Tuesday, July 19, 2016

But He's Democratically Elected !!!

Photo: Rama
President Barack Obama urged all sides in Turkey to support the democratically elected government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan amid a military takeover of the key NATO ally.

Why?  I find it hard to believe if there were a Putsch in the Kremlin or in Tehran he'd be urging everyone to support their democratically elected governments.  

A UN Security Council resolution failed to pass after Egypt objected to similar language with the argument that the council was "in no position to qualify, or label that government — or any other government for that matter — as democratically elected or not" and suggested other language that urged all parties to "respect the democratic and constitutional principles and the rule of law".  They do after all have a valid point, there are many governments around the world that are technically "democratically elected" yet that do not adhere to democratic and constitutional principles and the rule of law", and frankly the government of Recep Ergodan is one of them.

Why does Ergodan get a pass? When most probably Putin and Rouhani would not? Me? I was rooting for the Turkish military which has historically been the defender of the Turkish Constitution laid out on secular grounds by Mustafa Atatürk.

In the immediate aftermath of the coup the Ergodan government has arrested 7500 and relieved (fired) 9000 others with such rapidity as to prompt an EU commissioner to suggest that the list was prepared well before the coup ever started.


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