Monday, May 9, 2016


Viburnum posted this late in comments yesterday and I thought it was so apropos that I didn't want to see it get lost in the static of bygone posts.  When you stop and think about it you can substitute the names of any of our current candidates and it still works... actually might work more than it did back then. Even the intro still works, better than it did back then, can you believe it was 46 years ago?

You don't know what to believe anymore because the television just spews forth lies. It's such  a rapid rate now, a cancerous rate, they can't control it, they can't cover up their tracks, they used to be able to do that.

So here you go, It was a used car dealer's election and the choice was rather small... Go on, listen to the video, you know you want to.

Spot on choice for the 2016 election! If you had asked me years ago to come up with a farcical story with the worst possible candidates for each party, well, I couldn't have surpassed what reality has given us.  Karma? God has a sense of humor? Or the final proof of the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

By the way, on the subject of yesterday's post about running mates, I've come up with the perfect ticket for each party:


Why the heck not?  After all, what difference does it make?


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