Thursday, May 3, 2012

Elizabeth Warren, Oppressed Minority

Wags are having fun at the expense of Scott Brown challenger Elizabeth Warren, the undocumented Indian. Seems this patrician whitebread Ivy Leaguer listed herself as a minority faculty member based upon a Cherokee great-great-great grandparent. So although technically correct, it is unseemly…

You’ve played the Indian card. You’ve grabbed for minority cred without enduring the minority grief. It’s poached diversity. It’s glommed onto, what, five generations removed... (Margery Eagen)
My great-great grandma was full-blooded Choctaw, complete with her own medicine bag, poultices, homemade clothes and mysterious folkways learned from her elders.  That makes me more of an Indian than professor Pocahontas Warren, but you don't see me billing myself as an Indian blogger.

"7.62 in the corner pocket!"
This is also why I don’t tout myself as an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran. Yeah, I’ve been there, so calling myself such would technically be true, but it plants a certain idea in people’s minds that is just not accurate, and it takes away from not just the true heroes, but also the prosaic grunts who spent ten times as much time there as me and who did much harder and much more dangerous duty than I. As Margery Eagen would say, it would be poached glory.

Divide and Conquer

This is the sliminess that comes from sorting people into special groups and categories and assigning special status based upon tribal affiliations, real or invented.

And it’s not just corrupt and slimy, it is damned maddening. I have Indian friends, and none of them are Boston law professors. They’ve faced discrimination, and I’ve been to the reservations they grew up on. If any of you have seen some reservations in New Mexico, you’d be sickened at this shameless woman’s brazen abuse of “minority cred.”

And the condescending way the PC crowd constantly uses the term Native American is laughable.

Go ask an Indian what he calls himself, he’ll usually say American, and if pressed, he’ll label himself an Indian or the tribe he came from. Drive through reservations in the southwest and look at their school mascots. While indignant agitation groups of white enforcers attack politically incorrect sports team mascots, reservations school sports teams are overwhelmingly Redskins, Tomahawks, Indians, Warriors, Chiefs, Apaches, etc..

Here are some past blog post of mine that are unrelated to Warren but slightly relevant:
Arizona, Take off Your Indian Braids
There’s a Little Eichmann in all of Us


Unknown said...

Once a race baiter, always a race baiter... the left that is.

Always On Watch said...

The Left is all about Balzanization. It's the divide-and-conquer strategy.

Ducky's here said...

Elizabeth Warren -- Blue Dog Democrat.

We've been on to Liz for a while. I got tipped off when she outdid Lieberman (I - Tel Aviv) talking about Iran.

She's very similar to The Black Bush, talks a good game and delivers nothing.

I'll vote for Scott Brown. He's a little slow but he knows he can't get too far out of line.

Jersey McJones said...

It was just on a directory, so she did not gain anything from it. Seems little creepy, but she stopped doing it, so whatever.

I'm more concerned with her legislative positions, and her's are better than Scott Brown's and the rest of the GOP's.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who is the bigger lierr; Elizibeth Warren or harvard university. Harvard wanted to brag about the "diversity" of their faculty and Warren was willing to play along. Is ones education superior if the teachers are from different artificial subsets of society? Balderdash!

Z said...

"While indignant agitation groups of white enforcers attack politically incorrect sports team mascots, reservations school sports teams are overwhelmingly Redskins, Tomahawks, Indians, Warriors, Chiefs, Apaches, etc.."

Can someone tell me what the lefties find insulting in a team name like WARRIORS, anyway? WHY can't they LEAVE US ALONE and LET AMERICANS DO WHAT THEY WANT? I was stunned to read about what you've seen, SF. We just figure the Native Americans are complaining about 'Indian sounding' team names for some reason I never quite understood, etc...who knew it's just another leftwing silly cause?

By the way, she hasn't "stopped doing it"...and her people are now saying they're "trying to find the evidence of her Indian background" :-) (maybe she forgot?!)

Silverfiddle said...

Z: I'm waiting for her handlers, in the absence of any proof, to say she actually meant she was descended from the Indian Subcontinent. Maybe she'll come out wearing a sari!

Bunkerville said...

There is a great vid of her stating it was because of her "high cheek bones" that made her do it. I think it is over at the Weekly Standard. It was nice to get a break.

Silverfiddle said...

Bunker: She's let slip the dirty little secret: All minorities look alike to the guilty white progressives who fetishize them.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The more one hears about this woman the more insane she seems like all all of her ilk.

