Wednesday, January 4, 2017

People have been known to make predictions...

From SF last year:

Dem ticket:  Hillary Clinton and one of the Castro brothers.

Well half right.

Repub Ticket:  Chris Christie/Susana Martinez

And its a long hard ball out into left field.

Next US President:  Hillary Clinton


1 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB solid State computer drives will fall below $200/Terabyte 

A 3 TB drive is available on Amazon for $4995

Assad regains control of all of Syria, including Raqqa, but violent ISIS remnants continue to ankle-bite his regime, while ISIS keeps a firm hold on parts of Iraq. 

Pretty darn close.

US GDP for 2015 will be below 3%

According to US News it was 2.4%, give that man a cigar.

Europe and North America will each experience at least one Islamic terror attack with more than 50 casualties each (I will be happy to be wrong about this one) 

Well that one was kind of like stepping up to the plate with a barn door ;)

GOP House and Senate will approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership and President Obama will sign it.   

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle...


Clinton campaign implodes after charges are filed in re. to >1200 classified emails on her home server. Democrats field a Sanders/Warren ticket.  

I can dream can't I ?

Republicans field a Cruz/Scott Brown ticket in a brokered convention.  

And none of us saw the steam engine barrelling down the track.

Trump runs an Independent campaign, no one gets an electoral college majority, and the House picks Cruz amid a flurry of legal challenges. 

Who'd have ever thunk he'd get the nomination ;)

Oil drops to between $20-25 a barrel for WTI. 

Close but no cigar ($26.56 was the lowest it got).

The government of North Korea collapses, refugees stream both north and south over the border resulting in a Chinese military intervention in the north preventing reunification and raising tensions in Asia to a tinderbox level

Well it's bound to happen sooner or later, let it roll...


Freesoul1957:  Trump will become president

Ducky: Clinton/Julian Castro vs.  Cruz/Ayotte

Ducky: Unemployment will drop below 5% but labor participation will edge down.  (Dropped to 4.9 in October... maybe, sort of)

Jersey: Clinton/Beshear vs.  Christie/Haley

2016 Western Hero Predictions 

Anyone care to go out on a limb this year?


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