Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can't Get There From Here

Liberals really, really hate Mark Steyn, with an extra-spicy hatred reserved for the likes of fellow leftwing hate targets Charles Krauthammer, George Will and Paul Ryan.

The reason they hate him is because, like George Orwell, he has a gift of dealing honestly with the facts, and he's incredibly witty to boot.  Here's how he describes government non-action as we careen towards the cliff...
Last year, our plucky heroine, the wholesome apple-cheeked American republic, was trapped in an express elevator hurtling out of control toward the debt ceiling. Would she crash into it? Or would she make some miraculous escape?
Yes! At the very last minute of her white-knuckle thrill ride to her rendezvous with destiny, she was rescued by Congress' decision to set up... a Super Committee!

Those who can, do. Those who can't, form a committee. Those who really can't, form a Super Committee – and then put John Kerry on it for good measure. (Mark Steyn)
We Love Our Big Fat Greek-Style Government...
According to the most recent (2009) OECD statistics: Government expenditures per person in France, $18,866.00; in the United States, $19,266.00. [...]
In that sense, the federal debt might be better understood as an American Self-Delusion Index, measuring the ever-widening gap between the national mythology (a republic of limited government and self-reliant citizens) and the reality (a 21st century cradle-to-grave nanny state in which, as the Democrats' Convention boasted, "government is the only thing we do together."). (Mark Steyn)
... But We Don't Like Paying For It
Generally speaking, functioning societies make good-faith efforts to raise what they spend, subject to fluctuations in economic fortune: Government spending in Australia is 33.1 percent of GDP, and tax revenues are 27.1 percent. Likewise, government spending in Norway is 46.4 percent, and revenues are 41 percent – a shortfall but in the ballpark. Government spending in the United States is 42.2 percent, but revenues are 24 percent – the widest spending/taxing gulf in any major economy. (Mark Steyn)
Do The Math

Democrat scolds like Bill Clinton enjoy wagging fingers in our faces and talking about "math," so here's some math for everyone...

President Obama want an additional $1 trillion in new taxes over ten years.  To balance annual deficits, he would need to collect that much per year.

We could couple this paltry $100 billion per year in tax increases with a zeroing out of the Defense Department, and still not balance the budget.

2012 Spending/2017 Projections - Percentage of Total Budget

* DoD:  18% / 13%
* Health:  9.7% / 13%
* Medicare:  13% / 14%
* Income Security (Other than Social Security):  15.12% / 12%
* Social Security:  20% / 22%
* Interest on Debt:  6% / 12%

Note how interest on the debt balloons.  That will get even worse if the economy improves and interest rates rise.  Also notice how Health and Medicare, two items listed nowhere in the constitution, consume a greater percentage than Defense, which is a primary constitutional duty of the federal government. 

So, Big Government fans, how do we pay for it?


Bunkerville said...

Looks like Thelma and Louise had the right idea.

Anonymous said...

Pay for it? The leftard ideologs believe we will never have to pay for it. Yhey believe that They believe the central bank will always be able to work their majic to keep the US luving beyond its means and when the time does come, the central bank will be able to ynwind all it has done with minimal pain. That is what the ideologs believe. The central bank knows better but they aren't going to tell anybody untill it is too late.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mark Steyn? Yeah, he's as brilliant as a bowl of oatmeal:

Mark Steyn Explains To Fox's Doocy How Dems Win: They "Bribe People With The Obama Phone"

"Steyn cites discredited Carlin paper to allege 'no global warming this century.'


skudrunner said...

We can be sure of one thing. Stay out of the road because the can will be kicked down it again.

Go back to the Clinton tax rates for everyone and impose his deficit as a percent of GDP. That should make the democrats happy because it was their revered serial rapist who enacted it.

Silverfiddle said...

Shaw employs the left's favorite logically fallacy, the old ad Hominem. When you cannot refute what someone says, attack them. But Shaw's canard is especially laughable. Steyn is anything but dumb.

