Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When Feral Humans Attack

By now we've all seen the horrible video of the two-legged feral beasts attacking the transgendered person at a Baltimore McDonalds.

I'll spare you the moralizing and get to my point.  The violence will only get worse, and you must be prepared to protect yourself.

I have been in some of the most dangerous places in the world, and I'm not just talking Baghdad or Kabul (where I was in the safety of fellow armed Americans), or outside the wire in some small village in Southern Iraq.  Juarez, Bogota, South Quito, and other scary places...  I've been there, including some rough areas here in the US where as soon as I was in, I knew it was a mistake.

Get a Gun
The most obvious comments concerning incidents like this involve concealed carry.  Owning and carrying a gun is always a good idea, but you must understand the legal ramifications.  Had that poor woman shot those two cavewomen, she would be the one up on charges; that's how it goes in liberal states like Maryland.  Cops nowhere in sight, cowardly girly-boys stand and film your murder while a hooting crowd gathers to watch, but you can't use lethal force to stop the attack.

A related note:  Don't carry any weapon you are not prepared to use.  Be it pepper spray or a gun, if you can't use it, you're just providing a convenience to your perpetrator.

Get an ASP
If you don't like the prospect of shooting an attacker, carry an ASP.  An Asp is a collapsible tactical baton.  I have one that can be carried in the front pocket of my jeans without being noticed.  You deploy it, it extends into a metal rod, and you bring it crashing down on your attacker.  As with all weapons, get training.

Learn Krav Maga
Krav Maga is an Israeli fighting system that really works.  I have used it to great effect.  It's principles are simple and repeatable, meaning you can employ them even when you are under extreme stress.

Watch these ugly ghetto-hags in action again, and you see they really have no technique other than raw brute force.  Had the victim possessed even rudimentary fighting skills, she could have at least slowed down the attack enough to get out of there or fend them off until help arrived.

The simplest technique is fists up and pressed against the side of your skull, elbows out with your forearms blocking the blows.  From this position, you can fire off quick straight punches as you maneuver yourself so you are not between your attackers.  Giving up your back, as anyone who watches MMA knows, is condemning yourself to a death sentence.

The lesson from that video is to fight back with all you've got.  Curling up in a ball, while it protects vital organs, can be lethal.  As videos like this show, "surrendering" doesn't stop the attacks; it just encourages the attackers to kick and stomp you until you're dead.  In a situation like that, your only option is to fight like hell, using anything and everything.  When your life is at stake, nothing is out of bounds and there are no rules.

Don't Go There
The real lesson here is to do your homework.  Don't hang out in bad neighborhoods, avoid potentially dangerous areas and situations at all costs.  Trust your instincts; If something doesn't "feel right," get the hell out of there.  If you don't know the area, stay out.  Do not frequent clubs, bars or other establishments known for violent incidents.

Man is the most dangerous animal.  People who have nothing, don't have anything to lose, and a person with nothing to lose is the most dangerous of all.  You don't belong there.

You may be a good fighter with good technique, but a person with a small hidden palm knife will slash you open before you even realize it.  There are street fighters out there who are impervious to pain, they've battered literally hundreds of victims, and they have grooved their technique.  You don't stand a chance.

The absolute best book out there (I have read it and used what I learned), is Gavin de Becker's "The Gift of Fear."  It is not a self-defense book per se, but a book that teaches you how to predict danger, how to spot it early, and how to avoid it.

It's a jungle out there.  Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Always On Watch said...

Trust your instincts; If something doesn't "feel right," get the hell out of there.

Very important advice!

A strip mall near me is perfectly safe in daylight hours, and I go there regularly to get my hair done. But at night? No way would I go there! The drug dealers (Yes, they're out in the open) and Hispanic gangs are milling all over the parking lot.

Always On Watch said...


The Baltimore teenager charged last week with the brutal beating of a McDonald’s patron was arrested last year for assaulting a woman following a dispute in the same restaurant...

Silverfiddle said...

Progressivism has destroyed the family and subsidized stupidity and irresponsibility.

Infidel753 said...

Good advice, though I'm not sure a gun wouldn't have worked. Just pulling and aiming it would likely have stopped the attackers in their tracks, without any need to actually fire it.

Such thuggish attacks are not just a modern problem -- there has always been mob violence by the sludge at the bottom of the gene pool, against people who were culturally-sanctioned targets. Gay-bashing has been going on for decades, and before that there were lynch mobs, pogroms, etc. On the whole it probably happens less now than it did 50 or 100 or 500 years ago.

And in all those cases, things would have been very different if the victims had been equipped to defend themselves.

Mustang said...

I noticed that this assault wasn't such a big deal ... until it was revealed that the victim was one of those transgender faggots, then all hell broke loose and agenda driven organizations rushed to the TV camera to bemoan how terrible this was.

I don't condone the assault, even if transgender behavior was the reason behind it. On the other hand, how would you react if one of these people followed your daughter into the ladies restroom?

conservativesonfire said...

Good advise, Silver. When I was a teenager, my uncle taught me that fighting is wrong and that one should do their best to avoid situations where fighting is likely to break out. But he told me sometimes it can't be avoided. I nthose cases one should assume that they are going to have to fight for their life. Use anything you can get your hands on to give you the best chance of surviving. It was good advise.

Linda said...

The absense of personal moral core beliefs or spiritual guidance combined with classroom "self-esteem" indoctrination and drug culture influence has turned out many amoral, conscienceless predators who are incapable of remorse or human compassion. We do live in a very dangerous world, don't we?

