Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Isn't that the definition of Dictator?

White House adviser John Podesta told reporters Monday afternoon that Congress could not derail the Obama administration’s efforts to unilaterally enact policies.  Obama has made 2014 his “year of action” — promising to use his executive authority to implement various actions of the president’s agenda that are too divisive for Congress to consider.

I've omitted the subject of the discussion because what I want to illustrate are the means, not clutter the discussion with talk of the ends, but if you want to read the article it can be found here.

Unilateral action, rule by fiat, unencumbered by any representative body or subsequently the people.

Yup, sure sounds like the principles this great nation was founded upon to me... or more accurately sounds like a dictator, something worthy of Venezuela.  To the Obamista John Podesta, all I can say is you should be ashamed of yourself, this is the kind of crap the grandparents you so endearingly mentioned left Europe to get away from.

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