Sorry babe, I'll stack up Steyn's intellect to yours or Ducky's any day.

Wanna show us how dumb Steyn is and how really, really smarty smart smart you are?

Refute the facts he presents in the article I linked to.

Silverfiddle said...

And yes, Steyn has fun with current pop culture memes like Obamaphones, but if you are too plonkish to be able to sort out satire and ridicule from serious facts, then you should not be wandering around out in public attempting to engage people in serious conversation.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Steyn should get you pretty steamed off also, Silver.

Trivializing important issues is part of the reason the fringe right is so dumbed down.

Obamaphones --- the program started under Chucklenuts and its pretty trivial.

Oh by the way, Silverfiddle, Steyn used to be a film critic. I've read some of his reviews. The clown doesn't know an establishing shot from an accordion cut and he brings that level of ignorance to his lap dog audience.

Eat everything the rabies media puts on your plate. Yum, good.

Silverfiddle said...

Another lefty employing the same tired lefty tactic. Imagine that...

Anything to avoid the question.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Silverfiddle, I'm not avoiding the question. I'm avoiding discussing anything Steyn believes, since what he thinks or believes has as much value as what my dining room table thinks or believes.

skudrunner said...

We have to realize we are dealing with a party who believes raising taxes will benefit the American people.
They pass obamacare and add 2.3% tax to all medical devices and say the cost of healthcare will decrease. They are going to tax company provided healthcare costs and that will help the American people. The current administration is running over a trillion dollar deficit per year and their plan is to tax people making 250k and fund 8 days of the government but not cut spending.

Face facts democrats are better liars and better spinners because people believe them.

Ducky's here said...

What question, Silver?

Budgie Boy informs us that U.S. expenditures per person are higher than France. First it's anecdotal and second it's simply a scalar and cannot on it's face explain why.

Any one with a freaking brain (fringe right wingers may leave the room) knows it's freaking healthcare costs. Does Budgie Boy have a proposal to lower them other than letting the poor go without?
The Krautzenjammer Kid thinks tort reform is the answer. That's how freaking brain dead you people are.

Steyn didn't say a freaking useful thing.

Of course he begs the question of whether an absolutely balanced budget is even desirable. Let's have a few home budget analyses from the folks on the right.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Shaw, that's what I expected...

Ducky: Put on your eyeglasses.

So, Big Government fans, how do we pay for it?

Jersey McJones said...

I just love the way to pretend to understand what liberals think, Silver.

"Liberals really, really hate Mark Steyn, with an extra-spicy hatred reserved for the likes of fellow leftwing hate targets Charles Krauthammer, George Will and Paul Ryan."

I've got news for you, Sunshine, Mark Steyn is a nobody that most people never heard of. As for any liberal "hatred" of him, those of us who have heard of him just don't take him seriously. He's not important.

Most liberals who've heard of Krauthammer think he's just kinda mean-spirited and bitter, and perhaps more pro-Israel than pro-American.

As for George Will, most liberals see him as one of the last of the old guard of tolerably intellectual conservatives, like the late William F. Buckley.

As for Paul Ryan, most liberals see him as a rabid partisan hack, which is what he is.

"The reason they hate (Mark Steyn) is because, like George Orwell, he has a gift of dealing honestly with the facts..."


"So, Big Government fans, how do we pay for it?"

With taxes. Duh. That's how governments are funded. For instance, do you remember when the idiot cons put that idiot GW Bush and his idiot cadre in office - in a one-party state even for a time? Remember the two unfunded wars? You see, cons don't think in terms of the real world, so you don't understand that you have to actually pay for things. Taxes have to go up and the unfunded the military empire has to end.



Silverfiddle said...

And here comes another vulgar, unwashed marxist to further prove my point.

So Jersey, since you're such a lecturing genius, how do we raise an extra one trillion dollars in revenue per year?

Silverfiddle said...

"Unfunded wars"

You mean like the rest of our unfunded government?

