Thursday, September 8, 2011

The "Union Thug" Myth

Cut the crap.  James Hoffa is not a rough and tumble working man, he's a fat ass blow hard

And President Obama won't do a damned thing about it.  White House spokesboob Jay Carney made it clear the president is only interested in policing conservative speech.

James Hoffa is not a hard-bitten manual laborer, he's been a political aid and lawyer all his life.  He's never been suspended three days for getting in a fight on the shop floor or operating a forklift drunk, and he couldn't drive a semi if his life depended on it.

People like Sarah Palin are expressing outrage at his "thuggish behavior," but he's not a thug.  Go shake his hand, I bet it's soft as a powder puff.  Palin could kick his ass, and I don't mean Todd.  Instead of getting outraged, we should simply be laughing at this buffoon's clownish behavior.  We should also be laughing at those gullible lefties who naively lap up this effete millionaire's faux working-class shtick. Talk about an Elmer Gantry! P.T. Barnum would be proud of Hoffa's ability to fleece the rubes.

"Union muscle," like the bearded lady and the carnival barker, went out with the 1930's

It's time we drop the "Union Muscle" meme, as if we should be afraid of the rank and file.  These office workers are going to "take us out?"  They'd be out of breath before they got the job done.  I and millions of other American workers have calluses tougher than these professional whiners.  Try to take me out, I'll crack your skull.

It's all bluster and BS

This isn't a Sylvester Stallone movie about the 1930's, when rough-hewn union men really were capable of breaking heads to keep their jobs.  I'm sure the trades are still full of burly men who could stomp my butt, but I don't see them at these rallies.  They must be working...  Today's union "muscle" consists mostly of hotel workers and apple-shaped government bureaucrats.  The scariest thing they can do to you is skip over your number when you're in line at the DMV or pull a tax audit on you.

Have you seen the "union thugs" that trashed the Wisconsin capitol?  They weren't beefy stevedores and rugged construction workers; they were a stringy gaggle of soft kids, 60's hippie wanna-be's and has-beens. They know how to deface marble with spray paint, but they'd twist an ankle or slip and fall if they tried to do any head stomping while wearing their penny loafers and Birkenstocks.

One GOP governor and 13 Republicans kicked their asses, and the cops hauled off the vandals.  No bombs, no busting heads with ax handles, not even any fistfights in the streets; just stale chants and misspelled signs.

I look at a union crowd and I see women who couldn't fit into a phonebooth and men with spaghetti arms and pot bellies.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting anybody down.  I'm no Randy Coture, but I don't make myself out to be a tough guy, either.

The only ones who should be scared of unions are the American workers.  Unions have destroyed more jobs than Barack Obama and his Jobs Czar GE CEO Jeffrey HeMelts put together.

AOW has a related post about how Hoffa's trip to that rally was paid for by us "sons-of-bitches."  Go read it here


Always On Watch said...

I look at a union crowd and I see women who couldn't fit into a phonebooth and men with spaghetti arms and pot bellies.

I've noticed that too. What's up with that?

Always On Watch said...

Synchronicity! Today, both of us have posted about unions.

I've just linked to your post as "Additional Reading."

Anonymous said...

Who cares if they are cream puffs? This is a modern society, and only the mind grants you any real power.

Plus, God created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.

Silverfiddle said...

I'm just tired of hearing all this pseudo rough and tumble talk from people who haven't even ever been in a fight before.

It's an outdated image that needs updated.

Let's call these people what they are: Poop-throwing neo-hippies who are demanding free stuff from others.

Bd said...

Yeah, get rid of unions, I don't mind if my 12 year old grand daughter has to quit school and work in sweat shops.

Anonymous said...

At 12 I was doing manual labor and learned what earning a buck meant. I did manual labor to get myself through college, part-time. You can call it a sweat shop. I called it earning my keep. No Government grants.

Mista Anonymous said...

Obama and his minion describes us republicans as the party of "no." He accused us Republicans of making decision just to oppose him on the stimulus bill, on Obamacare, on the debt ceiling, etc. Instead of doing what was right for the country. He charges us repeatedly with racism and playing politics.

But I have news for him, sometimes saying "No" is what's right for this country!
What he has been doing has just been wrong for the country ... being a leader is more than being chummy with a Union bully.

Lisa said...

