Monday, August 20, 2012

MSNBC: Theater of the Absurd

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Toure's Syndrome

An affliction causing fact-free spasms of liberal nonsense, usually inflammatory and race related. It is triggered and exacerbated when egged on by the gape-mouthed, guilty-white leftwing levellers at MSNBC. 

MSLSD features a Show called The Psycho, and apparently its hosted by our pseudointellectual racism expert TooRay.

He’s an obscure little spotlight hog who says inflammatory things.  It's his specialty, and it seems reflexive, kinda like a toddler pulling his pants down or saying a bad word for the shock it elicits from the grown ups.

I watched the video of his latest sophomoric riff on Romney's speech telling Obama to take his hate and anger back to Chicago, and I can’t believe people take him seriously.
“That really bothered me,” he said. “You notice he said anger twice. He’s really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama, the ‘otherization,’ he’s not like us.”
“I know it’s a heavy thing, I don’t say it lightly, but this is ‘niggerization,’” Touré said to the apparent shock of his co-panelists. “You are not one of us, you are like the scary black man who we’ve been trained to fear.”
He sounds like Louis Farakkan going on one of those conspiracy rants. This clown gets paid to be on TV and write books? I weep for our nation.

One of the other panelists was named Krystal Ball, so maybe all of this is just some kind of Derrida-esque post-modern put-on and I’m just too old to get it…

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Always On Watch said...

And he hasn't been suspended or fired for this?

Always On Watch said...

And what the hell is "racial coding" supposed to mean? Sheesh.

Chateau Robert said...

When Obama palled around with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers a former Weather Underground leader,and studied and taught Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, bows to our enemies , had a 20 year relationship with a anti American like Reverend Wright! the same anti American who was Obama’s Family Pastor for 20 years and baptized Obama’s Children!
And who snubs our allies like Israel and Great Britain. and Poland's Lech Walesa, when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill to Great Britain, who trashes our honest business-men, trashes our economy, and turns his back on our Constitution, we pretty well get a picture of what he thinks about America.! It's very clear that we have a president who panders to our enemies and snubs to our friends..
So the big question of the day is will we wake up and do it better this time, or will the "gimme-gimme" crowd make the same mistake again and re-elect this UN-American disaster?

FreeThinke said...

Oh, we are experiencing "niggerization," all right, but not in the way this dull-witted pawn in The Army of the Lord of Darkness intends us to understand the term. We've been subjected to a process of "niggerization" for a long long time -- all of our lives, as a matter of fact.

"Nigger" is a code word for "unacceptable." It really means "no damned good."

The original purpose of the Civil Rights movement was a noble one. It was intended -- at least ostensibly -- to free the Negro from the limitations forcibly imposed upon him by hopelessly prejudiced, tyrannical, mean-spirited white men, The idea -- or so we hoped -- was to give the Negro free, unfettered access to OPPORTUNITY -- i.e. the chance to educate, refine, and uplift himself, so that he could take his rightful place alongside white men as their moral, spiritual and intellectual equal.

It was a laudable goal. What has happened instead, however, is this: Instead of bringing the Negro up, the machinations of leftist termites has resulted in bringing the white race down to abysmal levels unimaginable and unthinkable in the 1940's and early fifties.

The problem between the white and black races never has been merely one of "COLOR," but much more of BEHAVIOR -- radically different cultural mores, lifestyle, use of language and the disparate nature and quality of the dreams and aspirations in each group.

The Civil Rights movement went terribly wrong and became deleterious to America's future prospects when "equality of opportunity" and "fair treatment" were supplanted with the depraved notion that it was somehow a betrayal of a mythical Black Brotherhood to "act white."

The idea there was to promote the notion that the aspects of "black culture" that white people found most objectionable -- shiftlessness, laziness, dishonesty, poor command of English -- bad grammar, uncouth, largely unintelligible speech patterns -- and a manifest, actually passive-aggressive lack of interest in knowing and benefiting from anything higher than shamelessly indulging oneself in gross sensual pursuits while getting as much out of "whitey" as possible while expending as little effort as possible in return.

