Friday, August 10, 2012

They’re Homeless for a Reason

I hope this wasn't Ducky...

A Massachusetts man visiting his sister here in Colorado Springs thought he’d assuage his liberal white guilt by bringing a homeless bum into his sister’s house. As a thank you, the homeless miscreant stabbed him.

From the CSPD Blotter:

Record ID 16890
Incident Date August 4, 2012 Time 7:02:00 AM Division Falcon Shift I Title Assault Location 1000 block of E. 4th St. Summary On 08/04/2012, at 0702 hrs., 

Officers from the Falcon Division were dispatched to 1000 block of E. 4th St. to investigate a stabbing. The investigation revealed that the victim, a 49 year old male, who was in town from Massachusetts visiting his sister, was stabbed once in the upper chest at about 0330 hrs. 

The victim met the suspect at the 7-11 at Fillmore St. and Hancock Av. The victim felt sorry for the suspect because he was homeless, so he invited the suspect to his sister’s house in the 1000 block of E. 4th St. The victim and suspect were drinking when they started arguing. The victim told the suspect he had to leave and an altercation ensued. The victim pushed the suspect out of the gate and the suspect left the area. The victim then realized he had been cut on the upper chest. The wound was superficial and the victim was treated and released at a local hospital. 

The suspect is described as a white male, tall with long gray/brown hair wearing small framed glasses. The suspect left on a bicycle pulling a small trailer with many pots and metal items on it.

But there's also happy news in the Police Blotter...

Record ID 16878
Incident Date August 2, 2012 Time 3:28:00 AM Division Stetson Hills Shift III Title Burglary Location 2624 Oro Blanco Dr. 

Summary On 8-2-2012 at approximately 3:28 AM, Colorado Springs Police Officers from the Stetson Hills Division responded to 2624 Oro Blanco Dr. on a report of a burglary in progress. It was reported to the 911 operator that the home owner had confronted a burglar in his home and had the suspect on the floor of the kitchen while the home owner was armed with a 12 gauge shotgun. Officers quickly arrived on scene and detained a juvenile male while the homeowner put away his shotgun. 

Thanks to Colorado's liberty-loving gun laws, the crook who broke into that house on Oro Blanco in sitting in jail, and the homeowner is alive and well, enjoying the weekend with his family. Life is good!

Have a happy weekend!

Police Blotter


Anonymous said...

Being armed and knowing how to use it is a persons best line of defense.

jez said...

"A Massachusetts man visiting his sister here in Colorado Springs thought he’d discharge his Christian duty by bringing a homeless bum into his sister’s house."
Fixed that for you.

"'Give to him who begs from you and do not refuse him who would borrow from you.' Stretch out your hand; let it not be closed up. We have not been constituted examiners into others' lives, for then we should have compassion on no one. When you call upon Gold, why do you say, 'Remember not my sins?' So, even if that person is a great sinner, make this allowance in his case also, and do not remember his sins. It is a season of kindness, not of strict enquiry; of mercy, not of account"

Thersites said...

Sounds like the "victim" needs a new drinking buddy...

Ducky's here said...

Silverfiddle doesn't seem to understand that there aren't any serious barriers to owning a shotgun in Mass.

Typical Libertarian ignorance.

Mustang said...

It is difficult to imagine anyone so irrational, but then, you did say he was from Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the homeless —many of whom would be in a state or county facility were it not for Jimmy Carter having released them into the general population, do pose a danger to society. It wasn’t long after Carter released all these people when the leftists began screaming, “We have to do something about these poor wretched people! I know, let’s increase taxes on working people!”

Experts, however, say that the LAST thing anyone should do is give these people cash (much less invite them home). They say if you feel the need to help, then donate to organizations that run food kitchens or shelters. Giving money directly to the homeless fuels their resolve not to do anything themselves to change their circumstances. Hmmm. Sort of describes the welfare state, doesn’t it?

Silverfiddle said...

Jez: See Mustang's comment...

"They say if you feel the need to help, then donate to organizations that run food kitchens or shelters."

Exactly. It's nuts bringing a stranger into you home.

We have good charities here in town, and my wife and I give to them.

jez said...

Why do you and your wife give to the charities, you guilty white liberals?

Seriously, I echo Mustang's advice, but why mock the guy's motives?