Bd forget there are labor laws in this country with tons of labor lawyers all ready to sue someone.
We also have OSHA ,Affirmative Action and discrimination laws.
I guess for some lefties it isn't enough to get a job if you are under qualified,you should be able to strike and shut down a company because the 30.00 per hour isn't enough.
Good perspective on the soft handed thug SF.
I think I'll go bowling tonite being there is nothing good on TV.

Z said...

Bd, you have no need to worry about your granddaughter and sweat shops; she's already so deeply in debt thanks to your hero that she'll probably have to be doing worse than a sweat shop to pay it off. Wake up.

And why would ANY kid go to school when they've been told there's no future? The message kids get now is you don't have to do work hard in school because the government will take care of you and success will be punished by your being forced to give most of it away to your lazy neighbor, anyway.
Then you can explain to her how it was her grandparent who advocated that, too. THAT, I'd worry about.

Anonymous said...

Hey! We gotta watch what we say. Printed words can have long term effects.

New Jersey's governor Chris Christie quickly developed a reputation as a tough guy for standing up to unions and other sacred cows of the leftist establishment with his straight from the shoulder, no bullshit rhetoric.

Ann Coulter sees Governor Christie The Knight In Shining Armor who could save us.

HOWEVER, if anyone ever qualified as a "fat ass," Chris Christie would be high up near or at the top of the list.

Do we really want to take this road?

People who live in glass houses ...

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Bunker! Great come back and oh so true.

Divine Theatre said...

Bunker, I agree.
Further, there are millions of feral kids out there right now who would benefit from a bit of "hard labor". It will keep them honest!

Anonymous said...

One of my aunts actually did work in a sweatshop. In fact she worked for the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York before World War One, and was one who survived the fire.

She never became rich, but she raised three children, was the jolliest, most generous person I've ever known. She was also the greatest cook. Sunday dinner at her house was a treat no four-star gourmet restaurant could ever hope to duplicate. She drew loyalty and affection to her like a magnet.

At her house you could always hear the sound of laughter and rejoicing.

I'm happy to tell you she lived to the ripe old age of 101 and will be greatly missed s long as any are alive who remember her.

I would wish a legacy as fine as that for your granddaughter, Bd -- and for all of us.

Though I hate to end on a sour note I must inform you my aunt DETESTED Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She came to this country as an immigrant, and knew that FDR's policies would eventually create in this nation the miserable conditions she and so many millions of others left Europe to escape.


~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Ms. Theatre, you are oh so right about the "feral kids."

Juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, and growing up worthless and useless is far worse than having to go to work at a young age.

Public education is largely a farce. Kids would be better off mowing lawns, weeding flower beds, scrubbing floors, emptying garbage, sweeping streets, stocking shelves, and shining shoes for their keep than they are being "warehoused" in our failed public schools.

I don't think they should be literally chained to machines in "dark satanic mills," however.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I think all of this inflammatory rhetoric is for the purpose of trying to provoke the Tea Party. The solution is not to get angry, just laugh.

After all, 88% of the working public is not part of a union. Not only are they pathetic, they lack the demographics. Sure they have large numbers in Detroit, but what are they going to do ruin the city?

Anonymous said...


If that is your picture, you look young, but you have the makings of a sage. I wish I had your gift for saying such a lot in so few words.

~ FreeThinke

Unknown said...

I sure can say that that tee-shirt he is wearing in the picture sure does tell the tale of a soft-fisted rodent. :)

Z said...

Since when did people carrying signs saying OUR COMMUNISTS OUR JOBS get support from a president of the United States?
Instead of zeroing on that, we're worried about them calling us SOBs.

Divine Theatre said...

Z... it's a doctored photo! It once stated "Our Communities, Our Jobs" and the shirt didn't say Hamsters either. It sure is funny, though!

Stanley Kowalski said...

They are still thugs despite the efite elite lifestyles of the union's leadership.

Unions are a "protection racket", always have been, always will be.

Stanley Kowalski said...

erratum - "effete" above...

Silverfiddle said...

Mark, Z, Divine, et al:

It always pays to look closely at the pictures posted here...

Glad you noticed, and I'm glad I made you laugh

Silverfiddle said...

@ Trestin: The solution is not to get angry, just laugh.

Amen, bro! It's in that spirit that I doctored the photo. Ridicule is more powerful than anger.

Z said...

That is funny! Sorry! But, when you see this kind of event, who'd question it wasn't real, right?

Anonymous said...

>I don't mind if my 12 year old grand daughter has to quit school and work in sweat shops.

