Sunday, May 18, 2014

How do you do Dogs?

Photo: Jersyko

How do you do dogs?

I prefer mine simple, just a little mustard, maybe some sauerkraut.  Occasionally I'll have a chili dog with some raw onions on top.  Everyone likes them differently it seems.  One coworker only eats those Oscar Meyer hotdogs with the cheese inside, another from Detroit insists that is where the "Coney Dog" originated despite the fact that no one is arguing with him.

In New Jersey they prefer "Italian" dogs served on an Italian roll.  In Milwaukee it's on a buttered hard roll, and in San Francisco they are wrapped in bacon and topped with mayonnaise.  In Chicago it's tomatoes, pickle and green relish while in Atlanta they like theirs with slaw, and in Kansas City they serve it dressed up like a Reuben.

We did dogs on the grill last night, I kept mine simple with just mustard and a side of baked beans.

How do you do yours?

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