Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maoist Daughter Kills Liberal Mother

Kill that Imperialist Running Dog!

We are witnessing the murder of liberalism on College Campuses

A sensitive, liberal, female guidance counselor at Yale wrote a fluffy e-mail about halloween costumes to the students, and it threw the hard-left activists into a flaming rage. One latte leftist from a comfy upper-middle class upbringing screamed vulgarities at the woman's husband.

Students at Mizzou are up in arms over peckerwoods in pickups shouting racial slurs, turd swastikas in transgender-friendly bathrooms, and the usual list of microagressions and refusals of whities to check their privilege.

Chairman Mao's Makeover

Political Vel Craft
The Missouri students demanded, among other things, that the University President write an apology and read it publicly.  That is right out of Mao's China.

A good professor who grew up in the 60's would perhaps suggest these students read and discuss Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," but it would probably go right over their heads.

This is not Liberalism

This is the death of liberalism, and this conservative is alarmed by it.  Liberal academics are on the run on college campuses, chased by a hard-left rabble that shuts down free speech and demands the purging and cleansing of inconvenient truths from course content.

This is what happens when the adults abdicate authority, give up their roles as adults and try to be down with the struggle.  It doesn't earn them cred with the peeps; it earns them well-deserved scorn, and it encourages the libertine rabble.

Can the true liberals stand up and call BS on this?

I don't expect them to shut it down, that would be illiberal, but can they at least stand up for free speech for all?  Including inconvenient speech, controversial speech and uncomfortable speech?  Can they dust off the best and highest ideals from their 1960's youth and offer them to a new generation? Can liberals find their voice and stand up for their liberal values?

Can conservatives stand with the liberals on this one?

If we lose liberalism to this hard-leftism, we all lose.  Can conservatives stand with the liberals? Can we do it without the crap-slinging and name-calling?  Can we realize that we need one another? These fringe lefties are even more dangerous than the fringe righties because they have the momentum on their side and they understand how to tap into public sympathy and goodwill.

I often denigrate Jesse Jackson, but he is right:  It takes two wings to fly. Our nation needs a healthy, intellectually vibrant liberalism and conservatism, but when college campuses shovel us Ultimate Ironies like a Journalism professor calling for "some muscle over here," to defenestrate a student journalist, we get neither.

Conservative writers, speakers and thinkers are personae non grata on campuses, as are liberal, politically-incorrect comedians who despise conservatism.

So, what does that leave us with?

Education, or Indoctrination?

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