Monday, April 18, 2011

Dump Trump

A bad joke is being played on the Republican party, and his name is Donald Trump
"If Trump is not on Obama’s payroll, he’s working for free, and I don’t think he’s that stupid"
OK, Trump fans, time to cut The Donald loose. I like how he injects some real talk into the political discussion, especially in the realm of international trade and diplomacy.  But he's also a Hollywood blowhard who will say anything to get attention.

So who does he really think is the worst president?  Obama?  Bush?  Carter?  He's claimed all three were at different times, and he's called Bush "evil."  Really...  Hitler was evil, Mao was evil, but George W. Bush?

And while his careening into the Obama citizenship sideshow is gaining him some FReeper fans, it is not presidential.  Savvy pols have attack dogs to do the dirty work.  There's plenty in Obama's past that is questionable or mysterious, and I don't begrudge people investigating it, but that's not what a presumptive presidential candidate should be focusing on.  We need to fire The Donald before his extreme unseriousness sinks the entire party, which is just now finding its feet again.

Donald Trump:  A Ross Perot for the New Millennium

Trump is not Obama’s worst nightmare—He’s the GOP’s guarantee of failure in 2012.   His hinting at a third-party run reveals his "I wanna be president" stunt to be nothing more than an egomaniacal road trip. The man is good at self-promotion, but he's got no chance to get elected president.

Entertaining a third-party run is an automatic disqualifier
He’s just told us that if he doesn't get the GOP nomination he will not honor the rules of the game and back the winner, so he’s disqualified. Supporting him is a waste of your money and voting for him in a primary is a vote for Barack Obama.   A Trump third-party foray will be a march of fools that reelects Barack Obama.

If Trump is not on Obama’s payroll, he’s working for free, and I don’t think he’s that stupid

Fuzzy Slippers has the best anti-Trump post in Right Blogistan.  She uncovers some convincing disqualifiers, like the traitorous Trump giving money to Harry Reid, when Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle was up in the polls.  She also links to an article describing how The Donald bribed the government to declare imminent domain in order to kick an old lady out of her house so he could build a parking lot.

If you’re looking for a real businessman to vote for, drop the infatuation with self-promoting wheeler dealers and go for a serious man who has the education, background and experience to be president:

Vote for Herman Cain

H/T Maggies Notebook - Dump Trump Fuzzy Slippers - Musing about 2012: Donald TrumpReaganite Republican - What are People saying about Trump?


LD Jackson said...

I trust Donald Trump, not in the least. There are entirely too many questions attached to him, such as questionable financial dealings, plus his ranting about George W. Bush, etc. He should not be considered a serious candidate and will do only harm to the GOP.

Always On Watch said...

The best purpose that Trump can serve is to get to the truth about Obama's birth certificate.

What Trump is doing now: basking in his moments of media attention. I think that we can all agree that the man is a media whore.

In my view and much worse than Trump's showboating, the GOP is all at sea and doesn't know what direction to go in for 2012.

I don't waste my time and money during primary season in backing any particular candidate. But, hey, that's just me.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Excellent point about the third-party threat tactic. It's nothing more than an all-out threat to the GOP to nom him "or else." Thug.

(and many thanks for the kind words and linkage. much appreciated)

Silverfiddle said...

LD: Could you imagine the dirt the Obama operatives have on him?

AOW: We agree that he's doing some good digging on the Obama birth issue, but he's a horrible choice for GOP nominee.

Fuzzy Slippers: No prob. You post was a tour de force.

I really hope this is all a big put on

Anonymous said...

If the political right thinks Trump is the right man for the presidency, we are all in deep, deep trouble.

Jersey McJones said...

Oh please no - you guys are really Birthers, ar you???

That Birther issue, even more than Trump, makes conservatives and Republicans look sooooooo stupid.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: You have an uncanny ability to ignore so much and focus in on one little part that makes your liberal antennae tingle.

I am not a "birther," but I also do not begrudge others their beliefs or their right to investigate the matter.

