Saturday, December 8, 2012



Always On Watch said...

A lovely version of this haunting song. I'm partial to the Latin version because I teach Latin.

Anonymous said...


Thersites said...

Bitten by the Christmas bug already? ;)

Bunkerville said...

Thanks for a great rendition.

FreeThinke said...

A very creative reinterpretation of the ancient tune.

I fund myself far more intrigued by the instrumentation and accompaniment figures than the vocal line, itself, however, which is sung uninflected, and tends therefore to be monotonous.

Beautiful video!

Have to say the impression is more of the coming of something possibly OMINOUS than any cause for rejoicing.

I was reminded of the "Rough Beast Slouching Its Way to Bethlehem" made famous by William Butler Yeats.

~ FreeThinke

PS: Look for an arrangement with a radically different perspective from The Mormon Tabernacle Choir coming your way soon at FreeThinke's Blog. - FT