Sunday, January 8, 2012

America Condemns Itself to Guantanamo

Today I offer you a few news snippets you can put in the handbasket our government is going to hell in...

Picture this...
Documents obtained by CBS News show that the federal government secretly encouraged angry bomb throwers to engage in irresponsible and incendiary language in the hope of using the ensuing violence to argue for controversial new speech restrictions.
That didn't really happen.  I made it up.  I wish someone had made this up, but it's all too true...
Documents obtained by CBS News show that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussed using their covert operation "Fast and Furious" to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales. (CBS News)
The ATF is a rogue organization and should be disbanded, along with the entire Heimatlandsicherheit, and Janet Napoleaonitano should be exiled to the island of Elba, along the Minister of Injustice, Eric Holder.

Government actions to steal our 2nd Amendment rights are un-American because they are unconstitutional.   The people and the states promulgated the US Constitution to charge the federal government with protecting our natural rights.  It is now consciously doing the opposite.

Imagine if a government conspired to take away your 4th Amendment rights...  Wait, that's already happened...

You see, such plots and false flag operations (real or imagined) can only work if our constitutional rights are no longer held sacrosanct.  The fact that nefarious progressive forces see our rights as debatable and ripe for the snatching tells me we are already in danger.

CBS News - Government used Fast and Furious
IBD - Just as we suspected

New York Police State of Mind

A US Marine combat vet faces 15 Years in jail for bringing a gun to New York city. He thought he had the law straight, and freely surrendered it when entering a pubic building that had a sign posted stating no guns allowed. That's when he was busted. Since our law enforcement at all levels no longer cares about criminal intent, they are simply making the world safe from responsible gun owners who voluntarily surrender their weapons when asked.

Feel safer, you bed-wetting gun grabbers? Now, if cops could only figure out how to get criminals to give up their guns...

Customs officials deported a teenage girl, while MS-13 gang members here illegally roam free like they own the place. So how will more government fix this? The cheeky young lass gave false information to ICE agents, so they sent her to Colombia, even though that country has never in its history had anyone named Jakadrian... 

This is what an inept and dysfunctional government does when it can no longer catch real criminals: It turns on its own citizens.

Here’s a simple test: Does a law result in more liberty for citizens, or less?

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who would expand and defend personal liberty, and those who would circumscribe it. Emperor Obama belongs in the latter category, but discussing Obama rolling up the constitution and smoking it is getting old...

HR 1540 gave us a clear view of who the liberty-lovers are, and who the stone-cold statists uber alles are. Posse Comitatus is out the window.

There was a time not too may years ago when I would look to certain politicians as a litmus test or shorthand for right and wrong. "If Allan West voted for it, it must be OK!" Well, not anymore.

Are our politicians really so intellectually bereft that this is all they can come up with?

Hundreds of billions spent on intelligence and national law enforcement agencies, and we have to resort to declaring the United States a war zone with US citizens as enemy combatants, subject to indefinite detention and military tribunals?

This sickens and horrifies me, moreso because it does not sicken and horrify good conservatives like Allen West and others. The enemies of the people who voted for this police state nightmare should be shipped off to Guantanamo. Or better yet, put them on Castro's side of the fence so they can see the result of such laws.

And I am pissed that I find myself in agreement with Al Franken.

Al Franken – Why I voted Against NDAA
CATO – NDAA Still Troubled
Emperor Obama Trashes the Constitution
NDAA House Vote
NDAA Senate Vote

Finally, on the lighter side...

Chevy Dolt: It's Not a Recall, It's a Reunion!

Artistry of Chicago Ray
Government Motors (GM) is launching a customer service campaign, which is similar to a recall, on all 8 of the Chevrolet Volts it has sold in an effort to address possible battery fire issues.
We don’t like the word, “recall,” said a GM Spokesman. "We prefer to think of it as a reunion. Come back to the place where you took your financially foolish but morally superior stand! Relive the excitement while we perform some minor enhancements that could keep you from dying in a car fire!"
Ron Paul's popularity with young people is legend…

...If they would only put down the bong and go vote he might have a chance…


dmarks said...

When Reagan supplied Nicaraguan nationalists fighting against the Soviets in the 1980s, the Democrats in Congress passed a "Boland Amendment" to make this illegal (to the detriment of Nicaraguans and the situation there)

Now the Obama Administration is supplying arms in a large scale to Mexican drug lords. Surely this is a place where something like the Boland Amendment is actually needed.

Always On Watch said...

Dmarks has pointed out an important point.

The old double standard! And a blatant case of it!

Ducky's here said...

Money Bags Bloomberg recently stated that "the NYPD is my private army" and it didn't draw much attention.
The militarization of police departments under the guise of fighting terrorists has been quite acceptable to the populace.