Your hero King Obama and the Pelosicrats have given us over $4 trillion in unfunded government these past four years, which is historical, in a bad way.

Silverfiddle said...

For those who talk so much about intelligence, math and how others are "idiots," those on the left are displaying some pretty dim thinking skills.

Silverfiddle said...

As the collapse of the progressive model continues, expect more internecine Blue on Blue action

Finntann said...

From internecine blue on blue" “Even if there was a contract, the state, pursuing the public interest, has the right to modify contracts.”

So... how many of you would be interested in entering into a contract with an entity that reserves the right to modify it without your consent. that's gonna work more than once.


Finntann said...

Come on folks, balancing the budget is easy, to cover spending all we need to do is raise the top tax rate to 88%, the middle tax rate to 63%, and the bottom tax rate to 25%... along with raising the corporate tax rate to 88%.

Budget balanced.

Well balanced provided there is no negative economic/workforce reaction to those tax rates.

Of course, that's for balancing the budget today... by 2030 we will simply need to raise the tax rate to 100%, problem solved.

Here's an interesting read:

Of course, we could take an alternate route and raise taxes by 35% while cutting all entitlements by 35%

Καλώς ήρθατε στην Ελλάδα

That's pronounced:

Kalós ílthate stin Elláda

Welcome to Greece folks!

FreeThinke said...

The weaker their argument the more obnoxious -- and pathetic -- leftists become.

I'm reprinting a 2007 article from American Thinker tomorrow that gives historical background outlining the motivations and modus operandi of the left.

It explains very clearly how and why leftists are as tediously truculent, combative and maddeningly irrational as they are.

Irrationality mixed with malice, feigned outrage and relentless spite are not indicative of insanity in most of these cases. These objectionable traits are used -- very deliberately -- as set of TACTICS calculated to wear down opposition.

Listening to the way leftists never fail to respond to stimuli from the right with anything but insolence, rude rejection, and sometimes selected "facts" calculated to give a wrong or totally warped view is enough to make any sincere, straightforward person doubt his own sanity -- IF he remains unaware of the hypocrisy, cynical insincerity and manipulative "mind games" to which he is being subjected.

Once you begin to understand the whole thing is nothing but a vicious GAME with these people, however much they beat their breasts and howl with rage and trumped up indignation at your "stupidity" for not accepting their views, you cease to be affected by their insolence and relentless negativity.

It would be downright comical, if it hadn't spelled death, destruction and enslavement for hundreds of millions of innocent victims.

The useful idiots who trumpet the lies that betrayed the poor suffering masses to the Fearful Masters have a special corner in the most hideous part of hell awaiting them no doubt.

"God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap."

"The mills of God grind slowly, but exceedingly fine."

"The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away."

Take comfort in immortal Truth. It never fails in the long run.

~ FreeThinke

Liberalmann said...

Obamacare Health Insurance Rules Saved Customers $1.5 Billion Last Year: Study

Papa John's, Applebee's And Others Pay Huge Price For Anti-Obamacare Politicking

Shame! 38 Republican Senators Vote 'No' on the UN Treaty Banning Discrimination Against People With Disabilities;

Les Carpenter said...

Study the dept trajectory since 1950. Note 1981 - 2000 and 2001 - 2008 in particular. Correlate the relationship to defense expenditures/ wartime footing and economic upswing(s).

Then call 1-800- Ron Paul.

Sometimes the obvious becomes the overlooked.

Jersey McJones said...

"So Jersey, since you're such a lecturing genius, how do we raise an extra one trillion dollars in revenue per year?"

If that's how much you think we should raise, then that's much you're saying we should raise, right?

What is government "revenue?"


""Unfunded wars"

You mean like the rest of our unfunded government?"

Well, no. Most of our government expenditures come from direct taxation. The exception to that rule is the robbing of it, of course, but that's a bipartisan fetish.

"Your hero King Obama and the Pelosicrats have given us over $4 trillion in unfunded government these past four years, which is historical, in a bad way."

