Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clean Energy is Dirty

While Obama tries his best to send our economy and our currency the way of Argentina, his governing model is straight out of Chavez's Venezuela.

What does an Obama-favored crony crapitalist say?
"Upon the advice of my council I invoke the privilege afforded to me by the fifth amendment of the US Constitution and I respectfully decline to answer any questions."
That's an actual quote from the congressional hearings on the Obama administration-Solyndra criminal enterprise held this past Friday.

Industry lackeys in the Democrat party like Ed Markey and the ever more porcine Henry Waxman did their best to defend the malefactors against the righteous wrath of the taxpayer, but the Solyndra crooks had to be leaving that hearing thinking...
 "Crap!  Chrysler and GM and their union buddies got away with over $40 billion in government loot!  Wall Street got hundreds of billions!  And we're going down over a measly $500 million???"
This calls to mind a Ronald Reagan quote:
"When you get in bed with government, don't be surprised when you get more than a good night's sleep."
Freedom loving Americans have known that for decades.  It's great to see big government liberals finally learning that same lesson.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!


Always On Watch said...

Their taking of the Fifth Amendment speaks volumes.

Can Solyndra-gate reach the proportions of Watergate -- at least in the eyes of the American people?

Silverfiddle said...

I doubt it, AOW. To me, selling guns to Mexican drug gangs should have already brought down this administration.

But this and the other green bankruptcies that happened despite government cash argues strongly against any kind of government-sponsored "jobs program."

Government bureaucracies are simply no good at picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

sue hanes said...

Silver - I was reading your list of movies that you like.

Have you ever seen:

Far From Home: Adventures of Yellow Dog

It is a great movie.

Might be something you'd want to check out. :=)

Silverfiddle said...

Sue: I have not seen it, but upon your advice I'll be putting it in my netflix queue. Looks like a good one to watch with my little one. Thanks for the tip!

sue hanes said...

SF - you are welcome - no charge.

And when you do watch it with your little one remember - especially at the ending - that I told you that I thought YOU would like it.

I get it out several times a year because it is one heck of a boy and his dog movie.

It's about family values, the best of acting, so entertaining and well...just watch it. :=)

Ducky's here said...

How much did we pay you to guard the pipeline in Colombia?

I imagine you consider that a legitimate activity of government because we nee to cover big oils extortion, bribery and protection costs.

Point being, as usual you are selective about your targets and seem to have and agenda.

Silverfiddle said...

My agenda is economic freedom and personal liberty. Two things this administration knows nothing about. My agenda is the Founding Fathers' agenda.

True, the founders did not envision sending me to Colombia to help roll up the filthy FARC scum, but paying for an army and navy are in the constitution--handing taxpayer money to corporations is not.

Also, in the case of Colombia, our democratic system worked. I truly believe we were on the verge of a very big operation there in the late Clinton years/early Bush years, but congress limited the number of military that could be in country at one time, short-circuiting any plans those two presidents may have had.

Z said...

"My agenda is the Founding Fathers' agenda."

I've tried to find the words for exactly that sentiment and these are it. Well done, SF...simply put, and simply well done, as usual.

AOW; Solyndra should make it to the Watergate level but it won't ; the media has nothing to gain from exposing their president. The bundler situation is absolutely stunning; the rush to put that much money into a company that the minions who worked for Solyndra say THEY saw wasn't going to make it!? We all could go down a list of reasons this is scandalous; I'm not sure CNN's spent 10 minutes a day on it since the onset. MSNBC? Don't be silly.
And, of course, if FOX covers the truth about the situation, they're biased :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you already heard about the old maid who was interviewed and asked what she'd like when she got to Heaven?

"I want to be Colombia Pippalini," she said.

Puzzled, her interlocutor asked why?

Without another word she took out a yellowed, crumbling, dog-eared newspaper from beneath her shawl, and showed him this headline:




~ FreeThinke

98ZJUSMC said...

How much did we pay you to guard the pipeline in Colombia?

But, everything's just ducky when Shanks McMulligan, Lightbringer of the Receeding Oceans, Possessor of the Magic Key, Guardian of the Idiot Realm and purveyor of Keynesian economic nonsense pulls off another teleprompter enabled coup of Fordian dimensions.

98ZJUSMC said...

Can Solyndra-gate reach the proportions of Watergate -- at least in the eyes of the American people?

Not happening. They're to busy tongue-bathing Pres-uh-dent Rubber Training Pants in his bassinet.

98ZJUSMC said...

It's great to see big government liberals finally learning that same lesson.

I seriously doubt that, SF. They're simply going to come out with a new "it just wasn't done right" load of Orwellian doublespeak in an attempt to recharge their short bus constituentcy.

Jersey McJones said...

Lot's of laughs, Silver. I love how you quote Reagan. Boy, he sure knew a thing or two about crooked dealings, huh?


Javelina Bomb said...

Dirty? Clean energy is downright filthy.

Silverfiddle said...


Lets's see... He funded Central American anti-communist fighters with fund he got by selling weapons to Iran at an overinflated price. He kept Iraq and Iran fighting one another, and kicked the communists out of Central America, all without costing the US any lives or money.

Like Col North, I thought it was a "neat idea."

Obama could learn something from Reagan.

Silverfiddle said...

Obama's scandals are all tawdry, Chicago-style corruption operations.

Ducky's here said...

Iran Contra was your kind of deal, eh Silverfiddle.

Here's my favorite quote from Ol' Dutch, "I forget".

Along with his pansy cut and run in Beirut he did more to embolden terrorists than any other modern president. But for you he was a jobs creator so I can see why you support his policies.

Silverfiddle said...

As I said, Ducky, I thought it was a "neat idea."

Reagan's mistake was going into Lebanon. At least he was wise enough to see it was a horrible mistake and cut our losses.

MathewK said...

It's just the tip of the filth iceberg folks. Look at what lefties idiocy and dreams have brought to Africa -

sue hanes said...

Anon: Did ya hear the one about the guy who asked God to make him a stud.

He woke up and found himself going down a highway in Minnesota.

(Get it -you know stud in a tire.
I can never tell jokes. :-)