Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Message From The President

Thought for the Day:

If the Justice Department doesn't arrest the president and congress, it should immediately apologize to Bernie Madoff and release him from jail.  But what do you expect from a criminal organization that traffics arms to Mexican drug gangs?


Bd said...

Guess you don't recall how it was Bush who started the program, lol!

Silverfiddle said...

Yes it was, and the Bush administration was monitoring illegal activity.

The Obama administration began engaging in the illegal activity.

See the difference?

Divine Theatre said...

Bd, if ALL the presidents jump off a cliff should your president jump with them?

Silverfiddle said...

Divine: I doubt Bd gets the Tu Quoque...

Always On Watch said...


The sad thing is that BHO's speech yesterday probably played well in Peoria.

Anonymous said...

Very funny picture =)

Anonymous said...

The political class make laws for the peons to follow while they hold themselves above the law.

Bunkerville said...

Good one!

Z said...

He does blow a LOT of hot air, doesn't he.

As for playing in Peoria, AOW..did you see CNN waxing eloquent about how the PRESIDENT IS VERY ANGRY!
The inference from other things they said is that HE KNOWS BETTER ABOUT THE ECONOMY AND THESE IDIOT REPUBLICANS ARE RUINING THE COUNTRY! Sure that plays well in bet it does, and the WH is counting on it.

SF..excellent point about monitoring and engaging. By the way, anybody see anything on the Obama guns trafficking situation on the mainstream media? (ya, right!!)

Always On Watch said...

I didn't see the CNN reports, but I did watch the reports by NBC. Same thing, I'm sure.

Finntann said...

"It was Bush who started the program, lol"

Yeah it was, welcome to the Progressive Party...

So, which walnut shell is the pea under, again?

Ducky's here said...

What's Bernie Madoff got to do with it other than causing more damage than the ATF fiasco and being more worthy of prison.

Or are you with the fringe Libertarians like Alan "Ayn's Cabana Boy" Greenspan who felt that prosecution of outright financial fraud interfered with the free (LMAO) market and should not be allowed.

Finntann said...

Ducky, I think the inference is that the government ought not be arresting public citizens for ponzi schemes while conducting them themselves.

1. A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors, not from any actual profit earned by the organization, but from money paid by subsequent investors.

2. Social Security pays returns to beneficiaries, not from any actual profit earned from social security, but from money paid by subsequent beneficiaries.

3. Therefore, Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme.

Simple enough for you?

When all the baby boomers retire, there are not going to be enough new beneficiaries paying into the system to cover the money paid out by the system and your liberal house of cards collapses.

Like Bernie Madoff, the government skims the social security pot to pay for their luxuries (socialist programs), unlike Bernie Madoff, the government can force you to give them your money.

So who was doing more damage? Bernie Madoff who conned a small number of unwilling investors or the government who cons us all?

Seriously though, the problem isn't that Bernie Madoff is in jail where he belongs, the problem is our politicians who ought to be right next to him are not.

We libertarians are 100% for prosecution of outright financial fraud...starting at the top.

Laughing your ass off now?

Anonymous said...

I actually know someone who just retired from Peoria after living there for 46 years, and from what she says, most of the people there are what-she-calls "arch-conservatives," so in actual act I suspect the antics of "Bah Hooey Zero" DON'T play well in Peoria. They pay much better in New York, San Fransicko, Chicago, St. Louis and Washington, DC -- but I know just what you mean.

GREAT image! A picture honestly CAN be worth a thousand words -- and sometimes MORE.

Ducky and Bd are right about one right, however, GW Bush wasn't a whole lot better. He was one of the biggest disappoints in my lifetime -- how about yours?.

As I keep saying,

"They're ALL in it TOGETHER. The age old struggle between Left and Right has become a FARCE -- a Punch & Judy Show put on to distract us from what's REALLY governing things behind the scenes."


~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Finntann, I know praise often comes across as fulsome, but quite honestly almost everything you present is a near-perfect model of Logic and Clarity -- and you do it succinctly -- a rare gift.