Neither do I. In fact, I'll be angry if she doesn't become a hooker. I also want old people to eat nothing but cat food in an unheated one-room apartment, then freeze to death and starve to death at the same time, then come back to life and freeze to death and starve to death at the same time again. Plus, I hate Negroes, Orientals, and brown people, especially if they're gay, and I have started a campaign to deny them healthcare. I want my woman to walk at least 5 steps behind me, and fan me with a palm frond and pumice my corns while I watch TV and talk on the phone with all those corporate executives that I'm plotting with to keep the working class in subjugation. I want all the schools shut down, since education is only for the chosen elite, like me. I get my exercise in the morning by clubbing baby seals then burning them on a pile of street bums that I have rolled for quarters to finance my 500 private jets that I fly around in just to create smog and make unicorns cry.

Did I cover everything? Or do you have other moronic, brain-dead blabbering to add?

Anonymous said...

>Obama and his minion describes us republicans as the party of "no."

Adults often have to tell children no.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Instant Publishing via the Internet and Photoshop we can now believe

1. Nothing of what we hear

2. Nothing of what we read

3. Nothing of what we see

Everybody with a point of view or an axe to grind has his own set of facts, and he's sticking to them no matter what.

There is no truth anymore. Only winners get to define truth.

When winning at all costs become paramount, Civilization may be given up for lost.

Welcome to the Age of Neo-Barbarism.

~ FreeThinke

Trekkie4Ever said...

It is rather comical how someone like Hoffa believes that can compare himself with true workers who bust their rear-ends trying to make ends meet.

Heck, I probably have more callouses than that guy. Factory work is NOT for wimps or wannabe union laborers.

He's a joke and no one should take his comments seriously.

Anonymous said...

Bastiatarian, you forgot to mention how eager you are to see 11-year-old white girls who’ve been gang raped by big black bucks and gotten pregnant forced to carry their babies to term, because it’s not fair to take out society’s anger on the baby. Abortion is murder don’t forget.

Also lynching should be made legal, if we ever hope to keep the blacks in line.

A renascence of the Ku Klux Klan with a generous Federal Grant -- say a trillion dollars to start --could do wonders in helping clear the welfare rolls.

And don't forget that anyone who can't pay the five-hundred dollar fee per election we need to institute out of his own pocket (no 'advocacy groups' will be permitted to 'help' anyone) will not be permitted to vote. Those who attempt to violate this provision by showing up at the polls will be shot on site.

Also we need to establish a Goodman, Schwerner, Cheney Anti-Activist Commission to arrest busybodies and do-gooders, then make sure they disappear without a trace.

Finally, we establish Death Camps to take of Any and All Dissenters without regard to race, creed, color or point of national origin.

At least it would be a start, no? };-)>

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I forgot those. I guess I'm not the evil, cold-hearted, anti-innulekshul conservative that I thought I was. It's probably from being on campus too long today, and I got rainbow cooties.

Bd said...

Bastiattarian; the 'children' were the incompetent and arrogant GOP who ran the economy into the ground while they let the rich pay at a tax rate similar to the 1950's. The 'children' are those who actually accuse the unions who have helped the middle class in this country more than anyone.

Put the GOP back in the WH. Watch the middle class die and our country become even more of a Oligarchy.

Anonymous said...

>incompetent and arrogant GOP who ran the economy into the ground

If the incompetent GOP was able to control all those things even with Congress controlled by Democrats for so many years, in particular during the years leading up to the recession, I suppose that makes the Democrats absolute dolts. (No news there, of course.)

Sure, the GOP spends and spends and spends, which is one of the reasons I cut off all ties with them years ago, but the Dems spend and spend and spend and spend and spend, and regulate and regulate and regulate and regulate and regulate. Basically, the fundamental Democratic policy is to take as much of our property as possible, and control as much of what we do as possible. Unless, of course, it's utterly decadent and disgusting. That the Democrats are typically all for permitting, and usually for subsidizing.

And if "rich" people were given a break on taxes, just about everybody with a job should give a big round of applause.

>accuse the unions who have helped the middle class in this country more than anyone

You can't really accuse someone that doesn't actually exist. In your world of dullness and delusion you might not realize that.

Also, the proper word is not "union." It's "extortion racket."

>Watch the middle class die

Only if the children all become hookers and we can kill baby seals. I thought I explained that already. You sure are slow!

Jersey McJones said...

When you look at the history of the labor movement, you come to understand how and why the "union thug" meme came to be.

Early on, the union movement was an ideological, philosophical movement.

But they faced extreme violence from big business and often the government too.

