Wednesday, July 6, 2016


John Deutch was CIA director during the mid-nineties.  A CIA investigation found that he stored and processed hundreds of files of highly classified material on unprotected home computer.  A report by the Inspector General found that Deutch had failed to follow "the most basic security precautions".  Deutch apologized for his actions and was pardoned by President Bill Clinton.

Bryan Nishimura was a former naval reservist found with classified information on his home computer.  FBI agents found classified information in both hard copy and electronic forms.  Nashimura also admitted to having destroyed some information.  Nishimura pleaded guilty to unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials. A judge fined him $7,500, and he was ordered to surrender his security clearance.  The violation was a technical and unintentional one, but one that the Justice Department nonetheless thought it needed to punish "to make its point."

We, as a nation, are beyond redemption.


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