Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Liberal Lunacy

A Few Observations on the Loony Left...

Why do so many inhabitants of Left Blogistan sound so nutty?  Perhaps it's because “credible” jornolists on the “intellectual” left churn out absolute crap like this, and the gullible readers lap it up and barf it back out on the rest of us:

Cain wants to be taken seriously in this race. He has said some very unserious things -- his proposal to build a moat between the U.S. and Mexico and fill it with alligators comes to mind (Liberal Jornolist Jeffrey Goldberg)
Goldberg’s defense would probably be that he was being tongue in cheek, but he knows much of his slobbering readership is not into subtleties, and it is evidenced by the nutroots who fell for it and echoed this cheap lie across the blogisphere like the gaggle of cawing boobies and hooting loonies they are.

I found the statement hard to believe so I googled “Herman Cain moats alligators,” and I got a bunch of leftwing wackadoo sites seriously claiming Herman Cain had proposed a great wall of China between the US and Mexico, as well as a moat with alligators. Of course, Cain was playfully joking on Obama’s comments, but they can’t let a few facts stand in the way of the progressive long march.

Climate Change:  I love it when liberals stumble over the painful truth and don’t even notice... 

Here’s a telling line from a typically liberal NY Times piece.
“The failure of cap and trade notwithstanding, the recession itself helped cut carbon dioxide emissions in 2009 through reduced economy activity…” (NY Times)
Get that?  Cripple the economy and we can cut carbon dioxide output, nevermind that we throw millions out of work in the process. Liberals do occasionally tell the truth, if only by accident.

And finally, to balance out this liberal lunacy, some wisdom from Thomas Sowell... 

He praises the record of Tim Pawlenty, while also arguing against those who lament the lack of excitement in the GOP field. Whether you like Pawlenty or not, Dr. Sowell’s larger point is still valid:
Some fear that Governor Pawlenty doesn't have the charisma and fireworks rhetoric that they would like to see in a candidate. Charisma and rhetoric are what gave us the current disastrous administration in Washington. Charisma and rhetoric gave people in other countries even bigger disasters, up to and including Hitler. (Thomas Sowell – Is Pawlenty Plenty?)


Anonymous said...

The wisdom of Sowell should not be discarded. I'm very worried about this Rick Perry. He is full of charisma and rhetoric. He is also full of something else. Perry is a RINO at best and a Democrat in disguise at the worst. I fear that because of his charisma and rhetoric, he will be very difficult to defeat in the primaries.

Silverfiddle said...

Perry a RINO or closet Democrat? What do you base this on. The Gardasil thing is the one issue I've seen that calls his judgment and philosophy into question. Is there more?

Anonymous said...

Democrats love taking *everything* Republicans say out of context for political gain, but whenever they are misunderstood, they accuse Republicans of being stupid or racist.

Rob said...

A moat? Now that's just silly.

If you really want to solve the immigration problem, simply notify Felipe Calderón that he has 6 months to fix the problem or we will seize his country and Mexico will cease to exist. Then roll in with tanks and fighter jets and take that beotch!

Nothing wrong with a little new nation-building once every century or so...

Anonymous said...

>Why do so many inhabitants of Left Blogistan sound so nutty?

Maybe...because they are?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Just like when Tina Fey acting as Palin on SNL uttering "I can see Russia from my house" and to this day the entire left believes it was an actual Palin quote?

These things are done on purpose and by design as the elite now the moonbat drones will lap it up and run with it, facts be damned.

Z said...

excellent, Silverfiddle...
Ya, imagine that the economy's tanking, people are starving but EMISSIONS ARE DOWN!
By the way, didn't some whacko liberal democrat senator suggest that putting more terrorists on Gitmo would SINK THE ISLAND? I think so.
And we're supposed to take these people seriously...and they slam US from here to SUnday.

Lisa said...

Meanwhile they were all singing kumbaya at that Nut Kooks Convention.

Here is something else the left passes off as intellect:

Jersey McJones said...

Oh jeez...

Cain's a emty-suit puppet of the big banks. That's all that matters about him. You'd have to be an idiot not to see that.

Of course pollution goes down during a recession - that doesn't mean anyone's intentionally causing the recession for the sake of reduced pollution, and of course nor does it mean that reducing economic activity is the only way to reduce pollution.

Obama didn't just win with his charisma. In '06 and '08 the GOP suffered heavy losses because of the condition of the country after their governance.

Even mentioning Hitler anywhere in this is just disgustingly stupid. You'd have to be a functionally retarded sociopath to even think of it.

These simplistic, cheap, petty, misrepresented, pot-shots are not making you conservatives look very serious, mature or responsible.


Unknown said...