Ducky's here said...

Why is it that the gun loons never tout the joy of ownership after dad loses his job and comes home, blows his wife's face off and then does the kids?

Thersites said...

...because unlike liberals, we realize that the great goods cannot coexist, duckman. A man w/o access to REAL power will NOT be free for long.

Silverfiddle said...

Because Ducky, that obviously isn't one of the joys of gun ownership.

But I guess its OK by the gun-grabbers if the same POS comes home and tunes up the old lady with his fists or a chair, or perhaps a kitchen knife...

Fredd said...

They ARE INDEED homeless for a reason...homelessness is a choice. Nobody has to live on the streets if they don't want to. There are too many alternatives that can divert this eventuality, most involving family solutions, some run by the state, and many run by charities and churches. Homelessness has many causes to include but not limited to: drug additions, alcohol abuse, criminal behavior, profound irresponsibility, inability to plan, inability to respect authority, and often a conscious choice to shun polite society and a deliberate choice to live life on the streets.

To invite one of these pieces of human garbage into one's home casts doubt as to the home owner's sanity or intelligence.

Rational Nation USA said...

You make excellent points Fredd. The state run alternatives for the mast part are the result of the left attempting to do the right thing. And many have been helped by this.

Rational Nation USA said...

... some, who knowingly and willingly shirk all responsibility, of course are only being enabled by the state to be non productive members of society.

FreeThinke said...

Another Assachusetts Liberal who got just what he deserved.

Too bad the stab wound wasn't fatal.

There would have been one less imbecile on the planet with the power to vote for Obooboo.

Sardonically yours,

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

This little clip was a good reminder to go back and watch Renoir's Boudu Saved from Droning focusing on his satirizing liberals as Boudu neatly upsets everything.

It's also worth remembering that the right wing world view is absolutely monolithic and a leftist is much more likely to try to be at least a little granular in their outlook.

Z said...

I'd have spit coffee if I was drinking any when I read Ducky's comment about the right wing world view being monolithic. SOMEBODY isn't paying attention. I wish that WAS true.

"granular?" Positively ROCKY, Ducky...

By the way, folks...I just posted information that 3 top Obama advisors have admitted they DID know about the Soptic ad...Cutter, Gibbs and another person.
In a regular world, before Obama worship, I'd have added "..and now we'll see heads roll" But, they won't. I doubt that anybody in America who believed the ad that ROmney was responsible for a woman's death will hear that it's not true. Soptic's now admitting that he DID get an offer of a buyout from Bain back in the day$$$
Probably including Cobra, at least for a while?

Think we'll hear about this in the msm? ha

Silverfiddle said...

Z: Remember, Ducky lives in Massachusetts, a big flaming red liberal monolith if ever there were one. This is the state where Elizabeth "Spouting Bull" Warren leads liberal Republican Scott Brown.

The fact that she lectured the nation's business owners before Obama (She was the first to scold them "You didn't build that!") is a point of pride to Bay Staters.

I am not putting the state down, or the lefties who live there. God bless them if they're happy. Just pointing out that Ducky has no frame of reference, and that's why to normal people, they seem so skewed sometimes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

SF: "Ducky lives in Massachusetts, a big flaming red liberal monolith if ever there were one. This is the state where Elizabeth "Spouting Bull" Warren leads liberal Republican Scott Brown."

Whoa! We liberals live in a big happy BLUE state. And it ain't a "monolith," Your Dudeness.

It is the conservative states, BTW, that are RED.

We in Massachusetts have had more Republican governors than Democrats. Since 1858 Massachusetts has had 33 Republican governors and 17 Democrats. And we've sent Edward Brooke, Leverett Saltonstall, and Henry Cabot Lodge as well as other Republicans to the US Senate. Remember those sort of Republicans who didn't consider Democrats "libtards" and "scum," but actually got along just fine with them, because the GOP hadn't yet been radicalized by the Gingrich gang?

Make fun of Massachusetts and call it "Assachusetts" to anyone's tiny heart's desire, but the state is doing just fine. Unemployment rate is 6.0%, Mass. leads the country in math and science scores, 98% of the population, thanks to Romneycare, is insured. We didn't even make 24/7 Wall St. Wire's 10 states with the highest tax rates.

And you can marry the person you love.

