Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Loony Left's Intellectual Death Spiral

Lefwing wackadoos are becoming increasingly unhinged, and the derangement will swell as the campaign season wears on. If Obama starts sagging in the polls, I predict a 5 Alarm meltdown, complete with violence. Their worldview so conflicts with reality that they get nuttier by the day.

Trying to “prove” Obama isn’t the biggest spender president in history in light of his documented $5 trillion in debt strains credulity to the point of absurdity. Reagan was a skinflint compared to our current president. Yes, Reagan blew a lot of money, but he also killed inflation, reduced unemployment to 5%, brought down interest rates, strengthened the dollar, grew the economy by 30% and doubled real-dollar federal revenue intake. To top it off, Reaganomics kicked off the longest economic boom in our nation’s history. Every one of Obama’s economic indicators are the opposite.

For a recap on how a real president does things, read Veronique de Rugy’s data-filled article, President Reagan, Champion Budget Cutter. He’s the only president in the last 50 years to make real department cuts, and he did it by working with Democrats dominating both houses of congress. Obama's team is whining that they didn't have a supermajority.  Obama could learn some lessons from Reagan, but he won’t.

Not only does the left not have facts on their side, they suffer from an inability to see things as they really are…
Vanden Heuvel’s analysis of why the left lost in Wisconsin is simple, and if it is true, the left looks doomed. The answer is money, she says, reflecting a very widespread line of analysis. Thanks to the Supreme Court, the right is able to outspend the left ten to one, ensuring that the left can never win. (WRM)
This is why the left is doomed. Not because of Big Money flowing from the Koch Brothers and evil corporations, but because of their defeatist thinking. Rather than charge into the marketplace of ideas with bold, fresh thinking, they instead make whiny excuses for why they can’t win. Too much money against them, people are too stupid to understand their positions, vast Right Wing Conspiracies, rightwingers won’t let Obama and the Pelosicrats spend the Krugman-prescribed amount of stimulus money, republicans (who control only one house and for only half of Obama’s first term) are blocking everything…

They really believe, and explode in rage that they can’t get others to believe, that the Wisconsin recall election was decided by outside corporate money rather than Walker lowering taxes and unemployment and eliminating Wisconsin’s Democrat-induced debt without any government layoffs.

Do liberal Democrats really believe Wisconsinites are so stupid that they just sit by the TV drooling at the GOP ads and then go robot-like off to the polls rather than look at the facts?

This is an intellectual death spiral.


Always On Watch said...

Lefwing wackadoos are becoming increasingly unhinged, and the derangement will swell as the campaign season wears on

That is a given.

What I'm wondering about is just how far the derangement will go -- beyond rhetoric, that is.

The Left does not go peacefully into that good night ("night" in the symbolic sense).

Hack said...

Their toddler like reaction to the Walker win is a blatant insult to ever Wisconsin citizen that voted for Walker...again. It isn't anything new.

What really gets me though about Obama is his constant blaming of Republicans for standing in his way...when he had a Democrat supermajority in his FIRST 2 YEARS. No bother, the election is already over Silver. I would bet money on it. And then you just wait for their reactions. Cant wait.

FreeThinke said...


Just wrote a thought-filled post full of questions, and it went SHAZAM!


Your loss. No time to reconstruct.


Have a great day.

~ FT

Silverfiddle said...

Another victim of The Blooger Black Hole...

Copy early, copy often...

There are some WordPress sites I can no longer post to. It accepts my comment and then eats it, telling me I've already posted if I try again...

Constitutional Insurgent said...

This is why the mouthpieces on the right should campaign on the fact that Obama's economic policies and ideology of entitlement from Government, and completely distance themselves from the bullshit rhetoric of 'un-American/Muslim/Marxist/other.

The people who are smart enough to be swayed by economic and intellectual fact should be courted. The people who would buy into the bullshit are mentally stunted enough to vote for Obama irregardless of fact.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

**should have read "...from Government are detrimental to or economy and [r]epublican principles.

Always On Watch said...

Possibly of interest: Debunking Dems Excuse for Losing in Wisconsin. Worth taking a look at, I think.