WOW, I now feel dumber for reading it. Not because of what you wrote, but what you quote. :)

The Goldberg link, well “But it is apparent that his popularity, especially among conservatives aligned with the Tea Party, can be traced in large part to his status as the black guy who is not Obama”

What the..., way to throw out the first race card there, Jeffrey.
90% of his opinion piece was on race. He mentioned and quoted something in the form of race 25 times.
This is all this guy sees first of both Cain and Obama, that they are black.

And of course, Goldberg is even clueless. Case in point
[Cain]“This isn’t why I’m running, but my candidacy would take race off the table. Right now, every time someone criticizes Barack Obama, they try to play the race card, the White House, all his supporters, they try to play the race card.”
[Goldberg] Like who?
DUH! The entire left side of the American political spectrum. Did he just arrive on this planet, or what?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the pathetic, misinterpreted pot shots made by Liberals make them look any smarter?

I think perhaps you missed the point.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Honestly, I think that Liberals have lost a few nuts, time to locate a wrench.

Jersey McJones said...

Well, Jack, I'm never a fan of petty pot-shots (funny ones, if they're really funny, but not unfunny ones - and to be funny, something has to have some truth to it).

Where's the "liberal lunacy?"

Cain is not a serious candidate.

No one wants to intentionally hurt thr economy for the sake of pollution reduction.

Charisma, again, had little or nothing to do with Obama's victory. He's rather bland, if you ask most people. Stirring up a few idealistic young people did not win the election by four million votes!

Three things determined the outcome:

The GOP had a horrible brand-name in '08. Republican voters stayed home, the Left and Center came out and voted.

Sarah Palin scared the heck out of the center and left - and mainstream Republicans. She was a significant part of the aforementioned reason for the outcome.

And finally, war weariness.

Silver's post lacks truth. It's not that he's lying - he's just letting ideology get in the way of rationality.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: What you are stubbornly ignoring is how a liberal jornolist purposely told a bald-faced lie about Herman Cain and then the lefty nutroots picked it up and ran with it like it was gospel.

Jersey McJones said...

"It will be a twenty foot wall, barbed wire, electrified on the top, and on this side of the fence, I’ll have that moat that President Obama talked about. And I would put those alligators in that moat!"

Cain's a liar and a loony. Yeah, it's kind of a joke, but it's sorta not too. Cain wants a "fence" between America and Mexico. What's next? A 1500 mile hedgerow with killer hedgehogs?

It's funny because the very notion of Cain's plan is sooooo utterly unrealistic and sooooo offensive (pun intended), that it is only gives us on the Left laughs, and those in the center pause for concern.


Ducky's here said...

I imagine you folks dismiss Huntsman. RINO and all that.

Too bad, he can actually defeat Obummer.

Of course if what you want is a mediocre pepperoni with extra cheese, your choice is clear.

Silverfiddle said...

Two liberal visitors who totally avoid the issue of liberals lying and the nutroots ignorantly and unquestioningly lapping it up.

You two are too smart to be fooled by this, so you are purposely encouraging it. Cain's fitness for the presidency is not the issue; loony liberals lapping up propaganda and regurgitating it on the rest of us is.

Finntann said...

Couple of points:

1. What's wrong with a great wall of Texca? The border is 1969 miles long, the CBP currently employs 62000 people, and has 22000 Border Patrol Agents. Currently the border patrol has roughly 2000 agents assigned to the Canadian border, 2000 assigned to the Florida coastal waters, with the rest presumably assigned to the southern border.

Build me a wall, It'll be the WPA project of the century...out of work? Come build the wall. I can man it with 12000 agents, guarantee 99.5% security with 4000 agents on the wall at all times. The remaining 6000 patrol agents will be assigned to sector response units that will respond to incursions. Problem solved. Just like a liberal to take the most obvious solution and ridicule it.

For god's sake! CBP has an 11.84 Billion dollar budget. 20,000 are customs, 20,000 are border patrol, and 20,000 are overhead. Give me 4 Billion a year and I'll secure the southern border and throw in the Florida waterways for free.

2. Obama didn't win with his charisma? What are you smoking? The entire political process has turned into American Idol II.

3. "You'd have to be a functionally retarded sociopath to even think of it." What? like all those Germans in 1933? So, explain to me exactly why it can't happen here.

Anonymous said...

Don't you often get the feeling -- as I certainly do these days -- that all the heated rhetoric coming from both sides is little more than a Punch & Judy show - a FARCE? Frankly, I think most of the commentators and talk show hosts are playing character parts for which thy are paid great sums of money. I doubt if they believe much of what they say.

Most right wing talk radio has reduced itself to formulaic ranting and raving against Obama and the Democrats. Most of it has become an insult to the intelligence of genuine thinking people. Worse than that, it has become BAWRING.

