Thursday, March 28, 2013

Judgemental Much?

Polly Gillespie - Facebook

My Mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything

What struck me most about this story, wasn't the mother's poor decision making, but the vehemence and vitriol with which my fellow American's responded.

The New Zealand Couple

The New Zealand couple that saw this called the Mum.  When she came out from the store, and after presumably receiving a stern lecture from her fellow citizens, all was well and over with.

That is until someone posted this picture to facebook and the world took notice.  Reading through the comments left presumably by my fellow Americans on MSN what struck me was how angry, bitter, and unforgiving they come across: 

She better be glad she is not in USA she would be in jail and she would never see that baby again.  Is there no laws for children over there?

Her azz should be in jail. NO questions asked

ANY one involved in this, should be charged with child endangerment. Freaking morons.

dumb, criminal, neglectful, bad parent

Jail the stupid thing

Baby needs to be taken away, there are no second chances

I say life in prison,and a mandatory tubal ligation 

UK, Australia, and New Zealand

Admittedly my polling isn't all that scientific,  but after reading through over 50 pages over MSN comments and perusing news articles from the UK, New ZealandAustralia, and Europe I feel I can safely say we have become the meanest and angriest people on earth, totally lacking in empathy and any hint of reasoned judgement.

World opinion seems in agreement... the mother made a very poor decision, although there are a few outliers here and there that see nothing wrong with this scenario.  But by and large the responses in overseas publications are far more understanding and far more compassionate than those left by Americans, even when in disagreement. Most, while they thought her actions wrong, didn't seem to think them criminal but seemed to think the mother needed help or education, not jail time and separation from her child.

What Do You Think?

Not about leaving infants in cars,  which I think the majority of us will be in agreement is wrong,  but what do you think the appropriate response should be?  And what do you think of those advocating jail time and taking the child away?


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