Sunday, January 22, 2012

Obama in Fantasy Land

President Richard Milhous Obama went to Disney World this past Thursday, and the make-believe setting was apropos.  But even the magical castle and fantasy surroundings couldn't erase the colossal failures and the intellectual, moral and financial bankruptcy of this corrupt mental midget  from Crook County.  Only the little munchkins in magical munchkin land could believe Obama has been a good president.
"You'd better vote for for him, my little pretties, or his flying monkeys will swoop down and snatch your government-provided goodies, Heheheheheheee!"
While at Disney World, the President also paused to model for his wax figure which will be placed in the Hall of Failed Presidents, stealing the place of honor for worst president in the history of the United States from Jimmy Carter, who's sagging, peanut-shaped figure will be moved to one side to make way for the new number one.

Greece to Rent out Ruins

The bankrupt Greek government has announced that is will rent out its ruins to raise money.  Given the destruction President Obama has wrought, that would be a more appropriate setting to launch his 2012 campaign...

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Always On Watch said...

I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that Obama and/or his handlers actually thought that having Obama appear in Disney World was a good idea. The possibilities for pointed satire are limitless.

Obama and his handlers are so tone deaf as to being in sync with the American people as to beggar belief.

Nixon, indeed!

tha malcontent said...

Congratulations, Newt Gingrich! The Revolution begins!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Please replace inaccuracy of "Worst President in History" with correct name George W. Bush. Thank You.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...
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A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Mr.Grungy, I think your analysis
is a wee bit lat. Mr. Obama has taken over that distinct position. And has well earned that tittle of "Worst President in History"
He can place this award on his mantle next to his Noble Prize.

Kindly be a bit more up to date in the future. I'm sure we'd all appreciate your accuracy.

amanofwonder said...


Ya'll need to have spell checker installed. Grung_e_dude wud then have relevance.

Took my mom and childeren to Disney years ago and it is a playground for the young and the old that are naive in thought.

But after 18 years we all grew up.

Z said...

Was Disney a big contributor to his campaign?

Mike aka Proof said...

"But even the magical castle and fantasy surroundings couldn't erase the colossal failures and the intellectual, moral and financial bankruptcy of this corrupt mental midget from Crook County."

Au contraire! A fake castle, fake scenery and imaginary characters dovetail nicely into the achievements of the Obama presidency.

Finntann said...

Gee, I thought "the magical castle and fantasy surroundings" was a good description of Washington DC, what did he have to go to Florida for?


Bunkerville said...

No thought to all the families who spent their money to go there and found it was reserved for our Mickey Mouse.

Z said...

really good just seems so strange a venue; and if it was closed, or even parts were closed, Bunkerville's right; lots of families save a long time to go there (and brother, it's expensive) and it would be a shame to tell them "not that area of the park...not today".
But.....there he was.
FANTASY LAND must have been the area he occupied

Alligator said...

He was pushing tourism as an engine of economic recovery. But you know what? High fuel prices means more expensive transportation and higher costs for food and other necessities. One of the first causalities of this kind of inflation (and it is inflation) is vacations aka tourism. Use of our local parks has shot up over the past year. Many families are visiting the parks multiple times. When you ask why, they say they just can't afford any long trips or "big ticket" attractions. Put that in your economic recovery pipe and smoke it Mr. O.

Z said...

Alligator, you make an excellent point. If he's going to promote tourism, let him promote a State Park! ...I don't know what Disneyworld costs anymore but I was at Orlando's Universal Studios for five minutes, long enough to hear it would cost $80 to go in and that didn't include anything as far as I could tell. A family of five for one day's racking up the bill, aren't they! It was just me and a friend and we only wanted to see what it was like, so we left when we heard about the $80 entrance fee and that was about 13 years ago! I'm pretty sure it was that much..

Gee, by going to Disney, Obama's sounding like a 1%-er, huh? AN elitist who can afford $500 a day for his family's fun! ?
Well, HE can, but many simply cannot.

Anonymous said...

And I laugh when Newt & others talk about the President & the "deficits" HE'S caused. Oh, you mean, somebody finally put the TWO WARS Bush started on the books & we're having to pay for them now... but Obama is the worst President EVER for that, because he's making us be responsible by forcing us to PAY for our cake... w\out just getting to eat it for free anymore?

They distort the new Health Care policy ("death panels"), they distort his successful foreign policy & they distort who HE is.

Kimberly Dutton, wake up! Do you remember the budget crisis of 2008? Who was President then? It wasn't Obama.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Oh, you mean, somebody finally put the TWO WARS Bush started on the books

Bush started wars? When?

Anonymous said...

Bush invaded Afghanistan in direct response to 911 ostensibly to "get" bin Laden.

Bush started the Iraq War on faulty premises.

The consequences of both ill-conceived ventures have been disastrous.

The presidency of George W. Bush was a disaster. If Bush had not been such a cementhead in thrall to the warmongering neocons, we would not now be suffering under the Reign of The Emperor Jones -- uh sorry -- I meant King Barack.

History is one long chain reaction to one gross stupidity or atrocity after another.

~ FreeThinke

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Bush started the Iraq War on faulty premises.

The government of Saddam Hussein was given every opportunity to comply with the Safwan Agreement it broke over 10,000 times firing at American and British aircraft.

Nor did Saddam Hussein's government comply with the reasonable and repeated demand to disclose all chemical stockpiles in Iraq whether they had military purpose or not, such as the tons of sarin gas precursors our military unearthed post-invasion on up to the number of grains of salt in his palace kitchens.

No where in the US Constitution does it state foreign heads of state have a right to disobey a direct order given to them by the Commander-In-Cheif of the United States military.

Anonymous said...

A Possible Atrocity in the Making:

Expect the Greeks any day now to chip away at the Parthenon and sell hunks of "authenticated' marble to worldwide Antiquity Buffs willing to pay Big bucks to help keep the Mills Wheels of Socialost Ruination turning.

Thank GOD, the British have the Elgin Marbles!!!

~ FreeThinke

Liberalmann said...

Wow beamish, way to make crap up as you go along, lol! Or did you get that crap from Fox?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Wow beamish, way to make crap up as you go along, lol! Or did you get that crap from Fox?

Read UNSCR 1441 carefully. It called for Iraq to disclose ALL stockpiles of chemicals regardless of whether or not they were intended for militaty use.

That Saddam Hussein refused to count how many grains of salt he had in his salt shakers and report this count to the UN inspectors is proof enough he was never going to comply with UN resolutions.

Saddam Hussein, wherever he is in the afterlife, should be thankful Bush actually gave him time to count those grains of salt if he was going to do so. Most Presidents making ultimatums wouldn't have.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Futher, if Saddam Hussein has disclosed that he had 57,456,241,801 grains of salt in his kitchens, and UN inspectors found he actually had 57,456,241,802 grains of salt in his kitchens, that one undisclosed grain of salt fully justifies the war and every death and maimed victim it caused, especially the orphaned amputees crying for their mothers. Say what you will about the enormous loss of life, but there's no denying that such force reduced the number of Iraqis not complying with UN inspectors significantly.

Kid said...

obama is Exactly like the emperors' new clothes. Only more evil.