Whats worse is the people that actually show up at her town-halls and believe anything that tumbles out of her mouth.

Warren is the female version of Joe Biden for pets sake.

Jersey McJones said...

Oh how you righties love to pretend issues of race and bigotry are just bogeymen of the left, believing us dopey enough to be distracted from the ugly bigotry in your ranks...

So while you guys fuss over this silly Elizabeth Warren fluff piece like a bunch of gossipy schoolgirls, real people's real lives are being destroyed by the real bigotry of the right.


Silverfiddle said...

Nobody here said anything about racism not being real. Put your eyeglasses on Jersey, and reread.

And the link you posted listed the racist murderer as a registered Democrat.

Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

Racism is real. Racism is natural. Racism is all right, because -- with the exception of a very few rare individuals and professional rabble rousers -- every identifiable ethnic group feels happiest and most comfortable with its own kind.

That's just a fact of life, so STFU about it, and get on with building roads, bridges, tunnels, laying bricks, building, repairing and maintaining real property, chiseling stone, milking cows, tending chickens, stringing power lines, planting and harvesting crops, teaching school, tending the ill, making deliveries, clerking in stores, cooking, cleaning, shining shoes, cutting hair, digging graves, etc.

LIFE is WORK. There is no escape from TOIL and TROUBLE. ACCEPT that, and MOVE ON.

STOP the BULLSHIT! Get with the Program. LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention PUMPING OUT SEPTIC TANKS and unclogging sewer lines -- very important work that.

~ FT

Ducky's here said...

Remember, Silver, the Republican Party is full of these also.

I remember the AAA phenom Marco Rubio telling a few lies about his background.

As long as we don't vote on hard issues, are lead by the nose by a corrupt media and let anecdotes pass for more comprehensive fact we are doomed to the parade of medicine wagon performers that both sides trot out.

Can I interest you in a 9-9-9 plan or maybe Michelle It will make you retarded Bachmann and her pray you straight program is more to your liking.

They are all stooges. You are owned.

And it's not going to change,
It's not going to change,
No it's not going to change,
'til we wise up

Did you hear Newton's concession speech. Freaking fat moron, your brightest bulb, sound like he's going to try to keep the Baggers in the hunt in 2016.

Newton/West 2016 for the laughs.

Unknown said...

“pretend issues of race and bigotry are just bogeymen of the left, believing us dopey enough to be distracted from the ugly bigotry in your ranks...”

Jersey, did you even read the link your posted???

“Ready's participation in the National Socialist Movement became public in 2007”

Hardly someone from “our” ranks……

Silverfiddle said...

Mark: Let 'em go... When they babble on about unrelated bs, it means they have no argument. It's music to my ears.

Sam Huntington said...

Warren is a puzzle. She is probably a Native American based on the fact she was born in America. In that sense, so am I … but that cute little kid playing Pocahontas in the school play is more American Indian than Warren.

Next, we must wonder at what point Warren decided that she wanted to be a progressive Democrat. Was it before, or after she learned of Andrew Jackson’s (D-TN) treatment of the Cherokee Nation?

What a fraud.

Fredd said...


I've seen New Mexico Indian-Americans living in ho-gans; the squallor there is mind boggling.

Lizzie Warren would faint if she were forced to step inside one of those ho-gans.

Liberalmann said...

Another GOP hypocrite:

Senator Scott Brown’s Daughter Benefits From Same Health Care Bill Her Dad Opposes

Silverfiddle said...


That'a all ya got???

You benefit from all kinds of things you oppose, like national defense and capitalism.

Like shooting fish in a barrel...

Finntann said...

Jersey, what? Did you graduate from the Yuri Andropov Dezinformatsiya School of Journalism?

1. Found dead alongside Ready were his girlfriend Lisa Mederos, 47, her daughter Amber Mederos, 22, Amber's boyfriend...and Amber's daughter, Lilly, 16 months old, who

Oooh big bad racist killed his hispanic girlfriend? Certainly a racially motivated killing, probably racially motivated dating too? No?

Ready told Talking Points Memo he respected the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow history, noting his admiration of Alabama segregationist Gov. George Wallace

Hmmm, I guess all you read are headlines.

2. Neo-Nazi: Neo; New, Nazi; Nationalsozialismus.

Translation: New National Socialist Party

Repeat after me:

NAZI, National Socialism
NAZI, National Socialism
NAZI, National Socialism

Got it?


viburnum said...