Bill O'Reilly is is Mr. Rude -- the ultimate boor -- a loudmouthed bully who refuses to let his guests get a word in edgewise most of the time. His frequent guests Dennis Miller and that fellow who used to be an advisor to Clinton, but who came a cropper when he was caught sucking a prostitute's toes in a swanky Washington hotel -- what was his name? -- oh YES DICK MORRIS! Anyway Morris and Miller are not only crass, they are less amusing even than Rosencranz and Guildenstern, and do nothing to educate or enlighten FOX viewers. Ann Coulter is bright, and does her homework pretty well, but the way she presents herself on TV just has to be a put on. Could anyone seriously be like that, and have any kind of personal life worth living? The woman is in her fifties now, and she still dresses like a teenage femme fatale. Please tell me she's just putting on a Vaudeville act; I'llfeel better.

Keith Olbermann? Chris Matthews? Rachel Maddow? Ed Schultz? Old Phil Donahue? Maury Poviich? Sally Jessie Raphael? The View? And the sternly pretentious, self-important Old Alphabet Guard Walter Cronkite? Peter Jennings? Dan Rather? Tom Brokaw? Ted Koppel? Perky little Katie Couric? The ancient liberal demons who've made a bloody fortune for decades destroying Americans' confidence in American Industry and America's cherished institutions on Sixty Minutes? -- Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley, Steve Croft, Andy Rooney and that beautiful blonde black-hearted bitch who now looks like she's been preserved in aspic -- what was her name? Oh yes! LESLIE STAHL! And the entire staff of the New York Times, The Washington Post, the LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Atlanta Urinal & Constipation, as Rush so fondly calls it. And The Nation and Katrina Vanden Heuvel. And dear Joe Conason. And Ellen Ratner. And Julianne Malveaux. And Lewih Lapham. And James Fallows. And most of the faculty at Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, The University of Chicago, Berserkly and most every other university of note in the land. And don't forget living Jokes like Cornell Waste, Jessie Jackass, and Al Sharptongue -- clowns among men if ever their were any.

Who could forget ANY of these people? And more importantly what thinking person could ever FORGIVE them?

The Fourth Estate has more power to determine your future than any elected or appointed member of the government.

FOX is such a feeble, hopelessly inadequate counterfoil to Big Media (henceforth to be referred to as BM!) one should laugh one's head off at liberal accusations that FOX has far too much influence, and ought to have its wings clipped by a "Fairness Doctrine" or some such rot.

The dirty little secret is that FOX has been cynically created to serve a tremendously profitable niche market, and is in truth part of atrocity knows as the Media Establishment. FOX is part of the family all right -- even though FOX has been made to look like the red-headed stepchild.

And so Punch & Judy keep swinging at each other, and the audience gapes on mesmerized by the ridiculous farce, while the dirtiest dirty deeds get done in dark corners and remain undetected.

All I can say to the lot of it is, BAH HUMBUG!

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

>I'm never a fan of petty pot-shots

Although a practitioner, of course.

Jersey McJones said...

Present an example, Basiat.

FT, you list the Left's counter to the Fox line-up. Why don't you line up all the other much finer, better, more informative, intelligent, sane news oulets, like NPR? Oh. That's right - reporting on anything other than what you want to hear about if "Leftwing radio."

Thank God for "Leftwing" radio. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more informative and interesting than Rightwing Talk-Bull$#!#.

Have you guys ever once actually listened to public radio???


MathewK said...

That's the left for you, nutjobs leading nutjobs. Explains why they're always stuck on stupid.

Anonymous said...

>Present an example

I hereby present...99% of everything you have written about anybody that is considered to be conservative even a little bit. I'll let you do the work of reading back through the archives yourself. As you should know from my attitude about legal plunder, I'm not a fan of coddling the slothful.

Anonymous said...

>Have you guys ever once actually listened to public radio???

Only when I need a laugh from the foppish pseudo-intellectual rainbows and unicorns. All fluff. No meat. Well, they're probably all sickly vegans, so I suppose that's natural.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Lack of charisma and oomph is what caused McCain to lose to Obama. We don't need anymore like him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jersey! If anyone has ever posted an even-handed condemnation of the both the Left wing AND the Right wing propaganda mills, it is I. If you bothered to read and digest what I actually said, you wouldn't be so quick to attack.

It's really funny that you should mention NPR, because I listen to public radio almost exclusively and have done so for decades -- NOT because I am enamored of their news analysis and commentary -- it reeks -- but because I am a lifelong fan of classical music. NPR, bless it's socialistic little heart, is the only broadcast facility left that presents the kind of music I want to hear.

