Saturday, July 30, 2011

Democrats and GE: They Bring Good Jobs to China

Unemployment Explained

Obama's Jobs Czar, GE CEO Jeffrey HeMelts has thrown thousands of Americans out of work even as he pockets rich tax exemptions from his buddy Barack Obama.

When the president named him Jobs Czar, he failed to mention that he was making him China's jobs czar.


Anonymous said...

Is America great...or what? It is a shame that we couldn't trust anything that came out of Imelt? mouth because it would be nice to know all of the factors that went into GE's decission to move this service to China. In other words, how much was due to labor costs difference, how much was to due regulatory compliance cost differences and, how much was due to tax differences.

Anonymous said...

It's just another piece in the huge developing mosaic of policy changes that spell NEW WORLD ORDER.

"They" want to destroy our sovereignty so they can reform the entire globe -- ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT run by "them," of course.

Who are "they?"

I told you once the little I knew. It was dismissed as "a series of random quotations taken out of context that proved nothing." Perhaps, but there's no denying that "something" is happening to change our world radically. If it's not the advent of The New World Order, than what could it be? You tell me. I'm all ears.

If we are not victims of a "conspiracy," we are certainly victims of something that looks and feels like a Sea Change in the way business is done around the globe.

All this talk about Obama and his "henchpersons" and R v. D is useless. Obama is just one small pustule in a very bad case of acne that has infected the face of the earth.

Is there enough Clearasil out there to get it under control? I doubt it. The remedy has probably been banned by the FDA or the EPA -- or both.

"They," whoever they are, don't want to cure our ills, until things get sobad that we have no choice but to turn to "them" in desperation to "save" us.

Then, of course, they will have us. We will be their slaves.

If this is not the ultimate objective of a long-term Progressive Plot, then what is it?

Tell me, please.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

I wish this could help put to bed the right wing meme that Obama is a leftist.

He's a corporate pimp, nothing more.

republicanmother said...

It was the GATT treaty that changed the rules about how money can be spent around the world. This opened the floodgates for companies to relocate to cheaper, and unregulated countries.

Check out Wall St and the Rise of Hitler by Antony Sutton - there is a whole chapter on how GE funded the Nazis.

Anonymous said...


I suspect this sort of thing is the result of an unholy alliance between Marxists in government (Oh yes, Virginia, they do exist!) and Corporatists in the private sector working hand-in-glove to defeat the independent individual once and for all.


It doesn't matter whether it's a global corporate structure, an old-fashioned empire, a socialist worker's paradise, a Mediaeval fiefdom, or a seventeenth-century theocracy.

Tyranny is tyranny no matter what banner it parades under.

When two different brands of tyranny join hands and fortunes oppression becomes all the greater.

Oppression has always been the name of the game no matter what else they try to call it.


~ FreeThinke

Finntann said...

Hey! Gotta pay the landlord somehow!

Don't you hear all the screaming about capitalism? This is barter!


Anonymous said...


Back in the 1930's Communism was looking good to many suffering in the Great Depression. Communism at that time was regarded by "thinking" people as a possible solution for the world's ills.

Hitler was an avowed anti-Communist. Wall Street could very well have backed him at that time, because he "seemed" to be an ally of capitalist interests.

It's very easy to look back with 20/20 hindsight and know what we "should" have done. It isn't so easy when you gaze into the future.

Lately we seem t have entered into a period where both Marxists and Capitalists have decided "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." This means they have made an alliance that works against the people everywhere.

It's pretty horrible, when you begin to understand that NO ONE in POWER is ON OUR SIDE.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

I must reluctantly and reservedly agree with Ducky.

First, I do believe Obama and his gang are indeed leftists. They've marinated themselves in it, starting before college.

However, what they are implementing is not marxism, but progressive statism (fascism without the goose-stepping and funny hats).

Why take over the means of production when you can instead threaten, cajole and reward business owners into doing your bidding?

Government doesn't need to own the factories, it just posts bureaucratic regulators outside the doors to shake down the managers and workers each night as they exit the building.

Z said...

China's Job Czar, good one.....this guy is on Obama's Jobs Council!?? Maybe they don't understand at the WHite House that people on Obama's team are supposed to work FOR US, not those we OWE?
I've had CNN on during the day more than usual...while I can't sit and watch, I can listen...I haven't heard a thing about this amazing situation other than at Conservative venues on the 'net.
By the way, wasn't there quite some consternation among Democrats (and Reps) when companies were sending workers overseas under Bush?
Where's the consternation NOW?

Bunkerville said...

NBC this morning was pushing the FIAT.. some little toy car that we will be forced to buy to make te 55.8976245 MPG. Guess what, they just started selling them here! Hmmm.
The Center for Automotive Research projected bringing cars
and trucks to a 56 miles per gallon CAFE standard would cost
about $6,700 per vehicle. Anyone want to bet there are dirty hands here?

Divine Theatre said...

Obama is a statist, same as Bush and many before him. Sigh.

Silverfiddle said...

Divine: This is what gives me hope that liberalism is dead.

Libertarians have always seen the bipartisan charade as the statist game it is, but now conservatives are seeing it as well, and criticizing those in their own camp.

Liberals are incapable of such introspection and intellectual analysis of their own ideology.

Always On Watch said...

FIAT = Fix It Again Tony

It seems to me that the primary task of Obama's jobs czar must be to destroy jobs.

Anonymous said...

There may be technical differences among the various isms, but Marxism, Socialism, Progressivism, Statism Fascism all wind up with the same result TOTALITARIANISM -- TYRANNY -- DESPOTISM.

If you're going to be enslaved, does it make any difference what you call your Master?