In short black "leaders" -- and, of course, the Cultural Marxists, who have always exploited the genuine grievances of others in order to advance their malignant determination to destroy WASP-Capitalist ascendancy -- were encouraging black people to embrace and take PRIDE in the vile "NIGGER" STEREOTYPE that well-meaning white reformers were making huge sacrifices to give them the chance to abandon and rise above.

The hideous IRONY in that strains the binds of credulity.

Black people like John McWhorter, Clarence Thomas, Star Parker, Shannon Reeves, Ward Connerly, Niger Innes, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Jessye Norman, Leontyne Price, Kathleen Battle, Maria Ewing, William Warfield, Pearl Bailey, who have rejected and abandoned the "nigger" stereotype and made something fine and good of themselves could never reasonably be called "niggers."

Anyone who would even imagine thinking such a thing is the worst kind of bigot -- a troglodyte burdened with a Bull Connor, Byron de la Beckwith, KKK mentality.

On the other hand proponents of “Ebonics,” the “HipHop Culture,” “Gangstah Rap, “ seeing We;fare as an “Entitlement,” remaining perpetually on Welfare from generation to generation as a Legitimate Way of Life, contempt for Learning, “Black Liberation Theology,” Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam, etc. are the corollary -- the other side of the coin -- that serve only -- with considerable justification -- to perpetuate residual white racism.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

"shiftlessness, laziness, dishonesty, poor command of English -- bad grammar, uncouth, largely unintelligible speech patterns -- and a manifest, actually passive-aggressive lack of interest in knowing and benefiting from anything higher than shamelessly indulging oneself in gross sensual pursuits while getting as much out of "whitey" as possible while expending as little effort as possible in return."

This in itself is a racial stereotype propagated by bigots. I am not calling you a bigot, but it is a familiar but inaccurate trope.

From Walter E. Williams:

A study of 1880 family structure in Philadelphia shows that three-quarters of all black families were nuclear (composed of two parent and children). What is significant, given today's arguments that slavery and discrimination decimated the black family, is the fact that years ago there were only slight differences in family structures between racial groups. The percentages of nuclear families were: black (75.2 percent), Irish (82.2), German (84.5), and native white American (73.1). Only one-quarter of black families were headed by females. Female-headed families among Irish, German, and native white Americans averaged 11 percent.
. . . .
Thomas Sowell reported that, "Going back a hundred years, when blacks were just one generation out of slavery, we find that census data of that era showed that a slightly higher percentage of black adults had married than white adults. This fact remained true in every census from 1890 to 1940.

Coupled with the dramatic breakdown in the black-family structure has been an astonishing growth in the rate of illegitimacy. The black rate was only 19 percent in 1940, but skyrocketed in the late 1960s, reach 49 percent in 1975. As of 2000, black illegitimacy stood at 68 percent and in some cities over 800 percent. High illegitimacy rates not only spell poverty and dependency but also contribute to the social pathology seen in many black communities: high incidences of adolescent violence and predatory sex, and as sociologist Charles Murray has note, a community not unlike that portrayed in Lord of the Flies.

Anonymous said...

AOW, code means what ever they want it to mean.

You asked the right question, Hurt. Why does anyone care what TooRay's opinion is? In Spanishwe cll people like him, don nadias, nobodies. Clearly MSLSD hired him to be contraversial. Why anyone would watch MSLSD is beyond me.

FreeThinke said...

I'm sorry, Kurt, but I lived and taught in New York City for years and years. I also taught for the United Negro College Fund in the early Sixties. I have seen for myself -- up close and personal -- the true nature of the social problems we grapple with. I know what I am talking about.

You -- and everyone else -- need to read what I and others say in toto, and stop the lamentable, lazy-minded practice of seizing on a phrase or two that you can take out of context then pounce on and criticize as "objectionable."