As I clearly stated in this post, I think the issue is a distraction.

Now, where do you stand on the environmental left starving people?

Jersey McJones said...


The point I'm making is that even respecting the Birthers makes one look retarded. I don't begrudge the Birthers, I just think they're morons.

The "environmental left" (what, is there and anti-environment group out there?) isn't starving anyone. That's just stupid. Show me some proof or get off it. That's just another thing that makes conservatives look stupid. It's time the Right in thise country becomes realistic grown-ups.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Dictatorships love "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" sheeple like you.

Don't question the emperor!

As to your second ridiculous comment, go read the post from yesterday and click on the links (they are the ones that have different colored text).

The UN is saying it, not me. The lefty biofuels scheme is starving and impoverishing millions, but that's what the left does best.

Sam Huntington said...

”…even respecting the Birthers[sic] makes one look retarded." This statement goes a very long way to explain the rabid behavior of the Marxist left and is in perfect alignment with the insanity of Saul Alinsky, Noam Chomsky, and Stewart Smalley’s Air America.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I agrre with your entire post Silver.

I will venture a theory though:

That Trump is not really going to run for POTUS but rather by diving head-first into the 'birther' issue, he is looking to torpedo Obamas re-election effort as Trumps headlines are geting more and more people to question Obama in general.

This would clear the way for a DNC party challenge as well as an yet undeclared conservative candidate.

Country Thinker said...

I agree with Jersey that the birther makes Trump look stupid, although I'm not sure how that gets extended to the rest of the Republican Party. Overgeneralization of this sort is almost as bad.

I find it impossible to believe Obama isn't a naturalized citizen because the Supreme Court looked at several challenges to this fact. I know that Justice Scalia was one who looked at the evidence and rejected the birther claim. If we can't trust Scalia to sort out a basic evidentiary issue we're really in trouble.

Worse than making Trump look stupid, though, is it undermines the authority of the president. I disagree with the president on almost everything, and think he repeatedly oversteps his bounds, but I refuse to undermine the very institutions I want restored.

Jersey McJones said...


It is not a matter of questioning the emperor, it's a matter of asking intelligent and pertinent questions.

Biofuels are not "lefty schemes." Only an idiot would believe that. You're not an idiot. Don't be so blindly partisan. It is Big Agro and their political puppets (of EVERY stripe) pushing the sleazy biofuel schemes. Most lefties hate it. I've always hated it and always said it was a sleazy, scummy, bad idea.

Besides, how many lefties represent Big Agro districts? huh? C'mon. Get real.


Be your own man and stop regurgitating retarded, paranoid, snake-oil, psycho Glenn Beck talking points.


Lisa said...

Paranoia? Stock market dipped 200 points,gas, food and health care prices are rising,our credit rating is about to crash. All this with a democrat controlled congress for 4 years and a democrat controlled everything for 6 years.
The birther issue yes is a distraction ,Trump says it and the media is all over it because apparently that is the big news of the day.
Paranoia or "denial"?

Sam Huntington said...

LOL ... sure Jersey, and be sure to take your own advice. I don't happen to like Glenn Beck, but that doesn't invalidate anything he says. Are you a high school graduate?

Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: You're right about Big Ag, but if you don't believe the left has a big play in biofuels, you are the ignorant one.

Dixon Webb said...

Hi Silverfiddle . . . Trump is an interesting guy - but not political timber. Ever. Way too much baggage. On the other hand even Mickey Mouse would get some airhead's vote. If he went against Obama he might even get all the votes. . . Bump

Trekkie4Ever said...

Yes!! Vote for Hermain Cain! He is fantastic and is NOT afraid to stand up to Obama or any liberal for that matter.

The Donald, well, he can talk a good talk, but way too liberal for my taste.

Anonymous said...

What does Trump believe in? He believes in what is good for Trump. ¿Mas nada! clowns are fun to watch but we don't want one for President. Herman Cain is stil at the top of my short list. After Palin's speech in Wisconsin, she is moving up.

Anonymous said...

Silver, did you see this poll?

