Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Second Amendment Supremacy

By Hugh Farnham

Most articles about this basic right come from an almost apologetic standpoint.  They beg you to listen to reason, with well thought out logic.  I'm not going to do that.  

I'm not going to argue how guns save lives, or protect property and liberty.  Instead, this is completely triumphant - like General Patton parading down a boulevard with blocks of  troops behind him. 

Face it, gun-grabbers.  Your 80-year war on guns has failed.  Not only are there more guns per capita, but the reasons why we have this right are now well understood by most gun owners.

Firearms ownership in America,  by the numbers:

114 Million Handguns
110 Million Rifles
86 Million Shotguns
(and uncounted millions of firearm war trophies never registered...)

If each firearm had an average of 50 rounds, that would be over 15 Billion rounds of ammunition.

An Arsenal of Freedom.

Let's assume, for argument's sake, the gun-grabbers unveiled a technology that could allow them to find and confiscate 90% of these guns.  That would still leave over 30 million guns in the hands of some very pissed Americans, as Boston T. Party has pointed out.

Name me a current government program that accomplishes 90% of their mission.

Or to take it further, let's assume 100% of existing guns and ammunition could be confiscated.  Do you know of someone with an indexing lathe?  Do you have white residue growing on your basement walls (saltpeter)?  A bag of charcoal? You get the idea.

There is no way that confiscation will work.  Ever.  That was the intent of our founding fathers:  the populace would always be better armed numerically than any standing army. 

I've hit targets out to 500 yards with just iron sights using WWII ammunition and a British .303 Enfield.  Many guns and ammunition today will still be usable into the 22nd Century.

The liberals have pulled every trick in the book, every propaganda piece possible, and tried outlawing firearms completely.

Sorry, it didn't work.  Their worst nightmare happened:  the American people re-discovered their roots and reasons for firearms.  Then they headed to the nearest gun store and purchased all the black guns they could afford.  They are still doing it at a record pace.

Ammunition manufacturers are pumping out rounds like a wartime economy; still the store shelves are empty.  Prices of some calibers have quadrupled over the past ten years - mainly due to demand.  

All that these central-government types have done is awaken a sleeping giant.  They have lost this war and the 2nd Amendment remains.
You've lost the war, you sad fascist.

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