Many, many, many black people do, indeed, conform to that unfortunate stereotype. We need to applaud those who do not and stop stupidly trying to glorify, or make excuses for those who do.

I have heard enough from Walter Williams in the past to know positively that he would agree with what I said. I should have added his name -- and that of Thomas Sowell to the list of positive black role models.

Until 95% of the Negroes stop voting mindlessly and reflexively for Democrats, I'll stand by my words.

Wishful thinking NEVER makes a proper antidote to harsh, unpalatable realities.

ALL of us need to cultivate te habit of studying what people actually say, instead of looking for reasons to criticize, castigate, reject and condemn.

The pervasive negativity in the blogosphere is DISGUSTING.

My sad experience for many years has been that whenever we offer something lovely, charming, gracious, brilliant, encouraging, life-affirming and truly instructive, it is for the most part IGNORED, DISMISSED -- or MISUNDERSTOOD -- so as to be interpreted in the most negative light possible.

The responsibility for much of the sickness in society we struggle with lies within ourselves.

However did the notion take hold that the primary purpose of sharing thoughts in venues such as this should be to do everything possible to REFUTE or DISCREDIT one another?

NEGATIVITY is a DISEASE that's killing us.

~ FreeThinke

PS: The words quoted from Williams and Sowell were intended to bolster a conservative, anti-Welfare State, anti-Entitlement mentality NOT to glorify the Negro per se. The disgusting "nigger" phenomenon is in many ways a by-product of liberal-progressive initiatives that back-fired miserably. So yes, "The sterotypical American Nigger" is, indeed, the creation of White Men -- liberal white men and black men too with a notably poisonous mindset, as it turns out. - FT

Ducky's here said...

Krystal Ball? That's her real name.

Here's an excerpt from her WIKI:
"In October 2010, Ball received national attention when photos taken six years earlier emerged showing her at a holiday party dressed as a "naughty Santa" sucking a red dildo attached to her then-husband's nose."

Just shoot me now.

Z said...

He was right about something, we HAVE been "trained to fear...the scary black man"...but by the leftist leaders of Black America, not any Conservative.
There's been constant division, not any meaningful attempts to truly integrate; real integration, real getting past Black/White and moving to referring to us all as non-hyphenated AMERICANS (which conservatives want) wouldn't promote the agenda of keeping Blacks separate and voting in one large bloc for leftwingers.

How is White AMerica supposed to feel when we are called racists and when people like this punk look for a nasty white man on which to blame everything bad that happens to him?

Z said...

Ducky, Krystal does that in public then blames everyone else, saying: "of course it's embarrassing, but more than that, I'm pretty angry about it. I think this is incredibly sexist. I think it's outrageous."[18] In a response article published by The Huffington Post, Ball stated that "[s]ociety has to accept that women of my generation have sexual lives that are going to leak into the public sphere"

"Leak"? At a public party she does THAT with cell phones all over the place for photo-taking and then whines? WOW.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silverfiddle said...

FT: I am not lazy-minded, and I am not being negative. I went out of my way to say I was not calling you a bigot. You made a comment, I responded. That's how a conversation works.

I responded with facts. And those facts go to what you hint at in your second comment: The coddling, progressive nanny state has destroyed the black family.

The disintegration started after you started teaching, hence your experiences, which I have no reason to doubt you sincerely relate.

Ducky's here said...

Not that I'm familiar with the show but it sounds like they're desperate to generate controversy to stir up ratings.

The "talk" industry is suffering these days. CNN is floundering. Fox is flat.

I don't know what rabies radio is doing in the rest of the country but it is thankfully disappearing in Boston.
Rush the Vulgar Pigboy is moving to one of the two AM rabies channels and his previous station ditched Beck, Hannity and a local monstrosity named Severin and went to sports talk.
The one FM talk show is primarily local and pretty middle of the road.

This happens, people get bored with the format and they ratchet up the crap in hopes of maintaining an audience.

FreeThinke said...