However, their pronounced leftist bias -- recently trumpeted abroad with their absurdly unjust firing of Juan Williams, a very decent guy, even if he is a liberal -- irritates me, because most of the people interviewed are either prissy and full of metrosexual pretensions to "sensitivity" and "moral superiority" or else focused on sad, dreary, infuriating, depressing, neurotic, egocentric individuals who bore me to tears talking about all the terrible things life has done to them, and how wonderfully or inadequately they cope with all the manifold injustices, and sickeningly unfair challenges that life metes out.

The broad implication is that the majority of human beings are either poor helpless victims of a cruel, indifferent Fate or of the rapacious greed, and monstrous exploitative selfishness of the well-to-do -- or the hypocrisy and malfeasance of the Church.

Either that or you get types that go into ecstasies over the clever little folkways of aborigines and Hottentots or describe in stupefying detail all the marvelous new methods you should adopt in the global push to "GO GREEN."

The mood in most of these interviews is very subdued, plaintive-- almost mournful in tone -- and thus calculated to drag you down into the Slough of Despond.

At the other end of NPR's spectrum you have Lake Wobegone. I absolutely can't stand Garrison Keillor and his fake folksiness and pseudo cornpone humor. Don't know why, but that dude just rubs me the wrong way. On the other hand I really love Car Talk -- the only cheerful, refreshing, upbeat program NPR offers aside from the great music.

Most of the time NPR speaks in obviously controlled, quiet, cultured tones. Nothing raucous, vulgar or hysterical there. I do appreciate that, but the general effect is one ofbloodlessness -- a lack of vitality, a complete lack of optimism, a lack of appreciation and respect for the many really great things human beings have achieved. I could swear that virtually all the men at NPR sound just like Stephen Breyer -- suavely condescending, exclusive, self-important and bordering on the effeminate.

In short, On NPR the music's great, but with rare exceptions the commentary sucks.

And can you tell me with a straight face that a guy like you -- or at least the you we see here -- really ENJOYS all that faggy, limp-wristed, oh-so-erudite blather?

I could swear that NPR doesn't want any guys who still have balls to get within a mile of their microphones.

And you know what's missing on ALL the news channels and talk radio stations, liberal, conservative, and NPR alike?


There ain't no laughter, and there ain't no joy out there anymore. It's all so deadly serious, so heavy-handed, so tediously tendentious -- so fuckin' EARNEST -- it makes me want to PUKE.


~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Jersey asked:

"Have you guys ever once actually listened to public radio???"

Bastiatarian answered:

"Only when I need a laugh from the foppish pseudo-intellectual rainbows and unicorns. All fluff. No meat. Well, they're probably all sickly vegans, so I suppose that's natural."

Well, Bastiatarian, you said better in four terse sentences what I tried to say in a mini-essay.

Thanks. You made me chuckle, and I loved it.


Always On Watch said...

Sowell is absolutely correct! The cult of personality is what gave us the present administration -- although I personally don't find any charisma in Obama. But I will admit that he's quite the shape shifter. Did you hear his speech last night, the speech about the coming drawdown in Afghanistan?

Rob said...

Finntann, we don't need walls for (very questionably) tighter border security. We simply need to take Mexico.

I liked what Gorbachev had to say about this: "I know something about walls. They don't work."

Just think of the billions of dollars in tourism & real estate investments that would be flowing into U.S. coffers instead.

Silverfiddle said...

Rob: You are such a shameless imperialist, born 100 years to late!

Rob said...

My dream of the U.S. Mexico will prolly never come to pass, but I dare ya to tell me why it'd be worse than what's happening now.

Anonymous said...

Remember this old song?

She didn't speak English.
I didn't speak Spanish.
But, Mexican moonlight
Made obstacles vanish.

Our hearts were saying, saying, saying
What our lips were dreaming of,
And they spoke the language --
The language of love.

Too many Americans not only love -- but DEPEND -- on the horde of willing workers who make life for industrialists and the well-to-do much more agreeable than it would be if they had to hire lazy, spoiled, good-for-nothing Americans -- at inflated union wages, and pay their health insurance, social security, workmen's compensation, and unemployment insurance to stand on their shovels and listen to rock and roll all day, instead of digging the ditches, filling the holes, laying the bricks and hammering on the shingles that need so desperately to be attended to.

THAT is the biggest OPEN SECRET as to why illegal immigration is not only TOLERATED, but REVERED. Illegal Immigration, may it live forever, beats our lousy, corrupt, unionized, government-dominated SYSTEM, and allows willing workers and employers to interact honestly and FREELY.

It's not the illegals, it's the SYSTEM, stupid.

~ FreeThinke