Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The European Ministry of RightThink

Daily Mail


Enforcing RightThink

Greek soccer midfielder Giorgos Katidis salutes the crowd after scoring the winning goal in a Super League win over Viera... and gets banned for life.

Excuses, excuses, excuses...

Those speaking in defense of Katidis say he was pointing to a teammate in the crowd,  others simply claim he didn't know what it symbolized.

No, they're not a bunch of little Nazis  

The Roman or Bellamy Salute

It was the salute used by the legions of Rome,  from 1892 onward, it was the salute given during the pledge of allegiance. After being adopted by Italian Fascists in 1923 followed by the German Nazi Party,  in 1942 the US congress amended the Flag Code to our current hand over the heart "in order to prevent confusion"

Fascist or Stupid?

I find it hard to believe Katidis is completely ignorant of European history from 1920-1945, or of its use by the Greek Golden Dawn Party in current events.  Last I checked the Golden Dawn Party was not illegal in Greece, and held 18 seats in the Greek Parliament.  Either way, the punishment hardly seems to fit the crime, even if he is a fascist.  The only way to preserve freedom for the many is to accept dissent from the few.  So, he's a fascist... deal with it.








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