Mass. isn't perfect, we still have lots of problems, but so do all the states.

Unfortunately the Red Sox are sucky this year. But we can't have everything, can we.

Silverfiddle said...

I am not making fun of Mass.

Red is the color of the left, not the right. I can't help it that the media leftists have turned it upside down.

Sam Huntington said...

In 1984, NBC’s David Brinkley offered a map that presented blue for Republican, and red for Democrat. This changed in 2000 when, for no apparent reason, the American media switched the use of colors. I suspect there was a reason for this, particularly if it was a scheme concocted by the American media, which harbors a leftist agenda. In 2006, the DNC launched a program called their Red to Blue program.

Taken from an international perspective, our use of Red for GOP/Conservative and Blue for DNC/Communist is somewhat counter-intuitive because within the international community, parties representing labor, socialist, and communist interests always appear in red. Blue is used to denote conservative sympathies.

It benefits the communist movement to keep people confused —not that many American give this much thought. Normally, operatives bus Democratic voters to a precinct where they vote, and collect their cigarettes and booze. Then handlers bus them to the next precinct to repeat this cycle. On a good day, dead or homeless Democrats can vote as many as ten times on a single day. Although I think it works differently for Democrats who vote absentee.

One may recall the time Howard Stern sent “reporters” to Harlem, asking voters what they thought about Sarah Palin as Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008. The results were hilarious and sad at the same time.

FreeThinke said...

When you look at a homeless person (we used to call them "derelicts" or "bums" -- changing names does nothing whatsoever to improve their condition, I assure you) at any rate, when you look at these pieces of societal driftwood, remember these words:

"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."

There are many perfectly decent people who for many different reasons lapse into poverty and desperation. I imagine most of s would be shocked to realize the high percentage of American citizens who are only a payheck away from being cast to the wolves.

Many of the shelters are vile places -- filthy, stench-laden, crime-ridden, noisy and cold-hearted.

I, personally, would be much in favor of investing large sums in high quality Internment and Education Centers -- far removed from the urban hellholes in which these people are usually found -- and keeping them decently housed with clean, PRIVATE accommodations, well fed in COMMUNAL dining rooms, closely SUPERVISED to keep out drugs and alcohol, and made to attend regularly scheduled CLASSES in basic knowledge, and the practical aspects of daily living. I would favor VOCATIONAL TRAINING at these places -- and ON SITE FACTORIES in which these unfortunate souls could be expected to perform productive tasks and make needed products to help earn their keep.

SOCIAL WORKERS would visit daily to make sure no one in charge is abusing his or her authority.

Society needs to get its act together and administer TOUGH LOVE to the DERELICT CLASS -- while keeping them strictly SEGREGATED from the rest of society UNTIL they are thoroughly rehabilitated, placed in decent paying jobs and affordable housing.

In MY "perfect world," those who have lapsed into dependence on the taxpayers would of necessity have many-if-not-most of their "Civil Rights" suspended, UNTIL they could PROVE THEMSELVES WORTH of full participation in ordinary society.

~ FreeThinke

Shaw Kenawe said...

SF, the comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular, just those who are determined to stay in the last century and continue to see Massachusetts in a biased light.

So now you and Huntington blame the media for associating conservatives states with the color red, and it's a Communist plot?

The campaign is really pissing you guys off, isn't it.

Take it easy. It's only a color.

Embrace your inner red.

FreeThinke said...


I think your understanding of the Red/Blue reversal is spot on. I intuited that, myself, long ago.

Yes, indeed, Our Fearful Masters -- the Oligarchs -- underwrite anything and everything that keeps us confused, enraged and at forever at each other's throats. These tactics craftily divert our attention away from "THEM" -- the REAL villains in the peace.


Be still, Finntann. I do not possess a tin foil hat, and would not wear one if I did. ;-)

Statisticians, academicians, self-identified "scientists" and especially lawyers discount the value of intuition and imagination. So do most atheists, which is why their perspective tends to be so limited -- so doctrinaire -- and so confining -- even crippling.

Geniuses may identify with liberal causes, but they never rely wholly on formulas devised by others. Einstein, himself, said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

He ought to have known, because virtually ALL the Great Discoveries came about as the result of someone's remarkable INSIGHT. Whatever we have developed as a species -- good, bad and indifferent -- had to exist FIRST in someone's THOUGHT. In other words through INSIGHT, IMAGINATION, INTUITION, VISION, CREATIVITY -- whatever you prefer to all it.

