Friday, July 8, 2011

Bad Medicine

H/T to an old war buddy who's still in the game


Anonymous said...

Haha, very good.

Mark Adams said...

LMAO! I'll avoid this bi-product of Europeanization.

Lisa said...

hahaha Fabulous!!!!!

I like Mark's comment too.

Anonymous said...


Now excuse me while I try to avoid pissing my pants.

Bunkerville said...

Boils in all down into a bottle.

-FJ said...

Now THAT is just racist!

Every good liberal knows that GREEN Hydrogen Barackside is INFINTELY SUPERIOR to BLACK Hydrogen Barackside! ;)

Karen Howes said...

NICE, Silverfiddle!

Anonymous said...

Very funny -- but all too true, Alas!

Frankly I'd rather see a good liberal dose of BARACKCIDE administered to the nation, wouldn't you?

~ FreeThinke

PS: Don't forget: We already have term limits in place. They're called elections. Even a RINO beats a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist. - FT

Quickb said...

Hysterical Silver!

Jersey McJones said...

I the same cartoon featured GW Bush and the GOP one-party state, would the joke be any different?

Stupid cartoon.

Leave the jokes to the libs. Comedy has a definite liberal tilt.


Silverfiddle said...

@ Jersey: No. Other than people actually had jobs during the Bush presidency and his highest deficit was still under $500 billion, while your messiah racks up trillions annually, and we were respected in the world.

Also, Bush knew what he was doing, had leadership experience (and it showed) and his Vice President could stay awake during the day.

Other than that, no difference...

Country Thinker said...

Wow, fastest FDA approval for a new pharmaceutical product in a century...

Matt said...

That's been around for a while now, but it never get's old.

Joe said...

Jersey: If liberals think this joke could be used with reference to Bush, they don't get true humor.

Humor has to have some facet of truth in it or it does not work.

Bush did not kill capitalism

Bush did not kill jobs

Bush did not stimulate Marxist tendencies.

Bush was not endorsed by unions.

Bush did not favor the destruction of wealth.

Bush favored capitalism.

"Hydrogen Barackside" is a play on hydrogen PERoxide.

"Hydrogen Bushside" would not work because it lack the required number of sylables to fit.

Bush had no messianic complex, thus "Messianic Pharmacuticals" just would not work.

I'm afraid that if we left the humor to liberals there wouldn't be any.

-FJ said...

Humour is criticism, Joe. You laugh at your enemies, not your friends. And they will ALWAYS laugh at our expense, not their own.

Jersey McJones said...

Silver and Joe,

You have to be kidding. Bush was a lousy president, and the GOP one-party state toook full advantage of his utter and total incompetence. Bush and those crooks in the GOP left the country in the hands of scoundrels and thieves who in turn left the country a wreck.

I'm sorry guys, but no amount of lipstick will ever make the sick, warty, lowlife pig that was the Bush years, look good.

Bush himself (apparently a relatively decent guy), with the Democrats between '06-'08, ostensibly tried to recover the economy with TARP and such. This was all going on long before Obama - both the damaging and the attempted repairing, and what damage came of the repairs.

You can't, as grown-ups, just ignore such recent history. What? Were you in a patriotic-induced trance since 9/11? Wake up!

Obama didn't make this mess, he has never been given the tools he requested to clean it up, and he has not effectively moved the congress enough. Now, it's too late. Americans are so stupid, they only gave him two years to accomplish anything.

And then Americans are so stupid as to blame him for damages they only gave him two years to repair.

One more time: Americans are stupid.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Obama didn't make the mess; he made it worse.

As for the scoundrels and thieves, that bipartisan collection was there way before Bush.

I note you didn't refute what I actually said, because you can't.

Anonymous said...

Satire, Ridicule, Lampoon, Burlesque, Parody, etc. are all standard techniques used mercilessly in political campaigns and sometimes merely for light entertainment.

Did you ever see any of Nast's cartoons? Enough to make you shudder. Politics isn't supposed to be like a garden party or a decorous Sunday School pageant. It's not called BLOOD SPORT for nothing.

Gilbert and Sullivan's now-classic operettas were considered outrageous parodies of the Victorian Establishment of their time. Most of the figures lampooned and held up to ridicule we would not recognize today, but audiences, when these works were first presented, certainly did. Even so the music lives on, and the words have developed a life of their own apart from any former political and social significance. It's just too clever and well put together to die of irrelevance.

Looking at horror with humor by satirizing it may seem "insensitive," but it sharpens the wit, and helps politics and other deadly serious matters from becoming maudlin, tedious, enervating and lugubrious beyond measure.

One of the most salient characteristics of liberals is their inability to laugh at themselves or to see redeeming features in any point of view other than their own. I swear they don't a care a fig for any of the causes they make a holy show of supporting. All they care about in the final analysis is amassing and aggrandizing DICTATORIAL POWER.

Everything they do is calculated toward achieving that end.

I say to hell with Hydrogen Barackside! What we need to do is get high and whip Barack's Bare BACKside.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

>Americans are stupid.

Which explains how an incompetent, thoroughly unqualified Chicago thug with a shady past got elected President of the United States.

Anonymous said...

Touché, Bastiatarian. TOUCHE!

Well done.

~ FreeThinke

MK said...

Nice one, too bad many are getting this barackside shoved down their throats by force as opposed to taking it by choice.

Bd said...

All the Fox News lies in one cartoon! Nice!

Silverfiddle said...

State ownership of corporate assets, Boeing preventing from putting thousands to work in its new plant... So it does kill capitalism and stimulate marxist tendencies.

Unemployment remains high, his czars are indeed beyond oversight and he is endorsed by unions.

So Bd, it looks like you are the one spouting crap. Go back to watching MSNBC, this blog is overtaxing your brain.

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Interesting Post...Unemployment remains high, his czars are indeed beyond oversight and he is endorsed by unions...