C'mon, Silver, I wasn't referring to you so much as to the general practice we see everywhere in the blogosphere of incisively accentuating negatives in responding to others, and almost NEVER reinforcing or supporting anything said by anyone, unless it contains innocuous platitudes or well-worn clichés with which everyone feels comfortable.

We've become largely a bunch of attack dogs. AND we're all much too touchy -- including me, I guess.

I still say the negative stereotype exists, because it's all too true in too many instances. I think we need to stop flattering, stop apologizing, stop- pretending, stop rationalizing, and confront the dismal realities, if we ever hope to make real improvements.

The idea that all people are equal -- just different -- is clearly INSANE.

Some people are superior and others are inferior. Any attempt to deny that flies in the face of reality.

My point that it is not COLOR that matters but CULTURE is well made.

I for one am NOT going to let myself and what love and stand for be obliterated and forgotten just to appease some insane notion that because I am white and reasonably bright I ought to ABASE myself and kowtow to something objectionable and markedly interior to the culture into which I was born.

White Guilt STINKS to high heaven, and I'll have no part of it.

~ FreeThinke

Finntann said...

The "talk" industry is suffering these days. CNN is floundering. Fox is flat.

Well at least you're focusing on the positive Ducky.

I think what FT terms 'black culture' should more accurately be termed 'urban culture'. It is distinctly an 'American culture' and has little to do with race or Africa, other than as window dressing. Before I get slammed for that, let me state that my families 'Irish' culture is little more than window dressing on a distinctly American culture as well.

A curious thing is to look at the differences between rural black culture in America and urban black culture. Although the former is being submerged in the Hollywood cultural homogenization of modern mass media by the latter.

A quick look at black culture outside the United States also reveals far more many differences than similarities with what many here would term 'black culture'.

FTs assessment also overlooks the white boy from LA who displays many more aspects and attributes of 'black culture' than the black boy from Alambama, the son of farmers, and the descendent of sharecroppers or the black man in London with a perfect English accent and all the mannerisms of the locals found there.

Face it, whether you like it or not you own it, what FT refers to is an American subculture, plain and simple, skin color or race has little to do with it, it is driven by economics and demographics more than anything else.


Finntann said...

@"objectionable and markedly interior to the culture into which I was born."(sic)

Wow! Who peed in your grits?

Jersey McJones said...

There were three historic events that explain a lot of the problems we see in the Black community today.

When the Civil Rights movement came to the fore, especially after WWII, there was severe backlash in the South, and things got nasty. On top of that, the then relatively isolated Black community had long been rather agrarian, and nature of that sector was changing, as big agro consolidation and technology made the old tenant farmer and small family farmer things of the past.

As a result, black families uprooted, often haphazardly and in pieces, to northern cities to look for work opportunities and living conditions among there own, as people will do. White flight, blockbusting, and such, from the cities resulted, and the black communities became newly isolated, but this time in the midst of complex urban society.

As this was happening, the nature of the old cities was changing, from industrial centers, to service, trade and financial centers. The black workers never really had a chance.

There are understandable reasons why things happen, and we as a compassionate, civilized, brotherly nation should deal with these reasons, rather than to blame bogeymen.


Ducky's here said...

... as big agro consolidation and technology made the old tenant farmer and small family farmer things of the past.
Also worth noting Jersey that it was Dept. of Agriculture policy never to give a loan to a black farmer so they really bore the brunt.

Hack said...

Could imagine for one second if it had been Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan saying to a predominantly black audience.."They gonna put y'all back in chains!"?? This is typical liberal hypocrisy that is completely certifiable and it would be refreshing and encouraging to hear just one liberal, JUST ONE, denounce what Toure said and the profession of racebaiting he and Jesse and Al have made a career out of.

Ducky's here said...

Well Biden has received criticism, even from that liberal bastion The Boston Globe.

More fun will be the fallout from that Bagger moron in Missouri who claims a women's physiology shuts down to prevent her being impregnated from a rape.