Yes, J.S. Bach absorbed the techniques, stylistic developments and achievements of his predecessors -- Beethoven learned from Haydn and Mozart -- Schubert worshipped Beethoven and took many pages from Beethoven's book, etc. but each of the really GREAT composers found, or developed on their own important changes in style, form, harmony, figuration, melodic embellishment and variation that made them UNIQUE -- set them apart from all the others.

In other words each of them had or found within himself SOMETHING that COULD NOT be TAUGHT.

It is the same in EVERY field, I know. Those at the top have something they didn't just copy from others -- something purely their OWN.

Naturally this is as true for politics and theories of governance as it is for everything else.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

I, personally, would be much in favor of investing large sums in high quality Internment and Education Centers --

Sure that isn't Reeducation camps?

Man, never been there but from what I hear, North Korea is your kind of place, FT.

Rational Nation USA said...

"Unfortunately the Red Sox are sucky this year. But we can't have everything, can we."

1) The Red Sox do stink, badly.

2) Massachusetts is indeed FAR from having everything that's for sure. They do have inequitable playground monitors however. Must be the S.A. training they get.

3) Massachusetts is a wonderful state to live in. Rather than the unemployment rate (real) being around 15% as it is nationally it's slightly better. Lust ask my wife and thousands of others who just gave up looking and are no longer looking but still don't have work.

Rational Nation USA said...

"The campaign is really pissing you guys off, isn't it."

No Shaw, but it sure has your panties tied in knots. And it is going to get worse.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, why are you telling everyone what you know about my panties?

I thought that was our little secret.

Silverfiddle said...

The map color thing isn't a conspiracy Shaw. Evidence suggests it was open and deliberate.

As Sam explained, red is the traditional color of the left, not the right.

Thersites said...

And you can marry the person you love....

...including blood relatives.

Incest is best, right, inbreeders?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Thersites said...
And you can marry the person you love....

...including blood relatives.

Incest is best, right, inbreeders?"

If you say so, Thersites. Why don't you start a movement to
legalize what you claim is best?

I'm curious, though, to understand which experience has given you that insight.

Joe said...

"...while the home owner was armed with a 12 gauge shotgun."

Shame on him! He should have put the shotgun away and allowed the intruder to do his will, whatever that was: murder, mayhem or whatever!

He actually defended his own home and his own posessions?


Or not.

Just a conservative girl said...

I just recently helped a homeless woman who was nothing like any of what you are describing here. To say that there are alternatives to living on the street is ignorance on your part. While there are shelters you can go to, they can be very dangerous and you are taking a big chance that your things are stolen by the mentally ill that are there. Only about 1/3 of the homeless are addicted or mentally ill. The vast majority of them are vets. A national black eye that every one of us should be hanging our heads in shame about. You just see the ill and the addicts and wrongly assume that tells the entire story. It doesn't.

In my state it is a five month wait to get into the family shelters right now. Churches rarely will give you a place to stay. They will help you with canned food, sometimes a gift card to grocery store and the name of shelter and send you on your merry way.

Many of the homeless have cars. Many of them also have jobs, but for a variety or reasons found themselves out on the street.

Go to your local day drop in centers and do some volunteer work. What you believe the homeless population to be only exists to a small extent. The majority of the homeless population lives in the shadows and you don't even know that they are homeless.

Jack Whyte said...

Churches rarely will give you a place to stay.

I think if you look below the surface, you will find that charitable organizations are drying up because of excessive government regulation. I can still hear the left screaming bloody murder when Pres. Bush offered up the notion that faith-based charities and community groups could take on a greater role reaching out to the homeless, the ill, and the mentally infirm. Now with leftists in charge, government regulation —including mandates to provide contraceptive materials have caused charitable organizations and community chests to throw in the towel. Once again, government is the problem.

Offering a hand up to people in need is a good thing and we need to encourage this behavior. We do not need people handing out $20 bills to people standing near an overpass with signs that read Homeless Veteran. Handing out cash does nothing to change the situations for these people. I’m a veteran, and I can tell you not everyone holding a sign is a veteran. I know this first hand. Let me go an extra step here … how many of these so-called veterans received dishonorable discharges? Hint: more than a few.