Jersey: "real people's real lives are being destroyed by the real bigotry of the right."

From the posted article "But, as Ready's participation in the National Socialist Movement became public in 2007, he was marginalized and his activities disavowed."

That would be disavowed by real conservatives and libertarians.

Mustang said...

Oh how you righties love to pretend issues of race and bigotry are just bogeymen of the left, believing us dopey enough to be distracted from the ugly bigotry in your ranks...

I never used to think of you as particularly dopey, but through steadfast persistence, you’ve convinced me it’s true. Given the racist record of the Democratic Party, it is hard to imagine that any minority could be a Democrat; unless he was dopey in the extreme.

Finntann said...

Yeah, what FT said.

May I also point out the other important jobs he missed and some of their non-white anglo-saxon contributors:

Astronomy: Benjamin Manneker, Open Heart Surgery: Dr. Daniel Williams, Entemology: Charles Turner, Marine Biology: Ernest Just, Civil Engineering: Archibal Alexander, Rheumatology: Dr. Percy Julian, Hematology: Dr Charles Drew, Electrical Engineering: Phillip Emeagwali, Physiology: C├ęsar Milstein, Physics: Daniel Tsui, Tsung-Dao Lee, Chemistry: Ahmed Zewail, Chemistry: Venkatraman Ramajrishnan, Nuclear Physics Fred 'Clever Fox' Begay, Anthropology: Anpetu Waste win (Beautiful Day Woman), Medicine, Boy Scout Founder Ohiye S'a (Charles Eastman)...


Very Important Work That!

While anyone is free to express their racist views... expect to get the proverbial shit slapped out of you when you do whether you are a National Socialist or a John Bircher.

Finntann said...

Sometimes a mascot or name is just a mascot or name.

I can't speak for Native Americans about the Cleveland Indians, the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves, or the Kansas City Chiefs... but I can say I take no offense at the Boston Celtics, Notre Dame's Fighting Irish, or the Queens Golden Gaels.

I've drank in bars that had Paddy or Mick as part of their name. And I can't say I find The Pogues all that offensive "Pog Mo Thoin" from where the term Pogue for Irish derives means "Kiss My Ass".

Paddy, Mick, Pogue, have all been derogatory terms for Irish.

Been called a Merkin once... which is a derogatory British term for Americans... a play on the word Merkin which is... of all things.... a pubic wig. Of course the bloke that called me that was kind enough to explain, as well as to explain WTF Cricket was all about.

I think we ought to name the US Cricket Team the Merkins!

I've been called a Gee in Asia.. which I understand is a variant of Gee Sheen, similar to Kwai Lo, both of which mean Ghost... and is used in reference to white people.

I'd like to see a baseball team named the Georgia Crackers.

I don't think many find the Yankees, or the Knicks (Knickerbocker being a term used to refer to the original Dutch in NY) offensive.

In 2004, a poll by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania essentially confirmed the Sports Illustrated poll's findings, concluding that 91% of the American Indians surveyed in the 48 states on the mainland USA found the name "Redskins" acceptable.

My Grandfather was a Chief in the Improved Order of Red Men (IORM), Metacomet Tribe #416. The IORM was a Benevolent Society to serve the community, which is what existed prior to the invention of the government handout.

I have his "Great Council" medals from 1904, 1906, and 1908, one with no date, and one from the "Papoose at York", also without a date.

Of all the ethnic associations I was most disappointed to see go was the loss of "The Chief".

The highest enlisted rank in the Air Force is Chief Master Sergeant. The historical affilition between CMSgts and the native American Indian Chief is obvious.

It was an affiliation that lasted for almost 50 years, and at least in my humble paleface opinion was a respectful and appropriate use and a tribute to native American heritage, the Chief Master Sergeant being a leader of warriors and of men. Lost to political correctness in 2006.

I worked with a full blooded Mescalero Apache and another fulll blooded Seneca neither of whom had any problem with the "Chiefs" in the AF. I know, not very scientific...but true nonetheless.

SF undoubtedly remembers this association as well.


Finntann said... you have a point? Everyone's kids are covered under that point of law until they turn 26.

By all means, if you are aware of some way to opt out of Obamacare (aside from being a major political contributor to Barrack)... please let us know, I'm sure we'd be all over it.

Finntann said...

