Monday, January 2, 2017

Britain Rings in the New Year

Some people won't be having a happy new year! Carnage on the streets of Britain as revellers see in 2017 with a night of fighting, vomiting and a LOT of flesh on show

I'm not making fun of Great Britain. This and worse goes on here in the US. I want to direct your attention to the captions under the pictures. British papers have a refreshing way of frankly stating the scene...

"Celebrations turned ugly in Manchester as a flabby shirtless man kicks out at another man lying on the ground"

"Two men come to blows in the heavy rain in Manchester as a distressed woman tries to break them apart"

"A girl is comforted by a male companion after leaving a nightclub in Sheffield, where bottles of booze were seen on the street"

"Two men were seen lying slumped on the ground in Albert Embankment, central London, as the excitement proved too much"

I am also not moralizing against revelers. Lord knows I boozed my way across The Olde Continent. I got so drunk with a group of Irish men and women one night I don't know how I got home... and that was on a religious pilgrimage.

Also, I want to deplore the trend of tattoos on women. I'm old enough to remember a time when that was confined to circuses. Did the US start that execrable global trend?

Here's a song I've never heard in the US (outside of my house), but used to be popular in Europe and Central and South America in the 90's...

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