No, Silver. The morons you cons put in office BEFORE Obama created this mess. You can't can't sell a house that you personally filled with termites and then expect the new buyer to get stuck with the bill.

The same dumb, rich schmucks who put those morons in office should be asked to pay more taxes to clean up the mess THEY made. That's why so many of the wealthy voted for Obama this year. They know they made it and they know they have to clean it up. Some rich scumbags still refuse to admit it.

"As the collapse of the progressive model continues, expect more internecine Blue on Blue action."

LOL! You mean like all the ideological defections among the GOP "lame duck" this season? LOL!

It's Red on Red, Silver, and soon enough, it's going to create Purple.


Finntann said...

Liberalmann... you do know what Op-Ed means, don't you?

Rick Ungar? LOL

Care to explain the decline in restaurant revenues for companies that haven't come out publically against Obamacare?

No? I didn't think so.

Finntann said...


Yeah, keep blaming Bush.


Finntann said...

Liberalmann... this, would be research:

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. (CBRL) on Thursday reported a 3 percent decline in profit for the first quarter as a higher tax rate and expenses offset revenue growth.

According to the Knapp-Track Survey of roughly 60 casual restaurant chains, same-store sales declined 0.9 percent in October. Same-store guest counts were down 2.8 percent but check averages rose 1.9 percent.

On a comparable basis, restaurant sales dropped 1.4% due to a 4.2% decline in traffic, partially offset by higher average check of 2.8%. The upside in average check was driven by a 2.1% spike in menu prices and a favorable mix impact of 0.7%. However, guest count remained low due to prevailing economic challenges and weak summer travel. Comparable retail sales in the quarter also fell 0.7%.

Sales in the restaurant industry were flat and traffic was down in October. NRN also found that management turnover increased in October, while hourly employee turnover declined.

McDonald's Corp on Thursday reported a 1.8 percent drop in October sales at established restaurants around the world, its first monthly sales fall since March 2003, hurt by stiff competition in a weak economy.

October sales at restaurants open at least 13 months fell 2.2 percent in both the United States and Europe and fell 2.4 percent in the Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) region.

Only in Rick Ungar's fantasyland are restaurant sales declines attributable to opposition to Obamacare.

This ain't rocket science you know.

MathewK said...

As you can see in the responses you got Silver. They don't know and they don't care. They never did and never will.

Fear not though, obama will make them pay and make them work. And I know ducky yearns for real work.

It won't be because obama wants to, it'll be because he'll have to.

Les Carpenter said...

It's not the wealthy jmj, it's the oligarhs that know how to retain and expand their power as they exploit the ill informed on both the left and right.

As they knowingly pit one side against the other and laugh all the way to the Central Bank.

The hall of smoke and mirrors...

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

If you look at average annual incomes by age, you find that incomes are rising for two age groups in America, the 15 to 24 year olds and those over 65, and the average incomes of other age groups, from age 25 to 64 are rapidly dropping. Income for 15 to 24 years olds is rising, but still about 20% lower for the 15 to 24 year old age bracket 10 years ago. In contrast, the 65+ year olds are making 25% more in income than 65+ year olds even 5 years ago.

Who's cleaning up, making more money now than they ever did? The 65+ year olds.

This is sickening when you realize that the 65+ year olds are taking "entitlements" at retirement that on average, particularly with Medicare, are getting back more than they ever paid in by the 3rd year of their retirement. The ballooning cost of Medicare IS the sole source reason there's a "fiscal cliff" to ever worry about.

For me, any proposed solution to the problem that does not seize the assets and property of everyone born before the year 1965, preferably at gunpoint but rifle butts to the face will do, is a non-starter.

It's not my $16 Trillion national debt. It's theirs. They should pay for it.


Les Carpenter said...

Righto beamish. Thank LBJ and the Great Society illusion. On, and while you're at it don't forget to thank the post 80's rEPublicans, especially GWB for their contributions to creating the fiscal mess.

Finding the solution requires understanding the real complexities of the problem...