TeaBagger said...

People love to complain about Bush misspeaking, but in less than 100 days he's racked up almost as many mistakes as Bush did in eight.
But come to think about it, were they simply misspeaking errors or LIES?

FreeThinke said...

The left would never -- ever -- not in a million years -- admit it was wrong. Their failures are always the result of someone else's unfair treatment, lack of understanding, or this latest canard -- being "outspent."

Incessant, whining, bitching, blaming, sniping, sneering, lying, cheating, stealing, killing comprise the left's modus operandi.

The simplistic interpretation of Freud's Weltanschauung: "Everything I do that's wrong is someone else's fault" is the unwritten motto of The Left.

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...


What would happen if it were possible to push a button, and make every leftist on the planet disappear into the ground in a clap of thunder?

Would Heaven on Earth immediately be established, or would a whole new set of unforeseen challenges emerge to bedevil us?

Do we, as a species, perhaps need the tension, friction, irritation and pain of enmity and ceaseless adversity to drive us toward creativity and productivity?


Like plant life do we have an inherent need to continue growing –– or in our case changing –– because the alternative would be death?

Stasis and stagnation, which we might mistake for "stability" or "security," may seem attractive, but we know from observing Nature that these are indicative of a morbid, unwholesome, likely-moribund condition.

There's much talk of reaching "a happy medium," but one can't help but wonder if this must remain a purely imaginary condition? Either we grow and expand, or we die. Life appears to an irresistible, compelling force that renders us profoundly uncomfortable if we stop growing and developing -- and sometimes even more uncomfortable if we do.

There appears to be no finality to the processing of knowing and always wanting to know more.

Is it worth the trouble, or would it really have been better -- as I am often tempted to think –– if everything had remained just as it was in 1952?

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

SF, you're SO right but it doesn't mean he'll lose, sadly. Particularly in the last 30 years, AMerican colleges have taught more of "death spiral" thinking than "bold, fresh thinking".
And, he relies on maligning everyone around him and before him pretty effectively since the media's on that, too.
It doesn't help that people like Jed Bush is now whining about Republicans not able to compromise when any thinking Conservative knows that compromise means leaning so far left that this country will never be the same again. (sour grapes?)

FreeThinke said...

" ... he relies on maligning everyone around him and before him ..."

Yes, he does, but so does everyone else, Z.

What do we do but malign him -- and the Democrats -- and leftist thinking in general?

That may be warranted, but where does it get us? I can't see any profit in it.

We live now in a state of perpetual, ideological warfare where both sides point fingers and lob verbal grenades at each other from behind the barricades.

Disagreement has festered into hatred. Political discourse and reportage tends to be childish, inane -- even barbarous.

One can't help but wonder if there are any adults left in the room at all?

Continual whining, bitching, moaning, groaning and relentless accusation never built any bridges, paved any roads, fed any armies, or enlightened a single human mind.

Whining, bitching, ceaseless accusation and condemnatory rhetoric are hallmarks of Leftist Activism.

Haven't we fallen into a self-destructive pattern by acting as a virtual Rorschach image of the Left?

Why wait for the Left to give us creative, constructive thinking? Let's assert some of our own -- if we still know how.

Jesus said, "Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

Much more difficult than registering complaints, I grant you, but darned good advice, if you ask me.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

DAVID BROOKS: Okay, so our act starts with us inflating a giant internet bubble. Then that collapses, taking the country's economy with it, just as we massively cut taxes on millionaires because, we say, if we don't the government will have too much money. Right after that we blow off warnings about terrorism and let 3,000 Americans get slaughtered. We use that as a chance to lie the U.S. into invading a country that had nothing to do with the attack, killing hundreds of thousands of people and turning millions into refugees. In the middle of all that we borrow torture techniques from the Inquisition and use them on people in secret sites around the planet. Then we make billions off another financial bubble, the biggest in human history, and do nothing as it collapses, plunging the world into the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression. To fix that we open up the national bank vault and shovel out money as fast as possible to all the criminals who made it happen in the first place. Then—as the amazing finale—we refuse to prosecute anyone for that, for the war, or for torture, and we start killing U.S. citizens with flying death robots.