Lisa said...

I just listened to Herman Cain again. I am sold. He sounds like someone with a head on his shoulders without the demagoguing.

Anonymous said...

At this point Trump is trumping his own horn and I was almost, I said almost fooled by his blathering speeches and lofty words - but he is only out there because he is worried about all the money and taxes he is going to have to pay out under the present Obamanation initiative. *HEH*

The Wool Cupboard said...

Silver ~ Trump will never be the nominee, and I hope he has the good sense to drop out of the picture altogether. He is a joke and cannot be taken seriously as a possible candidate.

Finntann said...

First here is a simple formula for 'Birthers' to consider:

If A=B Then C=D

Or in other words:

If Obama=Kenyan then Biden=President

Now, following the logic...where was Obama born? ROFLMAO

Can't say I'm a fan of Trump, but then again, I can't say I'm that big a fan of Cain. I'm not sold on his advocacy of the "FairTax" proposal.

Can't see anyone I'm really sold on, but I can say it's not Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Barbour, or Trump.

Silverfiddle said...

Finn: As always, you make excellent points.

Flat Tax, Fair Tax (anything but VAT), anything is an improvement on the monstrosity we currently suffer under.

Anonymous said...

I will likely be abstaining if Trump gets the nomination. I think I'd rather slit both of my wrists than give him the vote.

As for Jersey boy up there, you're right that the birther thing makes conservatives sound stupid, but how stupid did Hillary Clinton sound when she spouted off with "vast Right Wing conspiracy"/

Until you realize that there are morons on both sides of the isle, I imagine that your politics will remain to be fairly one demensional, akin to little more than cheerleading.

Finntann said...

I've always been a Flat Tax fan... say 10 or 15% on all income over X (where X would be the established poverty line for family size). Tax form could be a postcard, simply multiply gross income minus X by the tax rate and subtract what you paid. If it's a positive number send a check, if it's a negative number receive a check.

There appear on the face of it some pretty hinky things going on with the FairTax proposal, such as selling it as a 23% "inclusive tax" when in reality it is a 30% sales tax and sending people refunds on theoretical income that they did not earn thus did not spend.

But you are correct, something needs to be done to the mess we have now.


Hayden said...

Although Trump makes some good points, he does not qualify as the best candidate for the GOP. The problem is that no one currently qualifies as the best candidate for the GOP. So once again, the GOP is caught with its pants down looking around stupid while the Dems seek to reassemble faith in Obama.

And we should wonder, which is worse: proving obama is not a citizen and therefore moving Biden into his seat, or riding out the rest of our prision term with obama as POTUS? It just may be the coin toss of the century.

Silverfiddle said...

I think Biden as president is just as big a nightmare.

People should drop dreams of Obama frog marched out of the White House, convicted of getting elected under false pretenses. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Better to focus on his failed statist policies and vote him out in 2012.

The GOP field will form up in due time.

Jersey McJones said...


It doesn't matter what "lefties" want or do or say. We are a minority in this country with very little political power. Our power base is mostly in the cities, where environmental concerns are very different than in the vast rest of the country. Environmentalists are NOT why we have biofeuls! They do not have the political power in the places to accomplish that! Biofeuls are and is a product of the good ol' CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN breadbelt. You know - those guys you would vote for.

Yet another example of conservatives voting against their own interest.


Anonymous said...

So . . . do you only vote for whomever is going to best line your pockets?

Anonymous said...

@Jersey it's more than just Bio fuels. There has been a significant reduction in agricultural land, all in the name of climate change.

Why don't you climb down from you ivory tower and live in the third world for a while. Come see the things I've seen. Your socialist agricultural subsidy programs are staring people, just like it did under Mao and Stalin.

As far as Donald, yes he is a globalist creep.

BB-Idaho said...

Name recognition seems his
'trump' card. Three messy
divorces should cool the evangelicals and three messy bancruptcies should cool the fiscal crowd. On the other hand the hair salon bunch, well....

Silverfiddle said...

BB... :0

Excellent commentary!