Thursday, November 5, 2015

He's Black?

A Hate Crime investigation was launched following a string of seven church fires in the St. Louis area in which the congregations were predominately black.  Police have charged David Lopez Jackson in 2 of the seven fires and he remains a suspect in the other five.

Liberals left baffled and confused! 

An ATF spokesman was quoted as saying "There appears to be no indication of a hate crime or sign ... any one particular Christian denomination or ethnic group was being targeted, to be honest I'm completely stumped! I don't know what to think." 

One local leader said he was relieved that he was caught and now that he knew he was black, hopefully he would get some help, but you know... we were kind of hoping we were going to get to string up a honkey! As he walked off he was heard yelling at the top of his lungs:


Seriously though folks, isn't it kind of racist jumping to the conclusion that the Perp was some angry white guy? Sometimes an arsonist is just an arsonist.

Although to give our liberal friends some hope, maybe it was a hate crime, maybe he hates religion and churches were the only thing conveniently at hand.  Oh wait, that would make him eligible for a leadership position in the DNC. 

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