Sunday, May 15, 2016

The "Affordable" Care Act?

This post began as a response to Ronald but I found it so illuminating I though I'd share it with the rest of you. Ron questioned my claim of suffering a roughly 50% increase in my health insurance premiums so I thought I would dig out my records and provide accurate information. Turns out that the 50% hike was only in one year. Viewed over the last four years it amounts to far more, and the farther back you look, the worse it gets.

My response to Ron Ward:

 Being a responsible adult, I've always carried the best health insurance plan offered by my company. What is now called a Platinum plan, with no deductible. You know. The kind that they are going to start taxing in a couple of years.

 In 2011 the annual cost for myself and my then wife was $3497

 In 2012 that rose to $3775.20

 In 2013 it rose to $6084

 In 2014, my company's decision to comply early to the provisions of the ACA increased the premium to $9048

 Late in 2014 I got divorced. So since I was only insuring myself in 2015 the annual nut fell to $5383.04

 This year my annual premium will be $5929.04, but I now have a $250 dollar deductible for the same  coverage. Adding that to the premium it becomes $6179.04

So now that I am paying more to insure one person in 2016 than I was paying to insure 2 people in 2013, please, pray tell how the ACA is going to save me money?

I'd be interested to know how many of you have had similar experiences?  Who's zooming who about the ACA?

As a footnote, a Federal judge has just ruled the healthcare subsidies being paid by the current administration "unconstitutional" as Congress has not appropriated the money.


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