AGENT: ...That's a hell of an act. What do you call it?

DAVID BROOKS: The Aristocrats!

—Jon Schwarz

Anonymous said...

Victor Davis Hanson agrees with you.

The days of socialism/progressivism are winding down. The question is what comes next.

Silverfiddle said...

Righto Ducky! See what your progressive government has wrought?

FreeThinke said...

Cha cha pee pee lhasa leaky
Dobo neeki wah wah peaky
Babar agtail veewee sneaky
Razzmatazzo junkalardo
Whiffa Sewastench bombardo

Happleanux botoplasm
Pelosiristan whorgasm
Mamma mia! Pappalardo!
Wywee mayka brat Canardo?

Cha cha pee pee cockaleeki
Vila spurgeons oso sneeki
Titfawtatan itsohardo
Hah pee nujeer Gailombardo!

~ Carolla Luigi

Stogie said...

I read that the Unions in Wisconsin spent 21 million dollars trying to unseat Walker. So it appears that the Dems are lying when they blame their defeat on "being outspent."

The truth is that the public is rejecting their absurd philosophies and policies.

Lisa said...

The left always says how Reagan raised taxes an then argue how his policies didn't work.
They always want it both ways.

Unknown said...

If anyone thinks that Wisconsin was about money, they need their screw back on tighter.
And I am sure the left will blame it on Citizens United after Nov too, even though their liberal union brethren can also spend like drunken sailors.
Problem is, most have learned their lesson in giving drunken liberal anymore money.

Trekkie4Ever said...

I believe the "nuttiness" of the Left is just going to progress as they continue to see failure after failure of their "president."

Reagan knew how to get the job done, he may have ticked off a lot of people, but in the end, he took care of the nation he so loved.

Can't say much for Obama.

Z said...

Lisa said...

The left always says how Reagan raised taxes an then argue how his policies didn't work."

I love how you get to the meat of the problems, did it again!
You're so right......good job.!

Les Carpenter said...

To bad the Gipper isn't available so the Tea Party could consult with him. If he were perhaps something might get done.

A Libertarian Patriot said...

Last Friday Obama said "the private sector is doing fine" This ridiculous statement is followed by Obama trying to walk back his comments with a conversation on how we need to hire more firefighters, police, and teachers to improve the economy.

This is a gleaming pinnacle of immense stupidity. Rather than just state the obvious and refute him, I want to delve deeper into what the core problem really is: Liberals do not understand the concept of wealth creation. I am hoping this post is not too technical, and you really try to understand, because I am dissecting one of the key cornerstones of liberalism.

When a product is created by a private company, it is something that is worth more than the raw materials that went into it. For example, bread is worth more than just the dirt, water, and seeds that were needed to create it. When bread is produced, each step adds value. Wheat is grown, which is worth more than seeds and dirt, harvested into a pile, which is worth more than an unharvested field, processed into flour, which is worth more than pile of wheat and baked into bread, which is worth more than the flour. Labor creates value at each step, which is wealth.

When government hires firefighters, policeman, and teachers, what does this have to do with wealth? Firefighters protect wealth from being burned into ash, Policeman enforce the law to allow an environment for wealth production, and government teachers ostensibly teach the new wealth creators of tomorrow. These services are necessary in one form or another, therefore, government is a necessary evil.

Economics 101 says there is a limited supply, and unlimited demand to all products and services. In the private sector, the forces of supply and demand will balance out. If a company sells something and makes a profit, it is because the company has produced wealth. By definition, the product is worth more than it costs to make it, and the consumer bought the product because there is still more value in the wealth of the product than the price they paid to buy it. For example, if an Apple Ipad costs Apple $300 to produce, and someone buys it for $600, Apple made a profit of $300. The wealth created is worth more than $600 to the buyer otherwise they wouldn't have traded the money for it! The money, of course, comes out of the individual's pocket to suit the needs of the individual, with a transparent relationship with the buyer and the seller. Meanwhile, Apple continues to hire more employees which help to create even more wealth to keep up with demand. These jobs are self-sustaining because the employees are paid out of a portion of the wealth they created.