Yeah, if she gets pregnant she enjoyed it.
Now that knuckle dragging Bagger is getting some attention. Imagine if a liberal said that, oh wait.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hack: "Could imagine for one second if it had been Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan saying to a predominantly black audience.."They gonna put y'all back in chains!"??

Well here's a conservative who uses that sort of imagery to describe African-Americans who belong to the Democratic Party:

Aug 18, 2011 – Allen West: I'm Here to Lead Blacks Off the Democratic Party 'Plantation' ... “

And this:

PORT ST. LUCIE — Tea party firebrand U.S. Rep. Allen West likened Social Security disability to a "form of slavery" in an interview on Fox News this weekend.

A week ago, West accused President Obama of wanting to enslave Americans with government programs.

"He does not want you to have the self-esteem of getting up and earning and having that title of American. He'd rather you be his slave," West told the crowd at a campaign event in Port St. Lucie.

Herman Cain:

"Herman Cain says he's coming under attack from liberal blacks because 'left the Democrat plantation.' ... 'I left the Democrat plantation a long time ago,' he said.

So yeah, that imagery is used by both the Dems and the Repubs.

KP said...

I watched Toure's hot mess live with my daughters. We all had stomach aches after listening to his comments. Cupp tore him a new a-hole afterward. It doesn't matter if it is the left or the right that does this stuff, it is not helpful and makes the person speaking sound like the bigot!

Unknown said...

Touré belongs to that elite group of progressive blacks who understand there is money to be made by keeping black Americans enslaved to the Progressive movement. How wealthy has Jesse Jackson become pretending to care about “his people?” Or Sharpton, Farrakhan, Wright … and the list goes on, and on, and on.

West spoke truthfully: the Progressive Movement has enslaved black Americans and made them dependent upon sleazy politicians. One only has to visit a single “ghetto” constructed and paid for by the American taxpayer to see this truth. What a horror those places are. Or we could look at a wide range of statistics that consistently show Progressives have done far more harm to black Americans than any good. And all of these statistics show that Progressives have prevented all but a few black Americans from crawling out of the gutter of despair since LBJ.

I suppose some blacks prefer subjugating themselves to the will of Jim Crow Democrats; others appreciate progressive damnation through faint praise. West has a better idea. But we can all understand why Shaw wants to keep the black man down … it’s what progressives do.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jack Whyte seems to be off his Metamucil today.

Look, pal, it's one thing to talk about what SF has posted here, it's entirely another thing to attack and slander me by claiming I "want to keep the black man down..."

What has that got to do with my comment? Nothing.

It's pure asshattery on your part, but when you've got a limited intellect, I suppose you have to go for the sensational remark to relieve yourself of the tension that builds up from not being able to intelligently express yourself.

In addition to a double-dose of Metamucil to relieve yourself, I suggest some Maalox for that bile you're dealing with.

Teresa said...

S.E. Cupp did a great job of taking him to task.

Claiming something that is racially coded or trying to make wording racist that actually isn't racist is the Left's modus operandi. They are the ones who constantly and consistently focus on the color of a person's skin. They thrive on racial division.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jack Whyte: "But we can all understand why Shaw wants to keep the black man down … it’s what progressives do."

BTW, Jack, explain how progressives "keep the black man down," when Barack Obama became the President of the United States of America while belonging to the "progressive" Democratic Party.

Ducky's here said...

@JackWhyte I suppose some blacks prefer subjugating themselves to the will of Jim Crow Democrats

I suppose it's time to remind the local fringe right ass nugget that when during the civil rights movement all the Jim Crow Democrats joined Strom Thurmond, switched parties and became the core of the renewed Republican Party.

Read a little history. The left is here to help you lead the life of the mind.

Damn, you guys love walking into straight rights.

Ducky's here said...

@JackWhyte -- And all of these statistics show that Progressives have prevented all but a few black Americans from crawling out of the gutter of despair since LBJ.

Actually the formation of a black middle class accelerated after Johnson.
They're taking it on the chin with the rest of the middle class since Reagonomics started trashing the country but the policies were a success.

Silverfiddle said...