But don't expect the proponents of Critical Theory to recognize or acknowledge the superiority of your thinking. They have been programmed, almost since birth, I suspect, to do nothing but REJECT and DISMISS logic.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Nice misdirection Finntann but not completely convincing.

The Ponzi scheme runs out of future investors.

This does not happen in the economy if technology continues to increase efficiency. Businessweek (a Marxist journal) ran a very good series of articles on the issue.

I'm sure you didn't read them because the Libertarian gets real lost once we get past some dipstick simpleton syllogism. Real discussion, contradictions, complex ideas are well beyond you.

Pitch till you win.

Finntann said...

Nice try with the smoke and mirrors, and no it's not that hard to read Michael Mandel, I would characterize his prose as anything but complex.

"Assuming that technological progress continues over the next 70 years, and output productivity growth continues over the next 70 years, the finances of Social Security are relatively easy to fix. A fairly minor cut in benefits, combined with a relatively small increase in taxes, will bring the system back into balance again. (the latest Social Security report projects a 75-year deficit of $4.3 trillion."

Need I point out CUT BENEFITS, INCREASE TAXES, 2008? That's your liberal answer to everything.

Instead of digging up three year old liberal fantasy pieces, how about I throw a couple of more recent businessweek article quotes at you?

"While Medicare won’t have sufficient funds to pay full benefits starting in 2024, five years earlier than last year’s estimate, Social Security’s cash to pay full benefits runs short in 2036, a year sooner than the 2010 projection, the U.S. government said today in an annual report."

"“Social Security will need to be dealt with as insolvency looms for its trust funds,” Arvelo said. “Social Security is the largest government spending program.”

Congress will be under pressure to cut Social Security benefits eventually because its disability trust fund will be insolvent by 2018 and the retirement fund by 2036, according to a May report by the Social Security Board of Trustees. Among options are increasing payroll taxes or the eligibility age."

Two points:

The internet is a dangerous thing in the hands of fools.

That was low and outside, care to try again?

Anonymous said...

Doing what he does best.

Anonymous said...


Didn't you hear what I just said? The Struggle between Left and Right has become IRRELEVANT. You're out of date, and so are most of the rest of us.

Businessweek may not be a Marxist Journal (It ain't!), but that does not stop it from being one of the many tools in service to the corrupt Establishment -- that not-so-secret-anymore cabal of Internationalists I keep talking about that few want to believe exist -- heavily invested in overwhelming and destroying our system in order to grab total control when we become desperate, and refashion us into a mere segment of the Rubix Cube that will be The New World Order -- run by the cabal of would-be Oligarchs, of course.

The jokes on you Marxists AND on the staunch Conservatives, because BOTH of you are being USED to further this evil agenda to achieve World Domination, and don't seem to realize who the Enemy really is, which is JUST how the Enemy.

Maybe you'll be lucky and get to sit beside me chained in the same galley rowing to God-Knows-Where till we drop dead from exhaustion. We'll have so much fun talking about the Good Old Days when we could still bitch like hell with impunity on the internet. And i know you'll be happy, because the ladies won't be permitted to lunch anymore. they'll be working in the fields.

Won't it be loverly?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

WHOOPS! Sorry. That was supposed to say:

The jokes on you Marxists AND on the staunch Conservatives, because BOTH of you are being USED to further this evil agenda to achieve World Domination, and don't seem to realize who the Enemy really is, which is JUST how the Enemy wants it.

It's COMPLEX all right. Downright BYZANTINE in fact.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

OOH! Just thought of another idea as to what Bd's real name might be:


If his initials were TR, we could call him TOMMY ROTT.

Good thing his initials aren't BS, isn't it?

Just a thought ...

~ FT

Anonymous said...

As for the Newseek article predicting solvency for Social Security IF blah blah blah ... I can only think to quote Mark Twain:

"There are lies, God-damned lies, and then there are statistics."

You can prove any pre-conceived notion or whimsical piece of conjecture to serve any agenda by selectively quoting the Bible or by using statistics.

One again, Hume appears to have been right when he said, "Reason is but the slave of Passion."

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Oh that the blabber coming out of Barack Obama's pie hole was as intelligent as the hot air coming out of an electric hand dryer!