Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hillary's Army has Europe All Merkeled Up

These are the kinds of stupidities one-world phantasists in Europe are spouting in the midst of the European migrant crisis caused by Hillary and Barack's North African adventures:
"Should the chancellor regain control of the situation it remains possible that in 20 years’ time, she could yet be seen as the mother of a different, more vibrant and multicultural Germany — a country that held on to its values when it was put to the test." (Financial Times)
"More vibrant and multiculural Germany?" Hard to believe, but people people exist who actually believe such twaddle. And no, they can't explain how shattering a homogeneous culture and making it "multi" makes it better...

While Germany's gates have been smashed off their hinges, Eastern Europeans are building fences and slamming doors. They remember what it was like living close to the bone, so, unlike their prosperity-fattened and welfare-stupified cousins to the West, they still cling to some common sense.

Meanwhile, Germany is all Merkeled up...
"The chancellor has tried to live up to the best traditions of postwar Germany, including respect for human-rights and a determination to abide by international legal obligations."
"The trouble is that Ms Merkel’s government has clearly lost control of the situation."
No shit. Inviting in a million people from an incompatible culture can do that...
"But there is panic just beneath the surface: costs are mounting, social services are creaking, Ms Merkel’s poll ratings are falling and far-right violence is on the rise. Der Spiegel, a news magazine, wrote this week that: “Germany these days is a place where people feel entirely uninhibited about expressing their hatred and xenophobia.”"
Hatred:  You keep using that word...

Killing people, attacking them and burning them out of their shelters is hatred. It is not hatred to stand up and say you don't want unassimilable people in your country. Protesting government is a fundamental right of the people.

It is not xenophobic to defend your borders, language and culture...

It is fundamental self-preservation. The scribes in the press who continually scream otherwise are batwinged gargoyles in service to the global elite.

Here's more:
"As the placid surface of German society is disturbed, so arguments about the positive economic and demographic impact of immigration are losing their impact."
What positive impacts?

Can anyone provide one example where Muslims gained a working plurality or majority in a previous non-muslim society or region and improved it? Lebanon, anyone?

If this were an invasion of dentists and plumbers and their families, we could discuss the relative merits, but let's face it, this is mostly military-age young men raised on the supremacy of one book over all others, and they are marinated in a culture of religious bigotry where killing blasphemers is a mark of honor.

Can anyone point to any real-world examples of where vast numbers of Muslims have quietly assimilated into a Christian or secular society?

This debate is important for a few reasons:

First, it decides who holds the power in Europe and its nations: Bureaucrats, or the people. Bureaucrats cowing their EU subjects into submission by hurling slanderous charges of rightwing extremism, xenophobia and racism isn't working anymore. Hopefully, Germans and other Europeans will stand up and smash that garbabage back in the faces of the continental elite.

This also has global implications. Can we call a spade a spade? Can we point to Mexico and say its a beautiful country with fine people, but they need to get their shit together? Can we point out that Lebanon, only 50 years ago an oasis of modernity, sanity and secular tranquility, has been wrecked as Muslims moved in and gained a majority? Can we point out what a stinking pile of shit the Muslim world is?

Can we declare, Hell Yes, our culture is better than theirs. Can we state emphatically that we want to preserve our culture from those who have destroyed theirs?

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