Ducky said: "I'll vote for Scott Brown. He's a little slow but he knows he can't get too far out of line."

Good for you! Voting on principle instead of by party.

I'll try and find a D to vote for next election to reciprocate.

Just won't be for President, you understand, right?

I voted for a D Judge and County Clerk last election if that's worth anything.


Ducky's here said...

@Mustang the Butt Nugget -- Given the racist record of the Democratic Party


Quit rocking the short bus when you should be at Walmart taking photos of butt cracks you lamer.

Now go look up Strom Thurmond and the rest of your freaking heroes and study the history of the Dixicrats and where they are now.

Damn you're stupid.

Z said...

oooooooooooh, ducky! Don't Google Bob Byrd, you might get a shock.

You might like this, too:

the truth is hard to take, but it will set you free :-)

Jersey McJones said...


This year, in our county and state elections, I will probably vote for a couple of Republicans, and possibly some rightwing I&R. I have my local reasons for that. Nationally? No way. But I'm screwed in my federal district, with all these old, white, northern, Republican, Florida retirees.

Why those voters are so worried about Obama is beyond me. We need him right now. We do not want another GOP one-party state again, at least for now, right???


Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, the one-party left-wing state really worked wonders, didn't it? (At least it did for the unions, solyndra and other crony crapitalist FOOs (Friends of Obama).

Sam Huntington said...

"But I'm screwed in my federal district, with all these old, white, northern, Republican, Florida retirees."

Now there's something you don't see every day. A rabid progressive democrat admitting that he's a racist.

Anonymous said...

What you listed are not JOBS, Fin-Tan-Tan, they are highly specialized accomplishments in PROFESSIONAL fields open to very few. In short you set up a strawman for the express purpose of trying to embarrass me.

In your eagerness to negate what others say -- never to support, encourage or amplify, I've noticed -- with endless streams of adverse criticisms thereby asserting your self-assumed mastery of every subject, you often completely miss the point others are trying to make.

A manifest Superiority Complex makes a tiresome exhibition in any venue.

It's been apparent for a long time that you see your role here as Correcter-and-Gainsayer-in-Chief as well as Shit-Slapper Outer-in-Residence.

Since I am never filled with shit, I am quite impervious to your routine assaults. I don't know who you think you are, but where I come from you'd be categorized and quickly dismissed as one rude dude.

Interpret that any way you like. I don't give a shit what you think. I'm not impressed with your presumptuousness. Neither am I bowled over and floored by your endless lists of statistics. Copying and pasting information others have painstakingly gathered may have become a time-honored practice on the internet, but it is no indication of superior intellect, fertile imagination or estimable character.

Try a little positive thinking for a change. It would do wonders for your disposition.

~ FreeThinke

Finntann said...

FT: "Racism is all right... every identifiable ethnic group feels happiest and most comfortable with its own kind."


JT (Ready): respected the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow history, noting his admiration of Alabama segregationist Gov. George Wallace.

Nope, not much difference there!

Separate but Equal... isn't that what you'll find pretty much on any white supremacist website?

Yeah, you're right though, I like sticking with my own kind... humankind.

When Jersey said "Oh how you righties love to pretend issues of race and bigotry are just bogeymen of the left, believing us dopey enough to be distracted from the ugly bigotry in your ranks..."

What ugly bigotry in our ranks do you think he was referring to?

In a discussion of racism, you say get a job and proceed to list a long litany of menial professions, and you don't think that's racist?

Now in your defense FT, I don't think you are the Grand Wizard sort of racist with lynchings and burning crosses, but more what Kipling was talking about when he wrote:

Take up the White Man's burden--
Send forth the best ye breed--
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild--
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.

Oh wait... did I cut and paste that Kettle? Wouldn't want anyone to think I was trying to assert my intellectual superiority.

Of course, I only posted one stanza in support of my point, as I believe these good people can google "Kipling" and "White Man's Burden" if they want to read the whole damn thing.

I really don't think I have a superiority complex, how could I when I don't think I'm superior to black people, yellow people, red people, or brown people like some who post on here do. Why else would they say something so asinine as:

"This is what allowing Muslims and illegal immigrants of dubious heritage to walk freely among us..."

Not to mention the Irish, Italians, Germans, Spanish...

I may be considered one rude dude where you're from, but I can rest easy knowing you'd be considered racist where I'm from.

And while I will defend your right to spew your vitriol, I will not allow it to pass unanswered, for the greatest tyranny is standing silent in its presence.