When the mafia gained it's stronghold in America (thanks to Prohibition), they realized that the unions needed protection (unfortunately as much from them as from others), and the unions naively accepted.

Hence the corruption.

By the 1980's the mafia was dying out, and so were industry and pro-labor politicians.

Over the past generation, it has been a complete myth that unions bully anyone. Quite the opposite.

That's why there was the call from the GOP for secret balloting for organization. Employers know who the organizers are. They're not stupid. But they have plausible deniability to fire organizers by feigning ignorance because of the "secret" ballot.

They are the thugs today.

If I were Hoffa, I'd find a new crooks to back me up. Fight fire with fire. Fight crooks with better crooks.


-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Fight crooks with better crooks.

Yep, THAT sums up the unions, from the horses mouth. Great job, Snookums.

Ducky's here said...

The history of labor and Kapital in America has always been extremely antagonistic. In some European countries like Germany much less so but we're never going to get to that kind of consciousness.

Now back to your Libertarian fairy land.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

These union "thugs" are in danger of resembling the stay puff marshmallow man.

Ducky's here said...

And if "rich" people were given a break on taxes, just about everybody with a job should give a big round of applause.

For his next trick, "the professor" is going to explain why businesses will create jobs without demand for products. Neat trick.

Yeah, keep shifting the income discrepancy higher. What's your economic model, doc, Zimbabwe?

Finntann said...

BD, your ignorance is underwhelming...

In 1950 the income tax rate on
0-4000 was 17.4% and the max rate capped out at 84.357%

Its your wet dream to see a return to the tax rate of the 50's not ours.

The 'children' are those who want to sit on their fat assess collecting other peoples income as a handout from Uncle Sugar.

Jersey/Ducky... do you mean like the union riot yesterday in Port Longview where the ILWU (longshoreman)claim it is their union workers right to work at the EGT terminal not the IUOE union members who are currently being employed?


Was a member of the IBEW once... for all the money they skimmed off us, when the company laid off workers the union did nothing. What an odd coincidence that all the employees laid off were female and a manager actually had the balls to say that the men needed to support their families.

Union response... we hadn't been invested in the union long enough for it to be worthwhile for them to take any action.

F UNIONS, Jersey's right...they are a bunch of mafioso thugs skimming grub off the working class.

I support collective bargaining... organized unions can screw off.

Finntann said...

Listened to Obama's speech on the radio on the way home from work, wasn't impressed.

The talking heads on POTUS were quite impressed how he took ideas from other people and compiled them into his own work...

isn't that called plagiarism?

I was particularly entertained by his concept of closing tax loopholes on corporations and oil companies. As if those companies weren't just going to pass along the tax increases in the price of their products. Unless he's talking about closing loopholes on Ducky's Aston Martin... isn't that in the end just another tax on the rest of us?

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, Ducky. Marxist economics has just a great track record...

Anonymous said...

>For his next trick, "the professor" is going to explain why businesses will create jobs without demand for products. Neat trick.

They generally won't, but that's a non sequitur to what I wrote. There are a variety of issues involved, and I addressed one. Did "the professor" go to quickly for you, little one? Stop by during office hours, and I'll recommend a good remedial program for you.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, the speech pretty much sucked.

Tax cuts, Medicare and Social Security cuts, a few pork projects.

That sounds like Bohner (R-Tanning booth) wrote it. Complete drivel.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Don't you just love it when Obama tells the Republican members of Congress that they should stop putting their party over whats good for America? Why don't he tell that to the Democrats? Are we supposed to bow down and kiss their stinking butts? I don't think so.

Jersey McJones said...

All this STUPID NONSENSE about "Marxism!"

The vast majority of union workers are Christian, patriotic, capitalistic Americans.

Bashing unions in general is anti-American on the face of it.

Making unions accountable, effective, and utilitous should be the goal. Not destroying them.


Hugh Farnham said...

"like the bearded lady and the carnival barker"

That's rich! Seems like bearded "ladies" are all we have in unions now... heh heh.

Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: My Marx comment was directed at Ducky, who is a fan of Herr Karl's discredited economic philosophies.

Jersey McJones said...


The union movement, in Poland in the 1970's and 80's, is widely considered to be the first domino of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Get your shit straight.

Unions aren't communist plots, man.


Anonymous said...

Marxism and Unionism came about as a direct result of the unintended consequences of the Industrial Revolution.

Marxism and Unionism are one.

"Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains ..."

