Saturday, August 27, 2011

Booze is My Anti-Drug

2 The Dogs

An old military buddy of mine has started blogging.  I think he was the last person in America who didn't have one. You can go visit his new blog here:  2 The Dogs

OD is the hick on the right
OD and I fought the War on Drugs with rum and radios.  More importantly, we left married and came back the same, which is not easy when you deploy to South America.  It is the land where single men come back married, and married men come back single.

To be honest, he's more virtuous than me.  I had already spent many wild years in Latin America as a young single man, so I'd had my fill. 

Here are a few good links 

If you're trying to make economic sense of what's going on, these two men know how to break down complex economic issues so that we amateurs can understand them.

Robert Samuelson explains the downside of monetary expansion:  Inflation isn’t the Answer

John Tamney explains why Europe's problem is not the Euro, it's the rampant borrowing and spending:  Europe's Problem is Decidedly Not the Euro


Always On Watch said...

Thanks for pointing us in the direction of your friend's blog.

Joe said...

Loved the 2 The Dogs blog!

OD357 said...

Thanks Silver. Actually not that virtuous, I sowed wild oats in my younger days in Southeast Asia islands.

Yeah between my brother and Silverfiddle (who found each other without my connection out of seven billion people) they goaded me in it.

Silverfiddle said...

That was pretty weird how Rob and I stumbled into each other...

OD357 said...

Oh and BTW, in the picture Silerfiddle is the hick on the left.

Jersey McJones said...


Bush shook hands with Chavez too.

You shouldn't always assume the worst in that kind of thing. You shouldn't always err on the side of mistaking civility for treachery or cowardice. That would be cynical to the point of paranoia.

Obama has no secret deal with Chavez.

The Venezuelan President doesn't personally run CITGO.

Relations between Venezueal and America are tediously tenuous.

And you certainly can't compare Bush or Obama to Chavez.

We have real economic relations with Venezuela and have for many years.

It is the private sector that exerts it's force on both the American and Venezuelan governments to find a way to get along.

We get A LOT of oil from them.

Attacking Obama on these paranoid grounds is a non-sequitur... heck, it's just makin' stuff up.


Anonymous said...


Those guys aren't shaking hands, they're holding hands.

BIG difference.

Larry Sinclair knows all about it -- or so they say. Now me, I don't put much faith in scuttlebutt, unless I sees it for myself.

But them guys in that there picture is HOLDING hands.

~ FreeThinke

PS: But then your favorite Bush went gaga over "Pooty Poot" too, didn't he? How could anyone ever forget that? Talk about embarrsssing! Whew! - FT

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And Bush practically gave the Saudi king a bj. What's the frigging point?

Anonymous said...

As for the Euro issue, I'm with Rich Lowry.

The problem there is too much CENTRALIZATION. What the world needs is DE-CENTRALIZATION. Too much power concentrated in any one sphere inevitably leads to tyranny.

Would anyone seriously support the emergence of a GLOBALO administered through a WORLD BANK operated by a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT?

There may be large differences among the fifty states, but despite regional customs, regional accents, and differences in topography and population density, etc. we are still AMERICANS.

I don't want to to stop being an American, and have to "reidentify" myself as a GLOBALIAN, do you?

Funny! The liberals are always talking up "Diversity," yet their scheme to unify the world under the yoke of centrally administered Socialist Despotism would result in the demise of individual languages, cultures, ethnicities and unique kinds of heritage.

What next -- a move to drop English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, et al., and start speaking GLOBALESE?


And yeah I know all about the meaning of E Pluribus Unum. That, however, was intended to promote the development of a new country -- unique and separate from the rest of the world.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


Ronald Reagan called it "the cruelest tax of all," and so it is.

Whatever could be the use of having more and more money, if that currency is worth less and less each passing year?

EXAMPLE: Suppose you buy a share of stock at ten dollars, then sell it for a hundred dollars twenty years later? The government takes the position that you've made ten times you initial investment and taxes you accordingly.

In truth you've probably made only three times what you put into the stock, because your inflated profit will buy far less than it would have had there been no inflation, yet you pay tax on ninety-dollars as though inflation were nit a factor.

Anyone who favors inflation to any degree must be insane. And I don't need to read a damned TOME to understand that, and neither do you.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...


Paranoia? Secret Deals?

Who said anything about that? I was struck by the similarities of their agendas, which gave me the idea for the picture.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Oh great, just what the world needs: another curmudgeonly Mick spewing forth societal rants and twisted sense of humor. Oh wait, that's me.

Well at least we can rest assured that OD's wife won't take over his blog for posting cute kiddo photos and parenting stuff.

Welcome to the blogosphere, OD. 'Bout damn time!