Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis the Reason for the Season


Les prêtres - Il est né le divin enfant


One of my favorite carols.


Always On Watch said...

I haven't heard this in years!

Back when I worked at a small Christian school owned and operated by a woman who had spent some time in France, she used to have the kindergarten students perform this song at every Christmas pageant. How she got those little kids to sing so well was a miracle, IMO! This carol was one of the highlights of the pageant every year.

I should also mention that this woman used to be an opera singer -- fairly well known in her day.

Thersites said...

Very pleasant and fresh rendition. :)

viburnum said...

Quite delightful!

I've always liked this French one

FreeThinke said...

From the Noels for Organ of composer Claude Dacquin, through endearing folks carols like this, on through The Christmas Oratorio by Camille Saint Saens and L'enfance du Christ of Hector Berlioz there is always a lively, innocent, affectionate, uniquely piquant strain in French music devoted to Christmas.

Il est ne, le divin enfant works very well in concert when grouped with The Carol of the Bells, Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella and The Coventry Carol. Fortunately for me, I love them all -- and many more besides.

At this time of shock and grief over the senseless slaughter of innocent children in Newton, Connecticut may we look to the Birth of Jesus as a renewed affirmation that Hope, Joy, Truth and Love have again been born into the world to live among us and teach us how to be in touch with our true nature -- the ever-present impulse and desire to give aid, comfort and affection to all who cross our path -- an impulse stifled only by ignorance, superstition and fear of the unknown.

Whenever something dreadful happens, we have a clear choice. Either we succumb to anger and resentment and live in bitterness - OR - we can make a determination take joy in what may be left behind and carry on with hope we may yet build a better future in the time we have left.

Grief at a time like this is certainly appropriate for the victims of yesterday's tragedy, but the tendency to WALLOW in it and let it SPOIL our OWN lives is pernicious and should be voided at all costs.

Wallowing in the muck and more is for SWINE. Human beings were made for better things.


~ FreeThinke

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ah, the Tilt of the Earth's Axis! Happy Solstice to All.

Always On Watch said...

Amen to what FT said above!

In my view, there really is no understanding the disturbed mind -- or the evil mind. Whichever way you want to look at yesterday's horror in Newtown.

Finntann said...

I picked this particular video for two reasons. It highlights 'the reason for the season', le divin enfant, and it also highlights that for the most part the reason for the season is the children.

It is understandable, but still saddens me that the tragedy in Connecticut intrudes even upon this lovely carol.

What I found even more heartwrenching was this:

"People in my neighborhood are feeling guilty about it being Christmas. They are taking down decorations," said Jeannie Pasacreta, a psychologist who volunteered her services and was advising parents struggling with how to talk to their children.

Please, don't give in to despair.

I've bumped tomorrow's scheduled post for a discussion on this tragedy, so if you can hold off until then please do. If you must comment on him today, feel free to get it off your chest.

I ask one favor of you all though, like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter, let 'you-know-who' be referred to only by epithets. Let his infamy be one of disregard.


Jersey McJones said...

Well posted and said, FT.

Good job.

Merry Christmas all, and God Bless the Children.


FreeThinke said...

Thank you, Jersey, and the same to you and all you love and care for.

In our hearts we are not so different from one another as our outward appearance and behavior might suggest.

Best to ya, buddy!

~ FT

FreeThinke said...

"Please, don't give in to despair."

That's exactly right, Finntann. It would be unfair to our children, to ourselves -- and to future generations -- if we allowed ourselves to do that.

Thank you.

And you too, AOW, for your many kind words of affirmation and encouragement both here and abroad.

'Tis the season to REJOICE even in the midst of pain and sorrow.

~ FT