Joe Conservative said...

I guess that some people still believe that denouncing racism is a "universal" good, FT... whereas other, perhaps now more enlightened members of society, prefer NOT to continue lend any excessive moral force to the verbal statements of anti-racist demagogues.

As you can see from the video, even the so-called "progressives" are getting tired of it.

Thersites said...

You know that the conversation has descended into demagoguery the minute one person starts claiming to be "less of a racist" than any other. The world is will to power, and anyone who honestly believes himself to be inferior to any other instantly becomes so. Oh, but we're ALL EQUAL, they'll allclaim... but if anyone actually believed THAT, Then there would never be conflicts and there would only be only ONE accepted culture in the world, and NOT millions of subcultures.

Finntann said...

There are many areas in which FT and I are wholeheartedly in agreement and there are areas where we are diametrically opposed, the subject of culture and race is one of them.

I for one believe we are all born equal in potential, within the constraints of natural genetic variation. I for one would never say:

"I am morally certain that -- shall we put it delicately and say -- uh "certain groups" -- would as a whole not be able to measure up to the standards formerly set by the culture"

So as you can see, there is some history there. FT can say on one hand that "Nativism is neither ugly nor evil." And then make the statement

"I, as a native-born American with Anglo-Saxon and Cornish blood on my father's side and Italian on mother's, would have a better chance of qualifying as an "Englishman" than a black from Zimbabwe or South Africa or a chinese from Hong Kong"

Why? Because of the color of your skin? Because of your superior western brain? Or because your ancestors were once conquered by the Romans?

But I got news for him... during the Nativist period in the United States that Cornish and Italian blood would have indeed disqualified him from being an "Englishman", at least from the point of view of the nativists on his "contaminated" blood.

FT can advocate that we read Sam Huntington "If you read about the late Samuel P. Huntington, and delved into some of his work, you would better understand what I am driving at."

Seriously, read him... this is the man who reassured the South African government that in defending apartheid "the repressive power of the state can be necessary to effect reform".

This is a two way street though, so if opposing FT for taking up "The White Man's Burden"

"The Elgin Marbles would very probably no longer EXIST if the British hadn't gotten their hands on them"

And opposing the Rev. Al and his cronies for raciallizing the Zimmerman shooting, earns me the title "Anti-Racist Demagogue"

It's title I will proudly claim.


-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

...and I'm a believer that all cultures adapt to best fullfill environmental niches, and not all cultures are "equal" in their abilities to fill those niches. Islam is a culture best suited for desert dwelling nomads, not cosmopolitan 21st century cities. Equal in potential? I don't think so.

Races reflect the long-term handicaps a people physically adopt to survive in that niche. Those "specializations" are benificial for survival in some, detrimental for survival others. Equal? Once again, I don't think so. If you need to run a lot to survive... a Kenyan is best suited to do it.

There are serious racial and cultural differences between people... and to pretend that they're all "equal" may sound like a universal wisdom, but attempt to practice that philosophy in the wrong place, and it will get you killed.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

I agree with FT That he's likely best suited for the English countryside... but not necessarily the London finanancial district. You have to be one emotionally cold fish to be a London investment banker. ;)

Ducky's here said...

Islam is a culture best suited for desert dwelling nomads, not cosmopolitan 21st century cities.

That's also true of Judaism.

Since Catholicism draws on Greco-Roman culture it is much better suited.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Draws on it in REACTION to it. Greco-Roman cultures were built upon conquest. Catholicism upon a Pax Romana.

MathewK said...

I read about this woman and her dishonesty recently. Typical democrat I guess, shameless and opportunistic.

jez said...

Free thinke:

"What you listed are not JOBS, Fin-Tan-Tan..."

electrical engineering isn't a job? huh?

"you set up a strawman"

Is it really a strawman? Your point (correct me if I'm wrong) is "be satisfied with your lot, it's the same for everybody, we've all got to pay the bills, now get back to your menial work such as shining shoes" with the heavy subtext of "aspirations are dangerous, especially for certain ethnicities".
Are you claiming that it is by accident that all the jobs you listed were menial?

"with the exception of a very few... every identifiable ethnic group feels happiest and most comfortable with its own kind."

What counts as "very few"? In the 2001 UK census, 2% of all marriages were inter-ethnic. What about the millions of ex-pats around the world (about 6 just from the UK) have chosen to live in an alien culture?