We got rid of the Feudal System, then we got rid of absolute monarchy. For a while it looked as though freedom for the individual and honest self government would be possible. Then came the Machine Age. Does anyone not see that the factories soon became de facto Fiefdoms?

Corporatism is nothing more than a reincarnation of Feudalism where factories have taken the place of the castle with the moat around it. Corporatism is a consequence of the Industrial Revolution. Marxism was the inevitable reaction to Corporate Despotism.

Naziism was a form of Socialism and not all that different from Bolshevism in practice.

Now, we have a hybrid form of oppression born out of the strange alliance among government officials, international financiers, global industrialists and the owners and distributors of raw materials.

It's beyond the scope of Statism, I fear. Maybe we should ll it UNITISM for want of a better name? It doesn't matter. Whatever we call it, it's no damned good, and it seems inescapable. The USA was The Last Frontier -- the Lat best hope for Man on Earth.

Welcome to Prison Planet. }}}}}}}}}SHUDDER{{{{{{{{{

~ FreeThinke

Mark Adams said...

The Dems in the past have not been this bad.
They have been liberals and where tolerable. But this new sect is extremely progressive and I don't care how you slice it, progressive is a nicey nicey word for socialist.
Obama is a corporate pimp, with corporations like GE who see that elitists progressiveness is the way of taking and spending other peeps money.

Anonymous said...

You know, Z, I always have to give the devil his due. I can't understand why anyone would object to new cars that get higher gas mileage -- especially now that gas costs around OUR DOLLARS a GALLON.

Back when the Oil Cartel staged the First Oil Crisis in 1972 I got the message right quick, bought a Toyota Corolla, found myself very pleased at car's performance and the savings I gained. I've never looked back. Since purchasing the Toyota in 1972 I've driven a Datsun, a Mazda 323, a Toyota Camry, a Toyota Echo, a Toyota Scion and now a Honda Civic -- all weenie, stripped down economy cars. I've loved every one of them, and look forward eagerly to purchasing a vehicle than can get 55 mpg -- hopefully more someday. I also love the new light bulbs. I've been using them now for five or six years. they're great and they never seem to burn out.

Not EVERYTHING labelled "progressive" is necessarily bad. It's thick-headed to think otherwise. A matter of not throwing the baby out with the bath water and all that.

What I object to about the Centralized Power Agenda is the elimination of Freedom of Choice. Good products will ultimately sell themselves in the long run. We don't need the government to tell us what to put in our homes and how to use it.

But good is good no matter where it comes from -- and vice versa. There's a lot of idiocy and mean-spirited sentiment spewing from the Right as well as the Left.

We'd realize that, if only we could see ourselves as others se us, wouldn't we?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I have to play devils advocate on this one. Bush was just as guilty of this and the Republican governors selling land to the Chinese don't exactly look like white hats compared to BO.

Silverfiddle said...

Trestin: I'm not defending Bush. I just find it hilarious that Obama's Jobs Czar has fired tens of thousands over the past decade and is shipping jobs to China.

No wonder unemployment is endemic. Making Jeffrey Imelt the Jobs Czar is like making Satan the Religion Czar.

Rational Nation USA said...

"However, what they are implementing is not Marxism, but progressive statism (fascism without the goose-stepping and funny hats)."

On this SF I could not agree more!

Anonymous said...

I cannot see any appreciable difference between Marxism and Statism -- or Fascism for that matter -- since all result in TOTALITARIANISM.

You could call Tyranny Disneyism, if you wanted to, or The Reign of Compulsive, Enlightened Egalitarianism, and it would be just as stifling, oppressive, dogmatic and despotic as ever.

Cut to the chase. Get to the heart. Time's a wasting. We cannot afford to file our nails while entertaining precious intellectual concepts and the fine points of theoretical ethics any longer.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...


Arguing over left and right is useless. There are statists on the right as well.

It's Liberty vs. Tyranny.

Leticia said...

Fire the friggn' czar. He's useless. Americans are hurting for jobs, we don't need them being sent overseas.

Btw, I prefer HEARING an American voice when dealing with any customer service.

Bd said...

Tell that to Walmart as they force their suppliers to move to China before they will carry their products.

Silverfiddle said...

Bd: Walmart does no such thing. They go with the lowest bidder, and with our job killing tax and regulatory climate here in the US, domestic suppliers are uncompetitive.

Please stick to the facts. I believe in free speech, but I will delete blatant lies.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Walmart, they manufactured some of their products and actually managed to lower the standard of living in freaking Bangladesh.

Buy a vowel or something, Silverfiddle. You don't seem to know the who's playing, let alone the score.

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: Pull you head out of the bottle, you're not even making sense.

MK said...

When you have plenty of taxes, regulations, workers rights and all that, it sounds wonderful during campaign speeches and to stupid audiences, but when the tab comes and someone has to pay for it all, businesses pack up and go elsewhere.

I know leftards will never get it through their thick skulls, but i hope the voters get it, otherwise they'll get it the hard way.

Ducky's here said...

Then why don't you go and research what has happened to the South African textile industry.

Research what has happened in Bangladesh when Walmart brought in manufacturers and actually LOWERED the wages in Bangladesh.

There's our history in Haiti. We can probably agree those people need a break but we have deposed anyone who has tried to act for the Haitian people and backed prevention of a measure that would have raised the minimum wage to about .60 an hour from the current .20 Gotta make sure you and Flimflam can get a three pack of briefs at those low Walmart prices.

That's your Libertarian way and as long as there are mercenaries like yourself to enforce it we'll will race to the bottom with you complaining all the way.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, all that rampant libertarianism is what brought us to this point of failure...

...and if you believe that you also probably believe Carter was a good president.