Friday, March 22, 2013


Francis I

Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Let me start this off by saying that this post is not intended to be a discussion of the relative merits or flaws of the Roman Catholic Church, its dogma, doctrine, theology, or its history, but a discussion about the newly elected Pope, ensure your comments are related to the man, his history, and his possible effects on the church and Christianity in general.  I will not permit this discussion to turn into an anti-papist no-nothing riot. You've been forewarned.  That said, I have no desire to stifle your comments,  anything about the man is open for discussion from the Dirty War to Cardinal Law, the man, his statements, actions, and history are fair game.


A Pope of the People?

First Pope from the Americas, first Jesuit Pope, son of a railwayman who gave away his bishop's palace and took the bus to work.  In his first Angelus address, dispensed with the security of the 'popemobile' and waded into the crowd gathered outside the gates much to the chagrin of his Swiss guards.  He has been described by many as a simple and humble man, a man for the Argentine poor.

Argentina's Dirty War and the Kirchners

Some controversy has arisen regarding rumors of his culpability in the imprisonment and torture of two kidnapped priests during the 'Dirty War' either through complicity or through inaction.  He has also consistently butted heads with the Kirchners over progressive legislation contrary to church teachings.

Cardinal Law

Despite reports in the Italian paper Il Fatto Quotidiano and the Daily Mail, the Vatican Spokesman has denied that Pope Francis has thrown the disgraced Boston Cardinal Law out of the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore and ordered him to be removed to a cloistered monastery.  Me? I think that would have been a good move.

What do you Think of the New Pope?

Same as the old Pope? Do you think their will be change?  He appears to be well liked in Argentina's evangelical Protestant community, the Jewish community, even the Islamic community.  As Archbishop of Buenos Aires he was the Ordinary for Eastern Rite Orthodox in Argentina, a group that lacks their own prelate and his designation of Pope seems to have been welcomed by many of the Eastern Orthodox churches.    

Me? I think those expecting drastic changes are going to be disappointed,  there are going to be no woman priests, no same-sex marriages.  I also think those expecting no change are going to be disappointed as well. Some who knew Cardinal Bergoglio have even ventured to speculate you might see a shift in the birth-control position. Only time will tell.

The Servant (Jesuit) becomes the Master (Pope)... it should prove very interesting indeed.




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