Actually Ducky, it's a straight line to hell for black people since Johnson's "Great Society."

Jersey cited other potential causes, but it's a clear downward trajectory.

But let's throw more money at it! More government! More cowbell!

KP said...

I know Shaw and she is not a person trying to keep anybody down. Quite the opposite. We don't agree on everything but I do believe her aim is to change the tide to lift boats that are high and dry.

People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are in a league of their own. I wouldn't put Toure in that group but I do think he understands there is an upside to him saying controversial things on television or in the press. I guess we will find out if new managment had a word with him. He gave what sounded like a sincere apology the next day.

I miss Dylan Rattigan a lot. He didn't take any crap off the left or right.

Marc Lamont Hill is a forceful, thoughtful commentator, who I enjoy listening to, even though we don't agree on many things. I especially like his relationship with O'Reilly. I get the feeling Dr. Hill believes what he is saying and does not use the camera for an opportunity to shock. Kucinich, same thing. Bernie Saunders as well. Straight shooters.

KP said...

@Ducky - << Krystal Ball? That's her real name. >>

I didn't know she was once a naughty Santa but that sounds fun to me. She is a CPA and was a Division 1 college swimmer. He dad is a physicist and did his dissertation on crystals, hence the name. He must have a messed up sense of humor :-)

Unknown said...

Tell your filthy lies long enough, Ducky, and even you start to believe them. Hey, I understand. If we conservatives had subjugated human beings for as long as you Democrats and outright communist, we’d be ashamed, too. And like you, we might even deny it. As for those who now claim they’ve never kept any black people down … here’s a bulletin: you do that when you adopt and mouth the progressive mantra. There ARE consequences to progressive behavior.

Believe me, Shaw … we aren’t pals.

Silverfiddle said...

Steve: Do you think discrimination has increased or decreased since the 1960's?

Was discrimination worse in the 1870-1950's, or was it worse for minorities in the 1960's to now?

Silverfiddle said...

You didn't answer the questions.

Ducky's here said...

Why hasn't anyone asked the obvious question.

Why is anyone watching a show called The Psycho surprised when the participants are completely whack?

viburnum said...

Steve: "Is discrimination affecting hiring NOW? I say yes."

You have data showing widespread systemic discrimination? Produce it.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Is discrimination affecting hiring NOW
May I chime in on this? It may be a factor occasionally but definitely not widespread like the race baiters like to insinuate. and it also works the other way that I have seen personally where you also cannot fire someone based on job performance if they claim it's discrimination.
Shaw wants to use Alan West's and Herman Caine's' statements to try and prove something,still not sure what,but I am sure they know a little more about the black culture than white liberals do. As does Star Parker. Not only do they know what it takes to break from the mold,they aren't afraid to say it.

"He was right about something, we HAVE been "trained to fear...the scary black man"...but by the leftist leaders of Black America, not any Conservative."

Oh Z That is so true and the media is complicit in pushing that message. I really believe the democrats used Obama for his race just so they can push their big agenda and call anyone who opposed it racists. I am sure they will call my remark racist so I just wanted to say it first. They can deny it all they want but their tactics prove it time and again.
The almighty left who are so inclusive and worldly are going to castigate those who have a different opinion on how to run an economy by calling them racists. I swear I cringe when they use that word. They have really turned racism into something it isn't and they ought to be ashamed for invoking it into every debate. They bought it down to such a low level of irrelevancy.

At least many people are realizing it and are doing as SE Cupp did and are taking them to task on it.
It always seems counter-productive when the dems try to "fix" things.
After tehy screw it up then they are going to swoop in and fix it or at least pretend to be fixing it. They sure do have that game down.

jez said...

Interesting thought/actual experiment: would there be more or less racial/gender/whatever favoritism with blind recruitment?

Always On Watch said...

I see that FT has made a "controversial" comment in this thread.

I hope that I"m not too late to join this discussion.

How many people here have worked closely with blacks who are below middle class, middle class, and/or above middle class?

