Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Rape of Europa

Yesterday's discussion with FT on the merits and flaws of Sefjan Steven's Start Spangled Banner got me thinking outside the political box of Hillary Clinton burning her schedules and murdering mewling kittens in her basement.  Wouldn't the world be a very boring place if we were all Michaelangelos painting with the same old brush?

The paintings are in order: Claude Lorrain (1655),  Felix Valloton (1908), Fransisco Toledo (1972), Francois Boucher (@1733), Valentin Serov (1910), Peter Paul Rubens (1630), Ryuzaburo Umehara (Unk).

All of these paintings are on the same theme "The Rape of Europa"... fitting following the Brexit eh?  See how politics creeps into everything?  They all produce a response in us and evoke emotion and thought. Is there any one in particular that you would hang in your living room or burn in your fireplace?

Oddly enough as I sit here writing this, although I didn't like it at first the Umehara (bottom) is growing on me.  Me? I have these hanging in my living room, reproductions of course ;)

Paul Cornoyer - The Plaza after Rain
Jean Baptiste-Camille Cerot - Ville d'Avray
What does our 'art' say about us?

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