Thanks for the excellent advice, Silver.

Lisa said...

Avoiding dangerous situations is the best way to keep safe. The next best is being aware of your surroundings and it doesn't hurt to know some basic self defense techniques.
Watching that was horrifying especially even she was having a seizure.
It was a shame to see her not so much as throw a punch to one of their faces or stomachs.

Leticia said...

I don't condone the beating, but if this man/pervert went into the ladies room, I would have exploded as well.

I have already told my husband, I want a taser, I already carry mace.

Violence isn't the answer.

Z said...

Imagine young women having the ability to beat someone till their having seizures? And the guy photographing the thing not HELPING and then warning the attackers to leave? WHAT???
The moral fabric of our country's so torn and I put the blame squarely on the progressives/liberals......
and Mustang's right; who cared until they found out the poor beaten woman is TRANSGENDER, then it's OH MY GOSH, WE"VE GOT TO PROSECUTE? how disgusting

Jersey McJones said...

The only thing that video shows is what a bunch of low-brow, anti-intellectual, xenophobic, racist, backwards bunch of hicks we Americans have gladly become.


Bastiatarian said...

Ah, winless Jersey McNonsequitur is back for more!

Z said...

Jonesy...think those girls vote Republican or Democrat?

Fredd said...

Many of us older folk have the benefit of experience. We have seen bad neighborhoods, seen the feral animals that live there.

Younger folk just have to learn, sometimes the hard way.

Don't hang around feral folk.

Duh. Unless you are armed, and prepared and skilled to use your weapon of choice. And then, be prepared to be villified as a devil by the feral supporters in the area.

Which takes me back to the first point: avoid areas where feral folk dwell.

('white flight' anyone?)

Finntann said...

Hmmm Z, let me think, I'm guessing Democrat.

Jersey McJones said...

If the victim was armed there'd be at least two dead people out there, people that guys like you would call "victims." Be careful what you wish for.


Silverfiddle said...

Excellent observations all.

Great point, Z.

And Bastiatarian has the perfect riposte, as usual.

Silverfiddle said...

If the woman had shot those two hags dead, I certainly would not be calling them victims.

The liberal state of Maryland would, however, and the woman would be up on murder charges.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Some states ,such as mine, make it almost impossible to get a gun permit these days. Two of my sons, one of my brothers and I have been applying for over five years now and we keep getting denied, no explanation given.

Other then a gun, you can pretty much use whatever means are at your disposal to protect your self, but it cannot be any type of martial arts weapon, i.e.; nunchucks, tonfa, etc., they are against the law here.

Then if you do manage to defend your self and beat off your attacker(s), you still may face the very real possibility of being tried charged with assault.

So, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Trestin said...

It's not a woman, it's a tranny. It was in the female rest room. I don't feel sorry for anyone involved, there is no victim or white hat. What the video does show is how far messed up our society has become.

Silverfiddle said...

The victim is also a human being, and as such has the same natural rights ans anyone else. The question of which bathroom is legitimate, but the beating was not justified.

Yes, our society is messed up. Look at our popular culture and what we celebrate. Garbage in - Garbage out.

Lisa said...

Somehow I would not feel offended by a female transvestite using the ladies room,particularly because they don't fancy women.

jez said...

Lisa: Tell that to transvestite (and very funny) comedian and actor Eddie Izzard. (he fancies women)

Should lesbians be allowed to use the ladies room? They definitely fancy women.

Silverfiddle has wisely been careful not to condone this beating, and much of his advice about avoiding danger I thoroughly condone. But even with your careful tone being set, I don't need to go far in the comments to find ambivalence or even support towards the attack because of whom it was delivered to.

Maybe this answers the question Mustang implicitly asks: "why pay special attention to the attack?" Once everyone understands that LGBT folks shouldn't be persecuted, then we won't need to give attacks on them any special attention above the normal process of law.

MK said...

If that had been a black transgender victim and the attackers white, anyone think we wouldn't stop hearing it for days and days on end?

Damn shame what happened to that woman/man. I too wish she/he had a gun and shot those two pieces of shit.

This sort of thing happens all the time in Australia, no one hears much about it because the perpetrators are non-white and part of the protected class that seems to include all sorts of uncivilized savages these days.

Perhaps when its the pc-crowd that's getting their balls kicked in and their hair pulled out they'll start shaming these scum for what they really are.

Silverfiddle said...

Jez: For the record, I am against "hate crime" laws. An assault is an assault, regardless of who administered the beating and who was on the receiving end.

radar said...

Absolutely fantastic post. Make sure you know the laws of your state before you carry a weapon of any kind. In some states pepper spray may be the best you can do, but in my state a concealed carry permit is still easy to get.

Knowing self-defense measures is worthwhile but, as you say, the best way to avoid harm is to avoid danger. I will make a point to point people to this post because smart is better than tough in the end.

Silverfiddle said...

"smart is better than tough"

Wise words, Radar, and you look like a pretty big guy!

Grung_e_Gene said...

"The victim is also a human being, and as such has the same natural rights ans anyone else." - SF

You, sir, are a credit to the Right with that comment, the others writing'

"It's not a woman, it's a tranny. It was in the female rest room. I don't feel sorry for anyone involved"


"the victim was one of those transgender faggots"

are despicable excuses for humans and have absorbed GIGO.

Silverfiddle said...

Thank you Gene. We are all equal in God's eyes.

I do think transgendered in public restrooms is a legitimate issue for debate, but violence and discrimination is not the answer.