It wasn't Plato, Aristotle, Jesus, Christ, Shakespeare, Nieztsche, Kant, Spinosa or George Bernard Shaw who said that, it was ta-ta-ta-TA-ta-TAAAAA! KARL MARX.

So please stop playing games with the truth.

Unionism and Communism have the same goal -- the destruction of capitalism, of the opportunity for anyone to achieve financial independence, if the chance to achieve fulfillment and pursue happiness as an individual.

Marxism is a HATE-BASED ideology. Unionism is inspired by ENVY, SPITE, and MALICE.

And no matter how it may have started Unionism today is Gangsterism. Union Leaders are EXTORTIONISTS.

Unionism is directly responsible for the export of American Industry to Turd World countries.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

"Don't you just love it when Obama tells the Republican members of Congress that they should stop putting their party over whats good for America? Why don't he tell that to the Democrats? Are we supposed to bow down and kiss their stinking butts? I don't think so."

So glad to see you back, Father Gregori! You've been missed.

Yes, of course, Obama's message -- and that of virtually everyone on the left -- is "If you don't see it MY way, you're a fool, a bigot, a fiend, anti-American, you hate Negroes, Jews, Hispanics, Women, Cripples, the Working Class, Babies, Old People and Decency, itself.

To which I say, "STUFF and NONSENSE!"

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


When Lech Walensa lead SOLIDARITY, it wasn't a UNION attacking a productive, profit-making, wealth-creating BUSINESS, it was a REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT bravely challenging an oppressive, tyrannical, poverty-inducing system of GOVERNANCE.

Solidarity attacked COMMUNISM. Ergo, Solidarity was good.

Unionism in the USA attacks CAPITALISM -- the only engine that creates jobs, produces items either needed or wanted by the public, and creates wealth for investors and stockholders who have RISKED their money in order to give businesses the means to implement their goals and a chance to succeed.

Ergo, Unionism is bad.

GOVERNMENT in tandem with UNIONISM does nothing but poke sticks into the wheels that move the engines of productivity. This cripples productivity, raises operating costs, reduces profits, raises prices, and causes a reduction in the standard of living for the masses.

Know the Truth. It will make you free.

~ FreeThinke

Finntann said...

Making unions accountable, effective, and utilitous should be the goal. Not destroying them.

If I may paraphrase:

Making the mafia accountable, effective, and utilitous should be the goal. Not destroying it.

As I said, I am not opposed to collective bargaining. Organized labor however is like organized crime, corrupt to the core.

Sometimes the building is too far gone, the only thing left to do is tear it down and start anew.

The incidents in Port Longview are like two crime families fighting over their turf. What? The ILWU workers are more deserving of employment than the IOUE workers? Its about nothing more than power and money, no different than the crips and the bloods.

In Poland, the communists were the man... the people in power, effectively the bosses. Of course the unions opposed communism, they were fighting for power and control, and had not had the opportunity to become monetarily corrupt. You think if the communist party had embraced the unions and shared power they would have manifested the opposition that brought down the regimes?

Unions in America were once not so corrupt as they are today. Back in the early 80's I had a friend who was a union steelworker who worked for PennDOT. When the laborers were laying and setting rebar, in accordance with the union agreements they had to have a steel worker present. He used to joke about how well paid he was to sit in an air conditioned truck and watch other people work. Of course, he didn't have to do much of anything, he simply had to be present and and on the payroll in accordance with the union contract.

As I said, corrupt.

In the 90's I was at a meeting at HP in Andover, Mass... we were a chair short in the conference room and one of the guys I was with was going to roll a chair across the hall into the conference room. The HP guys about freaked... we couldn't do that. We could rearrange the furniture all we wanted, but if it crossed the threshold into the hallway they had to call one of the facility guys to do it. Union contract.

Or as I would call it... BULLSHIT.


Finntann said...

Unions in America once did great good and brought about needed changes.

When virtually all shops in America were union shops they turned into a fat, bloated and corrupt bureacracy more concerned about their own power and the enrichment of their inner clique than the benefit of the workers.

The same could be said of congress.

Always On Watch said...

Did I cover everything? Or do you have other moronic, brain-dead blabbering to add?


Obama and his minion describes us republicans as the party of "no."

Adults often have to tell children no.


You've summed it up very well.

Silverfiddle said...


For the second time, I was directing my Marxist comments to Ducky.

Unions take on different philosophies around the world. Do you ignorantly believe every union on earth has the exact political philosophy?

Alligator said...