What about government? Le'ts pretend your town only needs 5 fireman who together make a total of $250,000 a year to put out 100% of the fires in the town, which saves $1,000,000 a year in wealth from being burned to ash. What does Obama want to do? He wants to hire 10 fireman, because he says it will spur the economy. Is $1,000,000 in wealth saved suddenly doubled to $2,000,000 because twice the number of people were hired? No, it still saves 100% of fires which saves $1,000,000 per year. Instead, what happened is, for no additional benefit, the same service now costs double!

The claim from Dear Leader that hiring more government employees will spur the economy is pandering to ignorance. It's that age old argument "Everyone loves fireman, policeman, and teachers." In the above scenario, he is basically redistributing $250,000 from your pocket to government employees, and unnecessarily having two people share the workload of one! What is even worse is the average taxpayer only knows the work is being done, but has no idea they are being swindled!
Is it a wonder why a liberal maniac like Obama would believe that somehow hiring more government employees will improve the economy when in effect all it does is redistribute tax dollars?

A Libertarian Patriot said...

Recently, leaks have come out about US and Israeli involvement in sabotaging the Iran nuclear program. The Pretender in Chief claims he and his administration have nothing to do with the leaks, and he says, "the notion that my White House would release national security information is offensive." We should believe him because Obama is obviously not a frequent liar with an overly political administration, who lies literally every other sentence. Either way, this is something that "looks good" for the Obama administration because it shows he is strong on national security. This spectacle is much like the political parade for the whole week during the anniversary of killing Bin Laden, in which Navy Seals wanted him to shut up.

Teresa said...

Free Thinke is on a roll. I am in full agreement. Spot on!

Maybe we should hope the spirit of Ronald Reagan comes to visit the GOP during the election, just like what happened in A Christmas Carol?

Liberalmann said...


Ducky's here said...

Did I miss the Saint Ronnie Raygun love fest?

I know z is a big supporter of amnesty for illegals, was that her favorite?

Silverfiddle said...

Liberaloonyman: The *ahem* facts are that Obama has blown more money in 3 years than Bush did in eight. *ahem*

Obama and the Pelosicrats had it all didn't roll back one damned thing, which looks to me like an endorsement.

Silverfiddle said...

Libertarian Patriot:

Your economic explanation was extremely well-stated. Thank you for stopping by!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out Z.

How many firemen does it take to turn on one fire hydrant?
1 to drive there
2 to get out the equipment
2 to hand off the equipment
2 to use the equipment to remove the cap
1 to connect the hose
1 to supervise
and 1 woman to fill the quota

FreeThinke said...

Thank you, Teresa.

Even my attempt to write Da Da poetry has some meaning buried deep in the folds of its inanity, although it is a bit off-topic. One must indulge in a little tongue-in-cheek humor once in a while –– at least this "one" must.

Deadly seriousness may carry us just so far, but we need something more in order to gain a realistic perspective. Humor helps, and so does a little madness now and then –– as long as it doesn't get too far out of hand. ;-)

Does James Joyce make sense to you? I must be a Philistine after all, because I have to admit I just don't get it. And yet I retain some fondness for Gertrude Stein whose poetry is every bit as opaque as most things deemed "modern" in the years just prior to and immediately following WWI.

I think now the seeds for the upheaval we are experiencing right now were sown then –– a full century ago.

Have a good evening wherever you are.

~ FreeThinke

PS: Please come visit my new blog. It bears my name, so it should be easy to find. I cannot promise that all topics will please or interest, but it might be worth taking a look. I'm still learning the ropes of blogging, so there aren't any pictures or videos yet, but stop by any time. I will make every effort to be a cordial host. - FT

FreeThinke said...

Any disparaging view un-Amerian
Gives joy to the chronic dyspeptic contrarian.
If it’s hostile and dark,
His heart sings like a lark,
But laments when it’s blond, sweet and Aryan

~ FreeThinke

jez said...

Which reminds me, have you seen the nazi sci-fi film "Iron Sky"? It's excellent (though very daft), and points to a rather intriguing way to make & finance movies.