How many people here have taught for an extended period of time blacks whom I mentioned above?

I've opted for comment notification and will continue on if I get responses.

Always On Watch said...

About racial coding:

...“Anger”? That’s racial coding to inspire fear of the angry black man stereotype. Therefore conservatives aren’t allowed to accurately identify the tone of Obama’s campaign. “Food stamps”? That’s racial coding for, as Jimmy Carter put it, “welfare mammies.” Carter and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, who couldn’t be more solidly in the tank for Obama, accused Newt Gingrich on the campaign trail of racial coding when he accurately labeled Obama “the food-stamp president” (O’Brien falsely claimed that there were more food stamp recipients under Bush).

Meanwhile progressives turn a blind eye to the blatant racism of goofball Vice President Joe Biden, who once praised Obama for his light skin and lack of Negro dialect, and who recently told an audience “Trust me, Obama has a big stick” (why isn’t that racial coding for stereotypical black sexuality? Because he’s a Democrat, and the left never charges its own with hate speech, racial coding, or any other politically incorrect crime). Last week Biden made an even bigger laughingstock of himself by trying out his very own “Negro dialect” on a largely black audience...

Silverfiddle said...

Steve: I don't know. Location (less jobs in the inner city, where there are way more blacks than whites), higher dropout rate, less college degrees...

Why is unemployment higher among working class men without a college degree than it is for college educated women?

Why do black women succeed at college at a higher rate than black men?

I know you're trying to score points here, but you're failing badly.

Silverfiddle said...

AOW: I worked with many blacks in my military career, many women and lots of minorities of all kinds, and we're all the same, just with different backgrounds and experiences.

Teresa said...

Could it be at least in part due to fatherless or one parent homes? The government taking the place of fathers since the Great Society? I'll have to look up what the unemployment rate was for both blacks and whites prior to LBJ's Great Society.

I am not saying that these single parents don't love and want what's best for their children, just that its harder to be there for your child if the one parent is working to make ends meet and isn't around as much. Or the father is missing from the picture and the child doesn't have him as a role model.

Lisa said...

Steve maybe it's because the illegal immigrants are taking those jobs.
Is that still considered discrimination?

FreeThinke said...

"I worked with many blacks in my military career, many women and lots of minorities of all kinds, and we're all the same, just with different backgrounds and experiences."

If you really believe that, my friend, you too have been effectively indoctrinated by Libthink.

To ignore cultural differences as though they did not matter is absurd.

I worked with lots of these people too -- for years on end. I enjoyed the work and had good relationships with most of my students -- and their parents -- as long as they were members of the middle class.

The hardcore ghetto blacks live in a hellishly grtesque world largely of their own making. They have rendered themselves impervious to learning or benefitting n any way from contact with white people. They are as much a group of racists as any of the Old Guard Southern Whites ever were.

But again I want to emphasize the problem is not skin COLOR -- it is radically different, nakedly hostile, militantly ignorant MORES, TASTES and BEHAVIOR PATTERNS that kep the races apart.

And even if we DID voluntarily descend to their abysmal level -- as liberals are so eager to have us do -- they would STILL hate us and reject us, because of the color of OUR skin.

The MAJORITY of inner city blacks are still very much this way. They are very scary people who live in "Another Country" -- a foreign, hostile country planted within our borders.

I's naive to think otherwise.

As I said above, I will change my opinion of the hardcore black subculture the day they stop voting mindlessly en masse for Democrats.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

FreeThinke: Alright dammit! What the hell do you think background and experiences are? Culture!

Silverfiddle said...

Yes Steve, you have failed.

You asked me to give my opinion on a subject I don't know much about, and also one that goes to motives and unverifiable factors, so I gave you a few guesses and said I don't know. That's my honest answer.

I asked you two questions whose answers are verifiable by checking data:

1) Do you think discrimination has increased or decreased since the 1960's?

2)Was discrimination worse in the 1870-1950's, or was it worse for minorities in the 1960's to now?

So, answer the questions or get lost.