That said, the 2nd amendment is a train wreck. Try putting a propositional calculus on that bad boy and see where you fall on the "rights" vs. "regulated" debate.
Only the strict doctrinaire think the meaning is obvious.

But we'll give it all away if it means countering the threat of the day whether it be Central American radicals or scary Muslims. We are a sad people. Never really thinking who gains from all these stunts.

That said, Operation Fast and Furious was stupid but hardly threatened our security.
I remember when John "Anoint Me with Crisco" Ashcroft came into office and immediately had records destroyed that would have made it possible to trace rogue firearms dealers. The gang bangers and the gun loons loved him for it.

Time for the right to shoulder their share of the responsibility for this sad state of affairs.

Ducky's here said...

"If Allan West voted for it, it must be OK!"

That freaking ass nugget is a punk who compromised an intelligence asset and got thrown out of the Army for it.

Anyone looking for anything constructive from a self serving piece of Bagger crap like West should keep looking.

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: The 2nd Amendment debate is settled. It's a personal right.

Now, New York can pass a law, and it stands up, but in this particular situation, "the law is an ass," and Bloomberg's police state is fascistic and stupid.

Time for the right to shoulder their share of the responsibility for this sad state of affairs.

Agreed. Left tyranny. Right tyranny. It's still tyranny.

Silverfiddle said...

He didn't get thrown out. He retired. Get your facts straight

Bunkerville said...

If you think its bad to agree with Al Frnken, think about agreeing with the ACLU. I almost choked when I did my post. To think that we may be arm and arm with them is well.... as for Janet.. you are way to kind.

dmarks said...

The ACLU is like a stopped clock. It's right every great once in a while.

Ducky's here said...

Ducky: The 2nd Amendment debate is settled. It's a personal right.

No. Take an extreme conservative like Robert Bork. He believes the 2nd amendment grants you the right to join a militia. It depends on who's on the court.

At any rate, point of sale control has not been overturned.

A complete ban has been rejected (I believe, correctly) but that's about it.

Silverfiddle said...

At any rate, point of sale control has not been overturned.

A complete ban has been rejected (I believe, correctly) but that's about it.

I think that's accurate.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Dr. Pepper @ 10, 2, and 4!

Use your 10th Amendment rights to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights to secure your 4th Amendment rights.

Z said...

re Ron Paul and his popularity with young people, I can't help but wonder if some of that is his NO WAR stance......ergo; NO WAR TO GO FIGHT IN...?
I'd like to think it's his rugged individualism that appeals to them (he's not a welfare hound, that's for sure) and, let's face it, he's like the ACLU, he's right once in a while, and most of us like the idea of less intervention around the world ( particularly the countries we pay to hate us).........
just a thought. I think it's more the lack of need for an army. Of course, they'll all vote for Obama when they hear he's gutted our military so much they won't have to go in under him, for any reason, either.

Anonymous said...


Be aware totalitarians
Spring not just from vain Aryans.
They can be Ecclesiastical
Or fanatically fantastical --
Idealistic -- nihilistic --
Or just plain barbarians.

A tyrant is a tyrant is a tyrant
Whether coming at you from the Right or Left
He'll bite you and afflict you like a fire ant,
And then reduce your store of wealth by theft.

~ FreeThinke

Kid said...

Silver, Amazing how incompetent Janet is eh?
She has yet to say anything that isn't immediately withdrawn.

- Canceled travel to Mexico because of Swine Flu. Not her job, canceled 5 minutes later, If I hadn't seen the story cross my news page when it happened, I'd not know anything about it.
- Said "The system worked" when the underwear bomber got on a plane headed for the US, was able to light his undies and only because most of these dolts are incompetent idiots, failed to blow a hole in the plane. What system? What worked exactly?
Said recently, the USA could handle a nuke attack (or a couple nukes?) in stride. Gee janet, let's hope the first one lands on you, then let us know how your stride is. She should have been thrown out for that one for sure. Where are the people who should be fighting for us! Get that idiot out of there. You know the dems would be pounding on this if the repub was in the White House.
So yea, worthless bastard repubs.

I could list many more, but I'm not taking a trip down janet lane for anything.

It is mind bending. And his entire administration is like this!
It's beyond dialogue at this point.

dmarks said...

Z: Ron Paul is not anti-war. He's just in favor of hindering our ability to fight back and end wars.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Ron Paul is not anti-war. He's just in favor of hindering our ability to fight back and end wars.

I'd say it's much worse than that.

Ron Paul is not anti-war, in fact he's gone on record many times to suggest our enemies have legitimate casus belli to fly hijacked airliners into civilian office buildings.

dmarks said...

Beamish: You make an excellent point.

This, and statements about the US that are incindiary and false, that one could easily mis-attribute to Bin Laden, and you'd be hard pressed to deny Bin Laden would aay something like this also.