FreeThinke said...

I like what you sad very much, Just a Conservative Girl. You heart's in the right place and your head is aware of reality and full of compassion.

Thanks for sounding a kindly, more positive note amidst all the political sparring and and determined negativity.


[Why even in Assachusetts 35% of the eligible voters I'm told are registered Republicans -- fancy that :-]

~ FreeThinke

Kid said...

so he invited the suspect to his sister’s house in the 1000 block of E. 4th St.

I can't imagine doing anything more stupid. Thinking of the sister's future welfare regardless how things turned out. to her house.....

Liberalmann said...

Turns out the 'homeless bum' was wearing a Romney pin.

Z said...

Just a're right about that......and the ones I've heard of do get taken in by friends, family...strangers.
We have huge buildings at the VA here in LA which are partly empty because of gov't regulation. I have a very liberal friend who works with Bobby Schriver to work at getting those rooms freed up for the homeless...but the ridiculous gov't regulations keep them CLOSED.

Did you know that, at least in CA, we can't donate used mattresses to homeless shelters because they might be dirty/have vermin, etc? I guess the gov't thinks it's better they sleep on filthy cardboard boxes under dangerous overpasses.

Jersey McJones said...

Many homeless are mentally ill, and many among them are veterans, women and children, and the diseased and downtrodden. Most are just very unlucky souls.

It's a shame when we stigmatize the homeless.

I am ashamed to live in a country where we regard these people with such apathy.

Of course, I'm not stupid enough to bring some stranger off the street into my home. On the other hand, I gladly pay for a social compact that assures their, and my, safety. Apparently you guys want to just shoot them for sport. No?


Silverfiddle said...

@ Jersey: Apparently you guys want to just shoot them for sport. No?

What a stupid and gratuitous comment.

We've talked about charities here, and someone brought up how Carter emptied out the mental institutions and changed the rules so that it is now harder to institutionalize someone who needs mental care.

Alligator said...

When this hick hayseed visits Baltimore or Washington D.C., I'm always accosted by homeless panhandlers. I guess I stand out. One trick it to pick up free literature off the racks of museums and then stand near the train terminals soliciting "donation for charity" by giving you the brochure. I saw several guys doing this last time I was in DC. Later, I saw the same guys passed out near a museum with their friend Jack Daniels.

Another trick is to hold up a medicine bottle and say they need money to buy food so they can take their medicine. I will offer to buy them any meal they want at a nearby cafe. So far, I never get any takers.

There are other incidents I have had with the homeless and I did some volunteer work at a city mission years ago. Some of those folks clearly need institutionalizing to protect themselves and society. Others simply like to live that way. The ones who are simply down on their luck through no fault of their own and have been that way for long are relatively few...although that number seems to be increasing since 2008.

You can be sensible in how you help the homeless, or you can be touchy-feely foolish like the guy did in Massachusetts.

FreeThinke said...

It's so funny. I offer the rudiments of a kind-hearted concrete plan that might do much to solve -- or at least ameliorate -- the problem of homelessness, and what happens?

Ducky mocks it -- of course!

And everyone else ignores it, and goes right on grousing and casting aspersions as is their wont.

I still praise Only a Conservative Girl for her humane, altruistic sentiments -- and Z as well.

Every time we are forced to contemplate the pathos and the horror of someone who has no place to rest his or head and night -- regardless of the "reason", we should think "There but for the Grace of God go I," because that is the literal truth, whether you choose to believe it or not.

It would be better to die in an honest attempt to give Charity than to continue to live snugly and smugly in a cocoon insulated -- and isolated -- from reality.

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

The libidiot from Boston undoubtedly was acting on academic theory handed down to him, as most people of his ilk do, instead of relying on well-developed instincts, insights and true knowledge gained from rubbing shoulders, elbows and knees with the real world in the daily grind of genuine -- as opposed to theoretical -- work.

This is what liberals do -- they sit in "Ivory Towers" "contemplating" the human condition, and confuse the lofty, quasi-erudite fantasies -- conjured up in the bowels of their possibly-but-not-probably-well-meaning minds with practicality and feasibility.

The results, as those of us grounded in traditions of clear, genuinely humane thinking know, most often have been tragic.

~ FreeThinke