in that different interests are involved.


Anonymous said...

I've said since the day it was announced by Bush that the Patriot Act and Homeland Security were the worst ideas I'd ever heard of. We didn't need the Act or the new agency. We could have worked with the agencies we already had in place. Trading liberty for so-called security is not a good deal. It is un-American.

Jersey McJones said...

I watched Rand Paul on C-Span today, and he did make a good argument against the Patriot Act. Unfortunately, he felt the need to compare campaign disclosure regs with abuses of the Bill of Rights. He sometimes hits a good note, but then he, like his father, veers off into nuttiness.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Your clarification is incoherent as well.

Did you see anywhere in this post where I defended Bush? I am criticizing US government immigration policy, Bush included.

There is no strategic interest in allowing potential terrorists in. None. You are wrong.

Trading with other countries had nothing to do with immigration policy.

Jersey McJones said...

Silver - try to follow me here - the US government feels it is in our best interest to allow students and professionals from places like Saudi Arabia into the country without the sort of scrutiny we give, say, Belgians.

f you think trade and foreign policy has nothing to do with immigration than you're a f'n moron.


Silverfiddle said...

Ah Jersey, your logic is... Nonexistent!

The US government "feels..." Another incoherent dead end.

You can trade with a country while still maintaining a strict immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

Jersey we don't speak Klingon. You are going to have to use a thought or language process which is rooted in our world.

MathewK said...

"In addition to being more circumspect about who we let in, we also need a much longer period of residency before granting citizenship. Any misbehavior gets the whole family deported."

That's the key, needless to say, it'll be opposed tooth and nail by the usual scumbags.