Siverfiddle, I am bookmarking your blog. Aren't you thrilled? I was in a union once. I realized that I helped pay for the gold chains, rings and Rolex's that the officers of the local wore.

I think union strength is still declining in America. This rhetoric is like the Ardennes offensive of 1944 - it is a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable, but once the offensive reaches its peak, there will be nothing behind it to keep it going. This is why I think American unions are going "global."

Even when their American members are standing in the unemployment line, they will be raking in the dues from overseas.

Morgan said...

I agree, Jimmy Hoffa is no union thug; he's what I call an appropriate-looking fat cat.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Look what Trumka has to say about the Tea Party...

Evidently only Union Firefighters and Police died in the WTC... no non-union citizens were harmed.

Ducky's here said...

Silverfiddle,Marx's critique on the structural problems of capitalism have been pretty accurate.

Kapital has not been able to resolve them any more than the Libertarians have been able to solve the problems of the robber barons.

If you think there is an economic theory which is a singular grail, you're a damn fool.

Silverfiddle said...

Silverfiddle,Marx's critique on the structural problems of capitalism have been pretty accurate.

Ooooh! The life is unfair! What you say is true. But a three year old can detect inconsistencies and unfairness.

If you think there is an economic theory which is a singular grail, you're a damn fool.

I do not, and same goes for you.

I do know that Marx may have detected a problem inherent in human nature, but his remedies were pure balderdash.

Joe Conservative said...

Kapital has not been able to resolve them any more than the Libertarians have been able to solve the problems of the robber barons.


Ducky thinks that "capital" is out and about trying to solve problems (other than those that might exist between an individual buyer and individual seller). What a maroon!

Anonymous said...

What were the problems of the Robber Barons?

The nickname is pejorative. I don' think it was deserved. These are the titans who made modern America the enormous success it was, and who brought the greatest degree of personal prosperity and a higher standard of living to the greatest percentage of any population that ever existed.

We would all be dirt farmers or sharecroppers, or servants on a plantation or in a manor house in some remote county if it weren't for the titans of the Industrial Age.

Industrialization, itself, brought social problems to be sure -- just as the automobile, the internet and cell phones have done, but to blame the prosperity gained by the guiding geniuses of these products of Man's boundless capacity for invention is as silly as saying marriage is the greatest cause of divorce.

Giving free rein to Envy, Spite, Malice and Thuggishness could never provide a "solution" to any disturbing phenomenon. Marxism, itself, has caused most of the problems w grapple with today. MArxism is HATE-BASED movement, and is, therefore, doomed to fail -- but no before it kills a few hundred million more gullible well-meaning souls and the thousands of intellectual morons who tote the toilet paper for this depraved ideology.

~ FreeThinke

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

On the origin of the term "Robber Barons" from Wiki:

It was popularized by U.S. political and economic commentator Matthew Josephson during the Great Depression in a book in 1934. He attributed it to an 1880 anti-monopoly pamphlet that applied the term to railroad magnates. The theme was popular during the Great Depression amid public scorn for big business.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

See what happens when you turn your school rooms over to "Union" school teachers, America?

The Founders become "slave drivers" and the employers/industrialists who built the country become "robber barons".

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was trying to say, FJ, in my poorly typed piece about the inadvisability of giving free rein to Envy, Spite, Malice and Thuggishness.

The "revision" -- i.e. the distortion, and pejorative "fantasization" of our history -- started in earnest with the "Progressives," and was moving full steam ahead by the time FDR's "Brain Trust" formulated the Raw Deal. FDR, himself, was only a front man with a mediocre intellect at best. He and his buck-toothed bride were ignorant pawns of dubious origins born to wealth and privilege -- a status they were led to abuse, but never understood or properly enjoyed.

~ FreeThinke

Mike said...

Rather than his shirt having TEAMSTERS on it, MOBSTERS would be more fitting.

Anonymous said...

Mobsters...demanding "their"? jobs...

Nothing but a mob of thugs.

Anonymous said...

I am a former teamster and have now been banned. I was run out of my job over lies and if given the chance, will show Hoffa's marshmallow ass what someone in the working class thinks about having an attempt made on his life. You aren't your dad and yo are in no way thinking of anyone other than your overweight self. I am so thankful this 3rd party non-working band of losers is there to support their wallets before their contract rules because let's face it, unless your an ass kissing joke or willing to take one in the ass, you'll never see a teamster job or be able to keep it if you fool them enough to let you in the door. Fuck the Teamsters.

Silverfiddle said...

Anon: Thank you for a report from the field that backs up my point.